The Full Moon in Libra opposite the Aries Sun and ‘the golden apple of discord’

The Full Moon in Libra opposite the Aries Sun and ‘the golden apple of discord’

The Full Moon in Libra opposite the Aries Sun on April 11 highlights the relationship between oneself and others, independence and co-operation, masculine and feminine energies. This might be a time of excitement and increased activity as the Sun is in transit to conjoin the rebel planet Uranus on April 13. However, with Mercury, Venus and Saturn retrograde and Venus in square to Saturn, it is a good idea to think things through before acting and to avoid decision making on impulse. When Uranus is involved we can expect sudden surprises. On the other hand, we can use the energy consciously for doing something out-of the-ordinary and stimulating.

Uranus is conjunct the dwarf planet ERIS. She is the goddess of strife,discord, and intrigue in Greek mythology. Eris threw ‘the golden apple of discord’ into the assembly of the gods and goddesses inscribed with “To the fairest.” Three different parties (in this case goddesses) laid claim to it and in their rivalry brought about the events leading up to the Trojan War. Interestingly, when the planet Eris was discovered in 2005, it upset the world of astronomy and forced a re-think of how astronomers define a planet leading to the invention of the category of ‘dwarf planet’ which now includes Pluto and Ceres and Eris. Eris’mythological themes are therefore related to battle, strife and competition. On the positive, Eris seems to be a force for evolutionary movement, an agent of change. Nevertheless,there is impatience with this symbol, a sense of being driven to do something which may or may not prove to be clever or useful.

Staying with the events of the moment, the question is what the war in Syria really is about. The “golden apple” can be symbolic for the the unrestrained desire of the US and involved parties to get to the country’s resources (oil), all means permitted, including the gassing of innocent children? There is a lack of serious investigation concerning the latest attack of chemical warfare in Syria. Uranus & Eris conjunct are a fitting symbol for a preemptive strike by a very aggressive, narcissistic, ill-advised and impatient President who picked up the apple!

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