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The Full Moon on the Virgo/Pisces axis, Coronavirus and Dealing with Collective Fear

The Full Moon on the Virgo/Pisces axis, Coronavirus and Dealing with Collective Fear

Illawara Flame Tree

Lots has happened since the exact Saturn/Pluto conjunction on January 12: we had the bushfire catastrophe, the floods and now the coronavirus! Saturn/Pluto conjunctions and oppositions are known for correlating with massive changes that catapult us out of our comfort zone. At the last  opposition in 2001/2 we had 9/11, a stock market crash and the Sars-virus. At the last conjunction in 1982/83 the first Aids cases were diagnosed; since then we have witnessed an ever expanding globalised world. Similar to  2020, Jupiter was part of the conjunction of 1982! Jupiter expands, pushes beyond usual frontiers and goes global. Let’s not to forget Uranus in Taurus which is the great disrupter of every sign it occupies. In Taurus, disruptions relate to financial markets and the economy. Interestingly, the coronavirus could be the catalyst for the next recession and another global economic crisis.

Neptune in Pisces dissolves boundaries and can be related to epidemics. In Medical astrology, health problems linked with Neptune  and also Pisces are -besides hypersensitivity – fungal and viral diseases and problems with the immune system. The coronavirus has been spreading globally since Mercury has been in Pisces (February 4 – April 11) and caused a lot of panic and fear. Mercury retrograde in Pisces has added to the overall uncertainty, but has also sent a strong signal to retreat and isolate. Saturn and Pluto both rule fear, which then can be used and abused by authorities to impose more laws and regulations in the name of national security that further impact on people’s liberties while adding fuel to the panic mode. 

The Full Moon on March 10 is in opposition to a Sun/Neptune conjunction. Mercury is stationary direct on the same day. This adds to the potency of this Full Moon in Virgo. It highlights the need for discernment while taking a practical approach to all the hype and confusion. How dangerous is the coronavirus really? What precautions can I take? How can I support my immune system and keep body, mind and soul in a balanced state? Disease starts in the mind and “world fear is a contagion that spreads much faster than any virus, and must be curtailed and contained!” (Phillip Lindsay). The greatest challenge of 2020 on an individual and collective  level is to face our fears and heal the mind, which then feeds positively into our emotions. The coronavirus reminds us that we all live in a global community which is deeply interconnected and interdependent. While it is important to take safety measures, it is also essential that we stay out of fear, and acknowledge that we are not helpless victims of outer circumstances hoping that government interventions will safe us. Worry and fear lowers our energetic frequency and our immunity. Aligning us with our higher self protects us and empowers us. Flower essences can assist in this process. As Edward Bach once stated: “they flood our bodies with higher vibrations”. From  an  energetic  perspective  we  are  all  unique  energy  systems  vibrating  at  different  frequencies.  The  ‘electrical  charge’  is  delivered  via  our  emotions. Different  emotions  have  different  frequencies:  for  example  fear,  resentment  and  grief  are  vibrating  slower  than  love,  joy  and  happiness.  Emotions  are inextricably  linked  with  the  physical  body  and  physical  functioning. Flower essences  subtlety  influence  our  vital  forces  and  have  a harmonising  effect  on  our  emotions  and  mental  attitudes.  They  make  great anti-stress  remedies  and  can  positively  influence  our  immune  system  by  bringing  about  renewed  clarity  and  strength  to  follow  our  goals  and  dreams.   It is also important to remember that the vast majority of people who will contract the coronavirus will not die, and many will experience no symptoms at all.

Tina Mews

The Great Planetary Cycles of 2020 and Your Personal Well-being

The Great Planetary Cycles of 2020 and Your Personal Well-being

During January until December 2020 we will experience the very rare triple conjunction of Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto. This not only marks the beginning of three new cycles but also their endings. On January 12, 2020 Saturn and Pluto will make their exact conjunction in Capricorn, while Jupiter and Pluto will meet three times during April and November in the ambitious and conservative sign of the Mountain Goat. However, Jupiter and Saturn will move into innovative Aquarius before they make their conjunction on December 21st 2020, the time of our summer solstice. These are extraordinary celestial developments, indicating  nothing less than the ending of an entire era, before we then make the shift into a new epoch. We can expect that the ‘symbolism of endings’ will strongly influence and colour the events of 2020.

