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“Basic Tools of Chart Interpretation: Challenges versus Creative Potential”


Astro-forecast for July 2022

The Cancer New Moon occurred on June 29th in close conjunction with the Black Moon Lilith and squaring Jupiter in Aries. Aries aligns with the warrior archetype, is fiery and searches for new beginnings, new projects, new individual victories while Cancer signifies caring and sharing, needs personal security and a sense of belonging ranking community and protection of home and environment over individual achievements. The tension between these two different streams of energy provides the themes of the weeks to come. Mars in Aries adds extra heat as the warrior planet forms a square aspect with Pluto which will be exact on July 2nd. Those with important placements in the cardinal signs Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn are especially affected by these vibes and might have to craft a working balance between pushing ahead with their personal agenda and aspirations as well as sustaining what provides feelings of safety and closeness.“. (continue reading: Astro-forecast for July 2022).