The New Moon in Gemini and the Wisdom of Imperfection

The New Moon in Gemini and the Wisdom of Imperfection


The New Moon in Gemini on May 26  coincides with an opposition between Mars in Gemini and Saturn in Sagittarius, exact on May 29. The stressful encounter between these two very different planetary energies could be described as a symbolic meeting between the mythical “Puer” and the “Senex”. The Senex (Latin = old man) and the Puer (Latin = boy/youth) are archetypal images that describe our controversial human needs for safety as well as freedom.  (In Jungian psychology archetypes are universal patterns and images deriving from the collective unconscious and function as primary modes of apprehending lived experience.) The Puer archetype symbolises our power of imagination, our spiritual urge and romantic longing, the potential for growth and hope for the future. On the negative, it is expressed in the adolescent psychology of the adult who has difficulties to commit, make choices and decisions, who does not want to be pinned down by relationships, jobs etc. The Senex is the counterpart of the Puer and symbolises our need for stability, security and grounding in matter. The Senex signifies the law which we must life by, the limiting rules and regulations, morality, the old and the past. On the negative, the Senex is the strict old man who rejects the child and its play (Puer); the critical father image, and the image of the punishing god. On the positive, the Senex symbolises wisdom; he is the guru, the teacher; the one who can make sound judgements; the hermit and the guide.

During this New Moon in Gemini, Mars in Gemini represents the Puer’s forever young creative spirit of endless possibilities. Saturn in Sagittarius represents the Senex and his attempt to block the youthful ideas that appear to be too immature, unconventional or in conflict with existing forms and morals. Like with every opposition, the two sides of the scales must be brought into a healthy resolution. If the Puer side (Mars in Gemini) is overburdened with Saturn restrictions, hard work and limiting beliefs (Saturn in Sagittarius), our creativity, our willingness to take risks suffers, which in turn is essential for progress and the furthering of evolution. Besides, a restricted Mars gets either depressed or is prone to accidents.  On the other hand, if the Senex is overpowered by the Puer, nothing ever will materialise from the world of ideas into the realm of matter. He is the lord of manifestation and Senex/Saturn’s endurance and expertise is required for any new creative idea to materialise.

Our current reality is coloured by this pull in two opposing directions: Saturn’s demand for the preservation of old values and forms versus the call of Mars for adventure and unrestrained freedom. In order to resolve this conflict, we must move beyond old dogmas while simultaneously taking responsibility and living in integrity with inner principles and values. Both sides of the equation must be sorted out and adjusted. If the Puer is too entrapped, we lose our joy for life, our creativity and spirit. If the Senex is in shadow and we run with the ‘rebellious child’, we are unable to manifest our heart’s desires and our creativity remains impotent. Communication (Gemini) is key; let’s therefore share our thoughts, and be willing to listen with our heart as well as our head. What’s blocking our progress might be unspoken assumptions (Saturn) or unrealistic expectations (Mars). To become clearer about the deeper issues involved, we might have to go back to the starting point of this Mars/Saturn cycle on August 24, 2016. The current opposition is a test for whatever was initiated then.

Mars is also activating the ongoing square between Saturn and Chiron, marking a transition time in awareness and a preparation for a new phase in life.  Chiron/Saturn correlates with our current global crisis in consciousness, a collectively experienced loss of meaning (Chiron), combined with a deepening mistrust in existing authorities and structures of control (Saturn) that are not working any more.  We need to accept that there are elements in our current reality, which we cannot change, regulate or manipulate. Nevertheless, Chiron/Saturn includes the promise of discovering a completely new path of healing and reconciliation once we can accept and honour our vulnerability not as a sign of imperfection and failure in the design, but as a source of wisdom and spiritual guidance (Chiron in Pisces).


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