The archetype of Capricorn and Saturn, its ruling planet,  have  a lot to do with consequences and reaping the rewards of earlier actions and decisions. Saturn and Pluto have been travelling with the karmic South Node in Capricorn for most of this year, accentuating unresolved themes and issues from the past, may it be on a personal or collective level. We have been witnessing a global increase in abuse of power going hand in hand with harsh regulations, authoritative rule making and laws that diminish our personal freedom.  From a different perspective we know that these are attempts by current power structures to compensate for and counteract growing fears, unease and anxiety in the collective, such as the fear of a looming economic and ecological collapse. Debt burdened major corporations, governments, banks, and other economic institutions could fall apart signifying the death of the old established political-economic power structure. Not to mention the current climate emergency that threatens our survival!

In the past, the 37- year Saturn-Pluto cycle had a lot to do with conflicts of power and the unfolding and imposition of collective & impulsive control mechanisms. According to Richard Tarnas, the positive potential of Saturn-Pluto is inextricably intertwined with confronting its negative manifestations. We are asked….” to generate great courage in the face of darkness, danger, and death; sustained effort and determination, intense focus and discipline; moral discernment and wisdom born from experience and suffering.” Pluto’s transformative energies affect everybody. That is why each of us has to review, reflect, make contact with our ‘personal underworld’ and do our best by clearing and purging our negatively conditioned patterns of victimhood and disempowerment. By facing our fears, taking responsibility and freeing our unlived potential we gain access to our own strength, will power and self-mastery.

On a psycho-emotional level, we have been confronted with our own shadow areas. Saturn-Pluto in Capricorn are both energies that have difficulties with letting go. So, holding on too long is a problem that can lead to toxic conditions. Another negative affect could come from blockages in biological processes and hardening of tissues, especially in the areas where these planets transit our personal charts. Which old structures must go? How can we best take individual responsibility and confront shadow areas that need clearing so that renewal can take place? Saturn and Pluto are both related to depression. We might have to go through a depressive period. We might have to withdraw for a while and reconnect with Soul, reflect, purge and simplify our lives strengthening our core with a focus on what really matters. This again involves courage and discernment. The Saturn-Pluto journey is not for the faint hearted! It requires determination and the will to take on great challenges.

Here are some Australian Bush Essences who can assist with the process of purging and courage:

Saturn-Pluto Transits issues and essences

Bottlebrush for letting go of the past
Waratah for power, strength and courage
Mint Bush for moving through spiritual initiation
Dog Rose of the Wild Forces  for fear of losing control
Pink Mulla Mulla for releasing deep seated wounding
Sunshine Wattle for depression, hardship
Southern Cross for healing victim consciousness
Billy Goat Plum & Fringed Violet for healing sexual abuse

After December 3, 2019, Jupiter will join Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn, creating what is known as the “Capricorn Stellium.” Jupiter will conjoin with Pluto exactly on April 5th, June 30th and November 13th to start a new 13-year Jupiter-Pluto cycle. Two strong energies meet, with one wanting to go to the heights (Jupiter) while the other draws to the depth (Pluto). The god of the underworld meets with the god of the heavens. Ideas join with the depth of the soul. This combination signifies the strength that underlies our beliefs and how they can ‘move mountains’. On the negative, Jupiter/Pluto stands for extreme over-estimations of what is truly possible, leading to bankruptcy and break-downs. The last time Jupiter and Pluto met was in December 2007 in Sagittarius, before the start of the Global Financial Crisis. The danger with Jupiter-Pluto aspects as they relate to politics is that they tend to correlate with either great successes, or conversely, extreme downfalls. When triggered by these energies, we have to remember that “bigger is not necessarily better!” We have to remember to keep one foot on the ground while aiming for meaningful goals. Jupiter is the planet of expansion, betterment and opportunity, so this is a time to expand horizons in earthly, material matters, and to go beyond what is already familiar and invest in something important for the future. The problem is that we could get too obsessed with an idea and lose connection with reality. In which area(s) do you like to grow? What does ‘success’ mean to you and your life? Which are the values that can survive change and challenges because they derive from the depth of your soul?

On a psycho-emotional and physical level , Jupiter/Pluto relates to over-inflation of any condition, such as abnormal growth. People who have a bi-polar condition often show a very powerful Jupiter side and go through times of extreme highs and lows.  The negative Jupiter leads to grandiosity and excesses, especially when in combination with Pluto.

