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“The Astrology of 2022,
Part 2: July – December”

Saturday, July 30th,
10 am – 3 pm
Lillifield Community Centre

Astro-forecast for August 2022
“Like always, when the Sun journeys through the sign of the Lion (July 23 – August 23), we are encouraged by the cosmos to live our authentic self and thus contribute creatively to the world that we are co-creating. The Sun in Leo inspires the individual search for a larger purpose and finding ways to create inner fulfillment. Leo and the Sun rule the heart centre, the core of our unique essence. We feel happy, content and acknowledged when we can apply our energy to produce something of significance. The New Moon in Leo took place on July 29th while forming a trine with Jupiter in Aries invitation us to enjoy live and raise our frequency. By staying focused and sharing our light with the world around us we can move beyond all the negative things that are happening”(continue reading: Astro-forecast for August 2022).