Astrological Counselling

Astrological Counselling

Astrology is the language of the Cosmos. It is based on the understanding of an existing correlation between the cyclic movement of planets and instinctive patterns of human experience. All potential psychological, spiritual and creative impulses are contained within the chart, the symbolic blueprint of our soul’s journey as it reveals itself via our mind set, beliefs and attitudes. Astrology is a great tool in helping to read and disclose these imprints and to make them conscious.

Astrology can offer guidance for making intelligent choices, based on an honest exploration of the unfolding creative forces (planetary progressions and transits) that are currently at work in your life. During an astrological counselling session I provide empathetic and confidential assistance by focusing on your life’s story or particular issue that you choose to work with. I strongly believe that we have all the power we need to create the changes we envisage. However, first we have to make sense of the world we are living in, and then we can make sense of our problems and ourselves! A profound awareness of cycles can strengthen our intuition and prepare us for working graciously through an ever-changing reality, dancing between exciting new openings and unavoidable closures. It is a great way of becoming attuned to our own evolutionary process while experiencing ourselves as part of a greater whole.

Fate vs Free Will:

“We are not the helpless subject of an unknowable force beyond our control. While each individual’s potential destiny may be written in the stars, astrology is by no means deterministic. Understanding the energies operating inside you can help you manifest them in the most constructive and life-supporting ways possible.

Astrology is archetypally predictive, not concretely predictive. We can determine the “experiential flavor” of a given planetary energy but can never know exactly how the Universal Mind will ultimately be expressed through human free will.

To the exact extent that we are conscious of the archetypes, we can respond with greater autonomy and self-awareness.” (the Shift Network)