Here are some Australian Bush Flower Essences that can assist with the process of connecting with Soul and keeping a balanced mind set. Jupiter in Capricorn brings also opportunities for  gaining wisdom and self-mastery.

Bush Fuchsia for balance and focus                                     
Gymea Lily for leadership issues, arrogance
Hibbertia for fanaticism & mental superiority;  healing head & heart imbalance; inner wisdom
Boronia for repetitive stressful thoughts
Kangaroo Paw  for taking unnecessary risks, gambling
Freshwater Mangrove  for healthy questioning of beliefs; clearing culturally conditioned prejudice

The 20-year Jupiter-Saturn cycle represents the process of defining and pursuing our most important goals and intentions.  Conjunctions correlate with times of endings & crisis, followed by a time of renewed creativity. Conjunctions of Jupiter and Saturn recur in the same element every 20 years for about two centuries. The current ‘Grand Conjunctions’ as they are called,  began to occur in earth signs in 1802.The last conjunction in the earth element eventuated in 2000 at 23 deg Taurus correlating with a period  of heightened consumerism and accelerated exploitation of the Earth’s resources. The next conjunction will be at 0 deg Aquarius on December 21st 2020 symbolising a major shift in consciousness. Grand Conjunctions in the air element historically correspond with rapid social progress, significant intellectual development, and new concepts entering human consciousness. We are moving now into the virtual age; we are leaving the materialistic age behind and enter an epoch where ideas, concept, networking and communication play the leading role. This shift has already been mirrored by the values of the Millennials, the generation born between the years 1982 and 2000. (The 1st grand conjunction in air  took place 1980 in Libra!) Millennials like their gadgets, a flexible work environment, are good at team work and care for the environment.

We are now in the final stage of the ‘Taurus’ cycle, which marks the ‘seed’ period in preparation for the new cycle. This is the final ‘tidying up’ phase , where old structures (Saturn) and beliefs (Jupiter) are released. Jupiter will move into Capricorn on December 3 where it comes under the rulership of Saturn. This is perfect timing for getting serious about cutting back where we have gone too far out and focusing on the essentials, gaining mastery in areas we truly believe in.

Here are some Australian Bush Flower Essences that can assist with embracing the new Air age (Aquarius) and transforming materialistic attachments (Taurus)

Bauhinia for breaking old patterns, reluctance to change; for healing ‘techno fear
Mulla Mulla for sensitivity to electromagnetic radiation
Silver Princess for finding a new direction and grounding one’s goals
Bush Iris for healing materialism and awakening of spirituality
Yellow Cowslip Orchid  for an open and inquisitive mind
Sydney Rose  for realising that we are all One

Chiron’s Journey Through Aries

Chiron’s Journey Through Aries

Chiron’s journey through Aries

Chiron is a small celestial body, now classified as a Centaur that orbits between Uranus and Saturn. He is a guest from the Kuiper belt, from the icy waters of space in the region around Pluto, the region where Centaurs are born. In Greek mythology, centaurs were a tribe of unruly creatures half horse, half human. Since Chiron’s discovery in 1977 many more Centaurs have been found and astrologers and astronomers have cooperated in their naming. This reflects a very important Chiron theme: the bridging of matter & spirit, of the scientific & the intuitive, of body & soul. Chiron as an archetype challenges us to integrate what seems to be unfamiliar and through this process gain new wisdom and understanding.

Chiron entered Aries already on April 17, 2018 but retracted back into Pisces from September 28 until February 19, when he will re-enter Aries and remain until April 2026. Chiron’s orbit is extremely elliptical. He can be in a sign for only 18 months or up to 8 years, as he does in Pisces and Aries! When Chiron moves through Pisces, we experience an increased sensitivity and dissatisfaction with the prevailing ecological, cultural and social conditions.  Then, with the initiating power of Chiron in Aries change processes are ignited on a broader scale. Previously, Chiron was in Aries during 1918 – 1927, the roaring twenties, a period where people – especially women – tried to break free from traditions. So it was in 1968, when Chiron last entered the sign Aries and a new social era began with protests against the Vietnam war. Back then, women and other marginalised groups fought for equality and a fairer society. (Of course, we also had the Uranus/Pluto conjunction opposite Chiron in 1968!) Whatever was initiated during Chiron’s last journey through Aries from 1968 – 1977 has left a lasting impression on our consciousness until this day. With the new Chiron cycle now beginning, these themes are picked up again as they have to go through another evolutionary phase. In myth, Chiron is the wise and benevolent Centaur, healer and teacher who lived in a cave. He was taught by Apollo, god of wisdom. Since his discovery, Chiron has always been seen as a symbol for healing, including healing the earth and our ecological systems.

