Taurus New Moon April 26, 2017

Taurus New Moon April 26, 2017

The New Moon in Taurus carries some much-needed down-to-earth energy after the last weeks under the influence of the fiery Aries archetype, known for its impulsiveness and inclination to strike first and think later. Mercury is still retrograde until May 3, and in Aries, conjunct Uranus and trine Saturn, laying the ground for innovative ideas that can be worked into matter once the messenger planet enters Taurus on May 17. The fundamental aim of Taurus is to stabilise and create security based on that which is familiar.  Taureans love tangible, practical things, enjoy the goodness of life, and their sensuality draws them deeper into the Earth –and the body. Often, they are skilled body workers. Let’s not forget that the body is our subconscious mind and can store information at the cellular level that is not readily available to the conscious mind. For Taurus Moon the body is a great tool for accessing emotional memory.

New Moons are the time for setting our intentions for the next four weeks. This month’s list has to include special time set aside for pampering, such as a relaxing massage, a lovely facial, something enjoyable that nurtures body and soul. The Taurus New Moon reminds us to be kind to ourselves!

Taurus is the sign of fertility and relates to the archetype of the Earth Mother who is in tune with the cycles of the year and the growing of food.  The Ancient Egyptians venerated the Goddess Hathor as the cow goddess who stood symbolic for the horns of plenty. At the end of the Bronze Age humanity shifted from nature religion to more ‘sophisticated’ theological systems, and finally to the worship of the Sun god. This gradually led to the belief that the natural world is soulless and consequently open for exploitation. Spirit was projected onto a distant deity causing a split between body and soul. Our bodies alongside with the material world were regarded as devoid of soul, finally leading to the state of affair as we have them now.

In Astrology, Chiron is symbolic for this split between earthly realities and spiritual potential. Since Chiron has been discovered in 1977, many of us have been on the journey of reclaiming the parts of our soul that are wounded, split off & lost. It is Chiron who urges us to become whole again through remembrance, acceptance and re-integration. In Pisces during 2011- 2018, Chiron opens our hearts & intuition towards wholeness; he teaches us compassion with those who suffer, including Mother Earth & and all her creatures.

We will explore this fascinating archetype more closely during this Saturday’s workshop in Mullumbimby, April 29, 10 am at the Living Yoga Sanga Center.

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