The Solar Eclipse August 21/22 in Leo

The Solar Eclipse August 21/22 in Leo

Energetically, eclipses function as portals that open new pathways because they interrupt the electro-magnetic field of the Earth. Cycles can suddenly end, old programs can be erased and new paradigms emerge. While lunar eclipses are visible everywhere on the planet at least for half of the time, solar eclipses are rare at any location because totality exists only along a narrow path on the Earth’s surface traced by the Moon’s shadow. The Solar Eclipse on August 21/22 is visible in the USA, where it passes from Oregon to South Carolina. The path of an eclipse is especially important for political leaders and their position of power which can abruptly change or end during the 6-month period where a Solar eclipse is active (3 months prior and 3 months after an eclipse). This August 21 eclipse occurs near the fixed star Regulus, one of the four royal ancient stars of Persia. The fall of important leaders or the disintegration of governments might be a great possibility with this star near the Eclipse! In Australia, the eclipse is  exact on August 22,  at 4.30 am  AEST.

Uranus, the cosmic awakener makes a trine to the New Moon in Leo indicating an important time for gigantic breakthroughs in science and technologies. Nevertheless, Mars, the cosmic warrior  is conjunct the eclipse signifying the possibility of overstepping important boundaries and instigating a dramatic over-estimation of one’s abilities. The underlying challenge of this eclipse is to choose between self-realisation & following one’s greater purpose or just falling for another ego-trip! In Leo, this solar eclipse calls our attention to our soul purpose and the kind of light we came to shine, living our ‘divine’ destiny.

The Black Moon Lilith is conjunct Saturn in Sagittarius and both are forming a trine with the New Moon, Mars and the North Node in Leo as well as a sextile with Jupiter. The Black Moon Lilith is the mythic ‘thirteenth  fairy’, the outsider who fled into exile because she was unwilling to submit to the establishment and its superimposed rules and dogmas (Saturn). On an collective level, she represents the rage and demands of those who do feel unacknowledged and excluded from mainstream society because of their religious, political , gender related or philosophical beliefs. This eclipse is an auspicious moment for those who feel they have not had a voice until now.  They can make themselves heard, by  harnessing the strength of the ‘ Lion’ (Leo ), by tapping into the passionate energies signified by Mars in Leo conjunct the eclipse.  Saturn’s close trine to Mars is helpful with taking the path of thoughtful planning and mutual respect, while the Black Moon Lilith is willing to fight for her essential rights.

We can use this very important time to symbolically clear and cleanse stagnant areas of our lives. Activities may end suddenly and new creative projects could be birthed, especially for those who are born around August 21/22 (plus/minus 5 days) or have important placements in their chart at 28 degree Leo. Eclipses re-occur at the same degree in your chart every 19 years. Think back if August 22, 1998 was an important time for you. Whatever happened then might become re-activated now, challenging you to move to the next level of your evolutionary journey! The eclipse at 28 degree Leo signals the importance of discovering our authenticity, our personal truth and tuning into the wisdom & greatness of our hearts. New doors could open and present us with major life changing opportunities. On a collective level, we have reached the point where we are asked to give our gifts to the world. Humanity needs our passion, love and energy (Leo). What we think, feel and do does matter!

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