In astrology, the entry of any planet or body into Aries is regarded as the beginning of a new cycle. Chiron takes about 50 years to orbit once around the Sun. We have our personal Chiron Return at the age of 50-51, another key rites of passage after the  Saturn Return at around 30 years  and the Uranus opposition at around 40 years . At 50, we might arrive at our personal ‘healing temple’ while entering a period of inner contemplation. This is an important phase of integrating the past with the present.

The passage of Chiron through Aries is symbolic for the path of the sacred warriour. One of the core themes that is inherent in the Aries archetype, is the search for one’s individual spiritual identity, and the right to exist. Aries often has to fight a father/authority figure, an old regime to initiate a new order. Aries is the sign of the warriour/hero but “the hero must thus become the breaker of the old law, because he is the enemy of the old ruling system and the existing court of conscience”. (Liz Greene: The Astrology of Fate). In this sense, for the world to heal, the old order has to be broken down by acts of courage. Chiron in Aries at its best fights for an equal society and encourages others to stand up for themselves, their beliefs and their rights as human beings. A great example is Mohandas Gandhi who had Chiron in Aries opposite his Libra Sun. He was the leader of India’ independence movement.

The ultimate Chiron lesson is acceptance. By accepting our limitations we can  find freedom, finding freedom within given limitations.  Freedom from illness or injury doesn’t come from fighting harder, it comes from accepting what is  so that healing can begin. In regards to our ecological situation and climate change, we have to accept the limitations of our current mind set and life styles which have led to the destruction of our natural environments. There are real limits of what we can take from the earth and put out into the air. During the  Chiron cycle that is now beginning, much is likely to be decided as far as survival on this planet is concerned. Simultaneously, Uranus will be moving through Taurus over the next seven years, revolutionising the way we grow food, hopefully encouraging biodiversity and industries that do not use pesticides. The decisive factor will be a broad scale change in consciousness and personal commitment to an ecologically sound life style.  

Tina Mews

Uranus, the ‘mythic force of creation’ enters Taurus during the New Moon

Uranus, the ‘mythic force of creation’ enters Taurus during the New Moon

This new Moon in Taurus marks the beginning of a new era as Uranus, the God of the sky enters the most earthy sign of the Zodiac  just a few hours later. Uranus will remain in Taurus until 2025/26 except during 6 November 2018 – 6 March 2019, when the ‘Cosmic Awakener and Liberator’ returns into Aries for the last time.

The transition of an outer planet, such as Uranus,  into a new sign marks a highly sensitive and powerful moment in history. We can expect the unexpected! Uranus correlates with ‘the higher mind’ and brings the necessary higher frequency energy for altering dynamics at core levels and reshaping matter. Uranus and Gaia  are the mythic primordial parents of life. The entry of Uranus in Taurus is an invitation to become co-creators in the making of a new world. Indeed, our own vibration adds to the overall atmosphere! Uranus in Taurus teaches us the power of spiritual – mental energies, while the layers of the material world are becoming more transparent. Nevertheless, we need to stay grounded in our bodies (Taurus), while feeling embedded and at home in the larger cosmos (Uranus). Uranus is the essential force of creation. In myth, he poured gentle rain (waters of life) upon Gaia, so that she would flourish. What a perfect New Moon for planting a seed for the world!

We have an amazing addition to the current global shift of 2018 as activator Mars zooms into the sign of revolution & change…Aquarius…also on May 16th! Uranus is the modern ruler of Aquarius. This is particularly significant as he will spend six months in Aquarius until November due to his retrograde phase this year (June 26 – August 27). Mars is usually a six-week transit through a sign, but the action planet will be in Aquarius until mid-November. Mars in Aquarius rules: politics, social trends, grass root movements, weird  weather, global warming issues, science & technology, independence and emancipation initiatives. Anything goes when Mars journeys through Aquarius, the sudden and the unexpected, especially so when it is in dynamic tension to Uranus. We will see a lot of opportunities suddenly emerging, but there is also an element of risk involved. We are invited to think out of the box and imagine the impossible.

