Jupiter in Scorpio

Jupiter in Scorpio

Transforming Perspectives:
Jupiter in Scorpio
11 October 2017 – 9 November 2018


“ Once a vision of life as an organic whole is accepted in principle,

humanity becomes in one sense a co-creator with nature in so far as

it can foster, ignore or destroy its identity with nature, for nature’s

continued existence depends ultimately on the type of consciousness

we bring to bear on it.” Baring A. & Cashford J., The Myth of the Goddess

The vision of a unified cosmos with interconnections on various levels of existence is fundamental not only to astrology but has been essential to  alchemy, homeopathy and herbal medicine. Within the myriad expressions of the life force certain patterns can be observed. There are optimum moments for transformational work and there are times where we only can surrender to what is. Knowing the difference is something that astrology can teach us through the observation of planetary and cosmic cycles.
During this last quarter of the year two outer planets are changing signs: Jupiter enters Scorpio on October 11 and it will remain here until November 9, 2018. Saturn will leave Sagittarius entering its domicile Capricorn on December 20 (to be explored in the next edition). After seven years in Pisces and Aries,  Chiron and Uranus will be changing signs in April and May 2018 respectively. From an astrological point of view, these are all markers for shifts in consciousness that will be occurring over the next 8 months. Let’s begin with exploring Jupiter in Scorpio! The above quote mentions our role as co-creators, which highlights the importance of the type of vision that we may carry. Our beliefs and perception of life ultimately support and further our evolutionary development, or lead to our destruction. This is also the meaning behind Jupiter’s entry into Scorpio.

Jupiter is the largest planet in the solar system. It is the planet of vision and bringer of opportunities, the mythic king of the gods. Jupiter describes what we believe in, where we are optimistic and confident. As the planet of faith, Jupiter describes our belief system, our philosophy and our sense of what makes life worth living, indicating where we seek to grow, to expand and find meaning in our lives. Jupiter describes our sense of abundance and our spiritual well-being. However, where Jupiter lives in the chart, we can go overboard, because we might be too optimistic or over-indulging. Jupiter’s greatest gifts are generosity, enthusiasm and faith in ourselves and/or in a higher power.

Jupiter in Scorpio is known for its intensity and instinctive emotional depth. It provides courage and determination to deal with issues that were previously put into the “too hard” basket. Nevertheless, Jupiter’s idealism can turn very fixed and fanatical in Scorpio’s realm. Pluto is the modern ruler of Scorpio, meaning, that Jupiter’s energies will be further expressed through Pluto in Capricorn. So, we might experience a 13-month period of expanded and accelerated transformation, especially in regards to our shared values and beliefs that have to do with the preservation of planet Earth as our home and sustainer of life. Collectively, we will be forced to confront complex issues that are concerned with our survival. Peace talks and weapon reduction might come back on the agenda,  as will climate change and the need to limit or stop the exploitation of our planet’s resources. For finding the answers, we need to access the wisdom that lives in the depth (Scorpio) and bring it into the light of our consciousness (Jupiter).

Scorpio/Pluto also relate to the collective unconscious, as well as the dark and suppressed places in our psyche. Jupiter here will expand the emergence of unconscious material, be it on a collective or personal level. Taboo areas and suppressed emotions will be brought to the surface and into the light of the conscious will, for the good or ill. In Australia, the question of marriage equality and equal  rights for same sex relationships  will be decided under a Jupiter in Scorpio transit!

On a personal level, we can use this period for intensive energy work, and healing the past, including trans-generational issues that are part of the cellular memory we did inherit.  Jupiter in Scorpio can guide us towards a change of perspective, digging deeper to understand the greater meaning of who we are, and the elimination and purging of unhelpful attitudes. Acknowledging and handling our own innate power and wisdom  in a confident, persevering and nurturing way will bring upon us Jupiter’s blessings.

Jupiter is the planet of abundance, while Scorpio the sign associated with shared ownership, jointly held values and possessions. Especially, with next year’s entry of Uranus into Taurus -the sign ruling personal values, possessions and money – our current financial systems will experience a major shake-up. Meanwhile, new ways of ownership and wealth distribution are fast developing which are based on sharing information and extensive networking. Our beliefs concerning technology, ownership and work are in a major transition and a new paradigm is emerging fast!

(Please read: https://www.theguardian.com/books/2015/jul/17/postcapitalism-end-of-capitalism-begun)

Good questions to ask oneself during this Jupiter in Scorpio period:
What do I really need? What are my deepest desirers? Do I have the courage and determination to stand for my deepest held beliefs? Is there an area where I can contribute to the transformation of socio-cultural beliefs, customs and habits? What is my relationship to the mysteries of life like? Do I believe in the synchronicity between inner experiences and outer events?

Famous people with Jupiter in Scorpio:
the Dalai Lama, Aleister Crowley, Alfred Hitchcock, Elton John, Prince William & Kate  Middleton , Melania Trump, Steven Spielberg, Tim Robbins, Britney Spears, Elvis Presley, Julian Assange, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Ronald Reagan, David Bowie


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