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Book a personal consultation today and find out what Jupiter’s journey through Scorpio & Saturn’s entry in Capricorn means for you! Which areas of your life are opening up for emotional healing and clearing and where are you asked to take on responsibility and face reality as it is?

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“Vortex” by Gery Mews


Beginners Class continues August 28 2018!

 “Planetary themes  and Aspect Patterns”
August 28 – October 2;
6 Tuesdays from 5.30 pm – 8 pm;
$ 120 for 6 weeks
We will also explore the Lunar Nodes &  retrograde planets; we will feel into the essence of a chart through identifying planetary themes .
phone: 0457903957

“Soul Astrology,
Emotional Well-Being &
Bush Flower 


Saturday, September 15, 2018  10 am-4 pm 
Living Yoga Sanga,
63 Stuart St,
Cost: $ 80; $ 70 conc;
bring your chart
or ask for a print-out

The Astrology of Relationship

We will explore:
birth order and fate
the planets and houses of relationship
interpersonal energy dynamics and patterns of relating
the art of chart comparison
 September 29,
10 am – 4 pm

Lillifield Community Centre, 4505 Kyogle Rd
Costs: $ 70; conc $60

 “Record Keeper”

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This Month’s Astro-forecast

“September is a time of transition and marks another turning point of the year, when the Sun journeys through the earthy and pragmatic realm of Virgo before entering the cardinal sign Libra during the Equinox September 23. The many occurrences of the last few weeks can be processed and assimilated now under the calmer and more grounded vibes of  Virgo, the sign that rules discernment, processing & digestion. Virgo is a mutable earth sign, concerned with getting all the details right. Virgo individuals are able to swing from a phase of working hard while neglecting their bodies to the other extreme of pursuing a strict health regime with lots of exercise. They achieve a state of balance when they have developed their analytical mind alongside with their intuitive powers (Pisces polarity), and then can judge the amount of duties they want to take on without becoming overwhelmed or stressed. Seeing the whole picture assists with letting go of perfectionism and an over-critical attitude, and lessens the need for escape when things get too much.”(continued in Astro-forecast for September  2018