Uranus will shake up anything Taurean, such as our value systems, currencies, economics as well as environmental conditions. If you would like to explore what Uranus in Taurus might mean for your own life, come and join me for a 1-day workshop this Saturday at the Lillfield Community Centre:
A Change in Frequency: Uranus in Taurus & Chiron in Aries”
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Have a great New Moon,


The Shakti power of the Black Moon Lilith

The Shakti power of the Black Moon Lilith

We truly live in interesting times where the truth can  come out of the shadow quiet unexpectedly. Thinking of the Royal Commission into the banking system, I cannot help but assigning a lot of the current revelations to the influence of the Black Moon Lilith in Capricorn. She made an exact conjunction with Mars in Capricorn on April 19 and is applying to conjoin Pluto next, being exact on May 18, just three days after Uranus arrives in Taurus! She is the demonised enemy of patriarchy, the voice of those who have felt disempowered but have found a way to stand up for their rights and beliefs. Lilith can activate hidden rage, but also the courage to make the changes which we always wanted to do. She can be similar to Uranus in the surprise factor.

Of course, there is also the conjunction  of transiting Mars and Pluto, which is exact on April 26. It symbolises the archetypal fight with the dragon: the hero has to face the evil forces and overcome them. This can be the fight against control and authority, but also the examination of the inner shadow.

The time seems to be ripe for connecting with the ‘Shakti power’ of Lilith and  invoking her qualities of courage, change and living authentically. For healing the Earth and humanity, we must awaken the ’inner  warrior’ and address issues of inequality and injustice in an open and direct way. It is comforting, when this is happening in the public arena, so that consciousness can be raised as the only real medicine against manipulation and’ fake news’.

24 April, 2018

The New Moon in Aries and the ‘Wounded Masculine’

The New Moon in Aries and the ‘Wounded Masculine’


” The Shaman”

artwork by Gery Mews

The New Moon in Aries on Monday April 16 is conjunct electrifying Uranus while Mercury is direct again. This New Moon is significant for new beginnings as it initiates a cycle of new possibilities. Uranus conjunct the New Moon can give us that extra courage to make a leap ahead, starting or changing something which we have been contemplating but haven’t dared to follow through with yet. Uranus functions as the Cosmic Awakener and requires freedom and authenticity. We might be ready now for a journey into the unknown, whatever that might mean…..  We can open up to fresh information, reach new levels of meaning and can make  new connections, especially if we have done our soul-searching and reviewing  work during the Mercury retrograde phase.

On April 17, Chiron, the mystic  wounded healer and teacher, enters the sign Aries. Chiron’s 8-year transit through this sign will mark changes in the healing paradigm. Themes concerning the right way of dealing with anger as a core energy and the expression of our life force have to be addressed during the coming years. The Aries quest is to have courage, protect the weak and fight for a higher cause. The  shadow side is fearful, aggressive and egotistic. Chiron in Aries signifies the need to heal the ‘wounded masculine’ in men and women. More often than not, rage and the drive for hurting others is anchored in feelings of inferiority, old hurts and  prior experiences of humiliation and shame. Chiron’s message is to rise above these old  pains through acceptance, helping others to heal  and thus finding  new meaning and understanding.

Mars in Capricorn forms a conjunction with the rebellious Black Moon Lilith, exact April 19, and then with Pluto, Lord of the Underworld, during April 24 – 29. We can feel empowered to tackle authority issues, or take  on a project that requires a lot of dynamism and vigour. In any case, we need to deal with these energies carefully by channelling them into a worthwhile cause. On an symbolic level, Mars, the God of War meets with Pluto/Hades, the God of the Underworld. Shadow material can easily erupt. The higher road of Pluto is the transformation and purification of old debris into fertile soil for planting a new seed; the lower road is giving in to the urge for revenge and destruction. Ultimately, Pluto’s quest is the fight between the ego and the soul, teaching us lessons concerning the right use of will. Pluto functions also as the higher octave of Mars, which is the archetype of the ‘sacred masculine’ and the ruler of Aries. So, Chiron, Aries, Mars and Pluto play a vital role over the next few weeks!

Tina Mews

The Full Moon in Cancer January 1-2, 2018

The Full Moon in Cancer January 1-2, 2018

“Moon Emerging”
copyright by Gery Mews

2018 starts with a Full Moon in Cancer (2 January , 1.24 pm AEST) opposite a stellium of planets in Capricorn consisting of Saturn, Black Moon Lilith, Venus, the Sun and Pluto. Capricorn, the 10th stage in an archetypal cycle of development requires that we become our own authority, that we no longer look to others to tell us what to do and what not to do with our lives. Capricorn, as well as its ruling planet Saturn, teaches discipline, determination, commitment and consequences. It is the sign of mastery and maturity. The shadow side of Capricorn is domination or compliance, or a mental state where we abdicate responsibility and rather blame others, when we cannot admit that we have a choice.

