New Moon in Leo July 23; Sun-Mars Synodic Cycle & the Divine Masculine

New Moon in Leo July 23; Sun-Mars Synodic Cycle & the Divine Masculine

New Moon in Leo July 23

Sun-Mars Synodic Cycle & the Divine Masculine


The New Moon on July 23 in the 1st degree of Leo is the start of a very significant lunation as it will be followed by a second New Moon in the same sign that also happens to be a Solar Total Eclipse (August 21/22)!  It is not surprising that the next 2 months could be the most dynamic period of the entire year. In essence, Leo energy is about the passion of the heart, the outpouring of our personal truth, our generosity and innate wisdom. Leo as an archetype represents our desire to shine as  brightly as the Sun and follow our own daemon. Therefore, this ‘double’ Leo period offers a fantastic opportunity for re-connecting with our own essential being and exploring what is truly important to us.

Mars has just entered Leo and is journeying in close proximity with the Sun and the Lunar North Node for the next few weeks. Mars will remain in Leo until September 6.  Aligned with the New Moon, the red planet sends us a powerful message: to connect with the  ‘Divine Masculine’, our inner warrior &  protector of others, the source of our spiritual strength, motivated to courageously take a stand for what feels true and just. As an archetype, Mars represents our will, our instinctual self, the power to take action and charge ahead. Nevertheless, a  Mars in a fire sign is more inclined to be competitive or warlike, not afraid to take on a fight and when in danger – perceived or real-  he attacks or threatens, similar to a wounded big cat. The shadow side of Mars in Leo is the bully and self-centred tyrant who wants to dominate others. In many ways, the ‘Divine Masculine’ has not yet reached its full potential and more often than not seems to be mistaken for  patriarchal, ego based controlling energy that we call man/male. Therefore, it is essential during this New Moon to remain discerning and observe our own impulses. Nevertheless, Leo is the sign of the heart, the place where our innate intelligence and wisdom lives. This New Moon invites us to go inside and contact our ’Inner Child’ as our source of creativity, playfulness and happiness.


The New Moon forms a square with Uranus  and a trine with Chiron indicating the healing which is possible if we dare to be true to our heart and make choices accordingly. July 26 could be a day for great revelations, when transiting communication planet Mercury makes an exact trine to Uranus. On July 27 we experience an exact conjunction between Mars and the Sun, and the start of their 2- year synodic cycle ending September 1, 2019. These two fiery planets combined in charismatic Leo request from us clarity of action and the need to take leadership according to the house in our natal chart in which the conjunction falls. The house will indicate the fields of experience in which we most likely feel some confusion how to apply and direct our energy. We have felt already that the old ways are not working anymore and that some changes and adjustments have to be made, especially if we have acted too self-centred, childish or controlling in this particular area. Old patterns that do not align with the heart vibration of love/wisdom can be challenged by awakening the ’inner warrior’  who embodies the qualities of directed and focused energy, sets boundaries and limits, and handles the outer and inner world with skilfulness and determination. After all, Mars is exalted in Capricorn!

“The wisdom of the heart is really…the connection to your authentic power, to that source of realness and genuineness that you have inside where we can experience the heart of humanity and to help co-create an era of ever-expanding heart connection and intelligence”. Howard Martin from HearthMath

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  1. Thanks for the post Tina. Very interesting, and I like the images you have chosen for the current energy. Love from Annette xx

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