The Full Moon in Sagittarius on June 9 and the Climate Change Debate

The Full Moon in Sagittarius on June 9 and the Climate Change Debate

The Full Moon in Sagittarius on June 9 and
the Climate Change Debate

The Full Moon in Sagittarius  is opposite a Sun/Ceres conjunction in Gemini. Ceres (Greek = Demeter) is the largest of the four major asteroids. She was the Goddess of agriculture and harvest symbolising the cultivated, fertile soil that fed and provided for all life. In ancient Greek, she was worshipped as the Great Mother. Her daughter was Persephone who one day was abducted by Hades/Pluto, Lord of the Underworld. When Ceres grieved over her loss, nature dried up and become a wasteland. Persephone was eventually returned and her mother rejoiced; seeds sprouted, flowers bloomed, and crops once again filled the fields.  The myth describes the birth of the yearly round with its four seasons and the cycles of life. When Ceres is prominent in a natal chart, the parent-child relationship is often a central theme. However, Ceres is the goddess who has control over nature’s resources and cycles, and has entered our collective consciousness as the need to take care of the Earth. In this sense, Ceres is an important significator for the current theme of climate change.

Ceres features powerfully in the current Full Moon chart, highlighting issues concerned with the nurturing and protection of our environment. Sun, Ceres, Moon, Saturn & Black Moon Lilith form a T-square with transpersonal planet Neptune, indicating the collective character of the issue and the need for a vision that takes us beyond personal boundaries and limitations (Sun/Ceres opposite Saturn). The Gemini/Sagittarius axis indicates the need for communication and exchange of ideas (Gemini) that includes the global community (Sagittarius). Ceres and the Sun in Gemini form a supportive trine with Jupiter in Libra. It is all about agreements and working together on a common vision. Jupiter stations direct on the day, indicating that we are ready for finding new ways for addressing important problems that have been on hold for the last 4 months.

Neptune in Pisces is the focal point of the above-mentioned T-square. Neptune is the archetype of creative inspiration, ruling the world of images, symbolic of our ability to visualize and dream big; on the negative, its influence can make us unfocused and evasive. Astrologically speaking, the point of resolution for the stressful energies of the T-square are to be found in the sign opposite to Neptune in Pisces, which is Virgo; Virgo teaches us to be practical and applied. Virgo is the zodiac sign associated with the process of discernment and sorting out, of reorientation and transition from personal needs to universal objectives through service, sacrifice and purification. How are we going about cleaning up the mess that we have created and still are creating? What is the next step and what can each of us do for the Earth and the environment? What do we need to sacrifice to make the transition into a sustainable future work?

The energies of this Full Moon are emphasising the need for everybody to take a stand. Donald Trump’s decision of leaving the ‘Paris climate agreement’ forces the global community to become more serious about the pressing issues of pollution and climate change. It has caused widespread protest. Interestingly, the Black Moon Lilith and Saturn are on the midpoint of the Full Moon, giving us a deeper understanding of the unconscious energies and motivation affecting the lunar field. Saturn represents our current consensus with its existing limiting beliefs and structures, but also our personal commitment to take responsibility for our own truth (Saturn in Sagittarius);  the Black Moon stands for what is hidden and denied. The Black Moon in Sagittarius (until November 9) relates to the wisdom of the Earth and the preservation of the wild and natural. So many people are aware that we have reached the point in our collective evolution, where we must put the Earth first. The Black Moon Lilith, when triggered, gives us the courage to do the things and make the changes that we always wanted to do. The question is, where do we go from here?

A quick glance at the ‘Paris climate agreement’ chart from 12 December 2015 reveals a close energetic connection between its Sun in Sag, Trump’s natal Moon/South Node conjunction and the current Full Moon. Born during a Lunar Eclipse, he appeals to a certain section of the American population who wants to turn the clock back to the ‘good old days of white male supremacy’; he successfully channels their negative sentiments and opinions.  Trump’s eclipsed Moon is opposed to his natal Sun/Uranus conjunction revealing his very unpredictable temperament. He makes decisions that are fuelled by his own xenophobic compulsions (South Node in Sag), but at the same time he stirs up a lot of reactions all over the planet. In this sense, he really is a Uranian character, even though his attitudes are trapped in the past (Moon conjunct South Node). He creates a lot of chaos, confusion and conflict, which then again seems to have a motivating effect on others who feel urged to take a stand and reinforce their own agenda for the better or the worse. Interestingly, the natal dwarf planet Eris, goddess of discord, strife & intrigue in Greek mythology, is in an exact square to his natal Mercury and opposite his natal Neptune, while the transiting Eris activates his natal Sun/Moon opposition. He truly is a ‘provocateur’, someone who agitates, provokes trouble and causes dissension.


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