On the opposite  side, the Cancer Full Moon represents the feminine energy, the Great Mother who nurtures and protects life so it can grow and blossom. Cancer is a water sign and teaches about  feelings, family bonds and emotional security. During the Cancer stage we learn about sensitivity and caring, giving and receiving support.  The shadow side of Cancer is attachment, self-indulgence and neediness. In the Full Moon chart the Moon in Cancer acts as a singleton, as a very important focal point  that attracts and binds a huge amount of psychic energy. Issues around home, family and creating a safety net are accentuated. This must be balanced with a determination to establish self-sufficiency and self-reliance (Capricorn). If we do not take on the control or guidance of our own lives, we unconsciously manifest a vacuum for others to step in – may it be another person, institution or government- to do it for us.

The Full Moon in Cancer can be very instinctual and influences our subconscious mind: we feel good when things are familiar and flow easily and anxious when confronted with change. We might fear listening to our intuition that wants to take us into a new direction. The Black Moon Lilith opposite the Full Moon represents an inner restlessness that occurs when we have become too comfortable or too compliant with the structures in our lives, including our relationships (Lilith conjunct Venus). Maybe some rules and regulations have to be broken to let in new life and light. We might be struggling with developing authenticity and character fearing rejection and separation from our loved ones.  Whatever the issue might be, with Lilith in Capricorn opposite the Full Moon, we can expect that entrenched cultural, systemic and personal behavioural patterns are triggered and questioned. Lilith challenges us to have courage, be our own authority and let go of false roles. We can use her energy for daring new ways of self-expression and creativity.

The Full Moon forms a lovely Grand Trine with Neptune and a Mars/Jupiter conjunction in Scorpio, further signaling that it is a great moment in time for powerful insights, transformation, healing and personal growth. We  are reminded that with perseverance we can work through any obstacles that might occur in the pursuit of our  desired goals. We are empowered to find the treasure hidden in the darkness, if we dig deep enough and make use of the fertility that is characteristic for times of chaos and change. Uranus turns stationary direct on the same day after a five month retrograde period; the planet of rebellion magnifies this Full Moon’s capacity for breakthroughs and innovative ideas that can fall on fertile ground now. The messenger planet Mercury, still in truth seeking Sagittarius, is applying to a trine to  Uranus in Aries (exact on January 7), stimulating creative problem solving and the seeding of fresh impulses at the start of 2018. What are your wishes for this year, for your personal life and for the planet? What does motivate you and do you have the determination, perseverance and strategies in place that are necessary for fulfilling your intentions? Remember, Saturn is in Capricorn teaching us discipline and willpower. Nevertheless, the Full Moon in Cancer has a softening influence supported by a trine with Neptune, the vibration of unconditional love, compassion and unity consciousness. We need the flow of these watery influences to balance the hardness and rigidity of Saturn in Capricorn. Saturn can always do with a touch of Neptune! So, let’s not forget to stay in close contact with the water element – the realm of feelings, intuition, dreams and imagination during the Saturn-in-Capricorn years.



New Moon in Scorpio, November 18

New Moon in Scorpio, November 18


It has been an intense time since Jupiter entered Scorpio on October 11. Since then, the Sun & Venus have also entered this deep probing sign, shining light into the dark and murky places of our personal and collective lives. Concerning the later,  sexual abuse issues that involve Hollywood celebrities and former politicians have been the focus in the US, while closer to home our government’s cruel handling of the remaining refugees in Manus Island has caused a lot of outrage.  On the positive, the same sex marriage results show that entrenched belief systems can be changed and transformed, if a conscious effort is made.

