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A 2-day special
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Australian Bushflower Essences Course

May 9 & 23
10 am – 4 pm,
at the Lillifield Community Centre
costs: $ 150 for 2 days or $ 80 for 1 day

by Gery Mews

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Sun, Moon & Ascendant
February 29th 2020 
10 am – 4pm,
at the Lillifield Community Centre
Please bring your own lunch; Morning Tea provided;
$ 70; $ 60 conc

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The Asteroids:
Ceres, Pallas, Juno and Vesta
Thursday afternoon, March 12,
2.30 pm – 5pm,
at the Lillifield Community Centre

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for April 2020

“2020 was meant to be the great game changer and the start of a new era. We truly have entered strange unfamiliar territory. First the bushfires, then the floods and now the Corona virus. Astrologers regard the triple conjunction of Jupiter/Saturn/Pluto as the important cosmic signature correlating with what is happening currently on planet Earth. The last time these three planets met in Capricorn was in 1284, the time of the crusades and the start of an early form of international banking and trading which linked the east with the west. This century-old cycle is ending now and we are standing at the threshold of something really new. It ultimately includes the re-distribution of wealth and power. This year, Saturn and Pluto had their exact conjunction in Capricorn on January 12. It was also the time when the Corona virus developed into an epidemic in China. It is followed by Jupiter and Pluto which have their first exact conjunction  on April 4 and they will meet twice more until November. Then, on December 21, Saturn and Jupiter will complete their conjunction once they entered the next sign Aquarius at our Summer solstice starting their new 800-year cycle in air signs. These are epoch-building cosmic events which are meant to catapult us into a new world order. (Astro-forecast for April 2020)