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New Weekly Classes in 2019:

“Astrology for Beginners”,
Tuesday evenings
5.30 – 8pm,
starts Tuesday February 5, 2019
at the Lillifield Community Centre;
$ 160 for 8 weeks
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1-day workshops:

“The Astrology of
Mental Well-being
& Life Transitions”,

February 16,
10 am – 4 pm, 
at the Lillifield Community Centre;
$ 70; conc $ 60
for bookings & info  0457903957

Planets, Houses &
Energy Transmission
in the Horoscope

February 23,
10 am – 4 pm
Living Yoga Sanga,
63 Stuart Street, Mullumbimby

Cost: $ 80; $ 70 conc;


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for  February 2019

“The New Moon on February 5 is conjunct Mercury and the Black Moon Lilith. The Black Moon Lilith in Aquarius is the archetypal enemy of conformity and  the voice of those who are regarded as troublemakers by mainstream conventions because they stand up for their rights and beliefs. On a different level, the Black Moon, not a planet but a potent point in the Moon’s orbit around the Earth, can be seen  as a remnant of the ancient lunar consciousness and nature’s cyclic movement of waxing and waning: after times of growth and abundance times of contraction and austerity will follow. A deeper evaluation of what has been suppressed and put into the ‘too uncomfortable’ basket is needed now. “(Astro-forecast for February 2019)