Scorpio takes us into the deep waters of our own subconscious and connects us with the ‘shadow’ which not only contains all the repressed difficult emotions, thoughts and experiences but also includes our deepest truth and power that we might have blocked and stifled to avoid upsetting the current moral codes. The New Moon in Scorpio marks a great moment in time for reflection and listening to our own deep thoughts, feelings and self-talk. Is it positive or negative? What do my thoughts and feelings tell me about my automatically held beliefs? Chiron is forming a trine with the New Moon supporting this process of self-exploration, while showing ways of healing the wounded body-mind connection. Chiron transits activate the search for new meaning and understanding,  trigger the death of old values and beliefs and impel us to take back our projections. Ultimately, Chiron strengthens self-responsibility and responsible living by letting go of blame. We might encounter situations where we are powerless to do anything to improve the situation, but we can choose  how we feel about it: “if I cannot choose my fate, I can nevertheless choose my attitude towards it!” Chiron is soon ending its journey through Pisces, where he has been since 2011. In Pisces, Chiron emphasises the mind-body connection and the role that emotions play in healing, verifying that the body is not separate from soul. Chiron enters  Aries in April 2018, which will mark a shift in the healing paradigm towards more spontaneity and healing through thought transmission, as Aries rules the head and the brain in medical astrology. Positive thoughts are able to prompt changes in our body that strengthen our immune system, decrease pain and chronic disease, and provide stress relief.

Mars, the traditional ruler of Scorpio is about to square Pluto, its modern ruler. This could be helpful for creatively transforming unresolved issues and traumas. Old concepts, relationships, and resources which are no longer beneficial to us  can be cleared, healed and released with this New Moon. However, we can expect an increase in explosive energies as Mars is activating the radical Uranus/Pluto square. We are asked to examine our deeper motivations and ambitions, clarify our strategies and remain open for change, regardless of the challenges that we might experience.

The Black Moon Lilith enters Capricorn

The Black Moon Lilith enters Capricorn

The Black Moon Lilith in Capricorn:

November 9, 2017 – August 6, 2018



The Black Moon Lilith enters Capricorn today, November 9, and will remain here until August 6, 2018. Who is the Black Moon, also known as Lilith? In myth she is the 1st wife of Adam who refused to be submissive to him, because she regarded herself as an equal. She fled into the desert to maintain her integrity. She chose exile over suppression, loneliness over compliance, loss of security, status etc over compromise. She had to go through a spiritual crisis to gain access to her own spirituality.  For sure, she also holds resentment and anger for the unjust treatment that she received. When triggered by transits or progressions, Lilith may react with rebellion, mistrust and revenge. Wherever she lives in our chart, we need to dig deep, face the shadow and deal with feelings of rage based on earlier life experiences of hurt and alienation.

Lilith dominant people are creative, ambitous & break taboos. They often are the outsiders of a society, or the outsiders of  institutionalised structures and systems. This is particularly true, when Lilith transits through Capricorn, the sign ruling governments, societal roles, values and power structures. Over the next 9 months, themes will gain importance that have to do with social justice, institutionalised advantages and disadvantages of certain societal groups, and entrenched power structures that indorse inequalities. The Black Moon confronts us with our shadow themes, in our personal as well as collective lives. She demands that old structures shall be broken to let in new light and life. How objective are we really when we make important value judgements? What kind of role does our socio-cultural conditioning play in our day-to-day dealings with the world around us? When and against whom do we discriminate because of unconsciously held prejudices?  Are there the same chances for everybody? Are there gender specific preconceived ideas about role distribution and positions of power?

The Black Moon Lilith and Saturn have been travelling together through the late degrees of Sagittarius since August/September. During October Lilith was conjunct the Galactic Centre, the heart of our galaxy. The GC is located in late Sagittarius, the sign signifying the archetypal seeker of truth and guardian of the moral high ground.  When the GC is activated by transit, material can be suddenly released that has far reaching consequences.  On October 6, the first allegations of sexual harrasement by Hollywood film mogul Harvey Weinstein were made public. Since then a large number of women had the courage to come forward to give evidence. A dark shadow has fallen over Hollywood and its film industry since it has been revealed that young female newcomers, “seeking to break into the world of glamour and glitz, are often forced to offer sexual favours in return for roles. …And it continues to exist because the laws regarding sexual harassment in the workplace have never applied here….The film industry has always been a male dominated field…Everyday sexism has become normalised over the years. In the early days, women accepted every kind of discrimination and harassment, meekly and without question. They were just awed that they were included in this special world. But times have changed. Today, women enter this field not because they were pushed into it by their parents or because they were reluctantly allowed in. They are there because they want to be there. They are professionals who worked hard to get where they are and they resent the old patronising attitudes. They know how to speak up and stand up for themselves.” 1. The Weinstein scandal is a great example how Lilith can trigger rebellion by crossing and exposing taboo areas, especially also in relation to gender related equality issues.

Now, with Lilith in Capricorn, we can expect that entrenched collective and personal behavioural patterns will be activated and questioned. Lilith will challenge authorities and patriarchal control mechanisms. She will try to break rules and regulations that endorse injustice to encourage newer and more just developments. Saturn in Capricorn (December 20, 2017 – Dec 2020) will either help to consolidate or suppress this process. As already mentioned Lilith stands for outsiders, minorities, creative & progressive people while Saturn symbolises also our fear of change and holding onto the status quo. We could experience an inner restlessness in the area that Lilith transits in our charts. We might be able to use her energy for daring new ways of self-expression and creativity. In Capricorn, she needs to take responsibility for her choices and acknowledge her need for achievement as well as societal acceptance. After all, the Black Moon Lilith has a tendency to go to extremes when triggered, and then she easily can make herself a victim of social stigmatising. Her true message is about constructive rebellion, letting go of false roles and living authentically. Then she can connect us with our core being and our real strength.

Jupiter in Scorpio

Jupiter in Scorpio

Transforming Perspectives:
Jupiter in Scorpio
11 October 2017 – 9 November 2018


“ Once a vision of life as an organic whole is accepted in principle,

humanity becomes in one sense a co-creator with nature in so far as

it can foster, ignore or destroy its identity with nature, for nature’s

continued existence depends ultimately on the type of consciousness

we bring to bear on it.” Baring A. & Cashford J., The Myth of the Goddess

The vision of a unified cosmos with interconnections on various levels of existence is fundamental not only to astrology but has been essential to  alchemy, homeopathy and herbal medicine. Within the myriad expressions of the life force certain patterns can be observed. There are optimum moments for transformational work and there are times where we only can surrender to what is. Knowing the difference is something that astrology can teach us through the observation of planetary and cosmic cycles.
During this last quarter of the year two outer planets are changing signs: Jupiter enters Scorpio on October 11 and it will remain here until November 9, 2018. Saturn will leave Sagittarius entering its domicile Capricorn on December 20 (to be explored in the next edition). After seven years in Pisces and Aries,  Chiron and Uranus will be changing signs in April and May 2018 respectively. From an astrological point of view, these are all markers for shifts in consciousness that will be occurring over the next 8 months. Let’s begin with exploring Jupiter in Scorpio! The above quote mentions our role as co-creators, which highlights the importance of the type of vision that we may carry. Our beliefs and perception of life ultimately support and further our evolutionary development, or lead to our destruction. This is also the meaning behind Jupiter’s entry into Scorpio.

Jupiter is the largest planet in the solar system. It is the planet of vision and bringer of opportunities, the mythic king of the gods. Jupiter describes what we believe in, where we are optimistic and confident. As the planet of faith, Jupiter describes our belief system, our philosophy and our sense of what makes life worth living, indicating where we seek to grow, to expand and find meaning in our lives. Jupiter describes our sense of abundance and our spiritual well-being. However, where Jupiter lives in the chart, we can go overboard, because we might be too optimistic or over-indulging. Jupiter’s greatest gifts are generosity, enthusiasm and faith in ourselves and/or in a higher power.

Jupiter in Scorpio is known for its intensity and instinctive emotional depth. It provides courage and determination to deal with issues that were previously put into the “too hard” basket. Nevertheless, Jupiter’s idealism can turn very fixed and fanatical in Scorpio’s realm. Pluto is the modern ruler of Scorpio, meaning, that Jupiter’s energies will be further expressed through Pluto in Capricorn. So, we might experience a 13-month period of expanded and accelerated transformation, especially in regards to our shared values and beliefs that have to do with the preservation of planet Earth as our home and sustainer of life. Collectively, we will be forced to confront complex issues that are concerned with our survival. Peace talks and weapon reduction might come back on the agenda,  as will climate change and the need to limit or stop the exploitation of our planet’s resources. For finding the answers, we need to access the wisdom that lives in the depth (Scorpio) and bring it into the light of our consciousness (Jupiter).

Scorpio/Pluto also relate to the collective unconscious, as well as the dark and suppressed places in our psyche. Jupiter here will expand the emergence of unconscious material, be it on a collective or personal level. Taboo areas and suppressed emotions will be brought to the surface and into the light of the conscious will, for the good or ill. In Australia, the question of marriage equality and equal  rights for same sex relationships  will be decided under a Jupiter in Scorpio transit!

On a personal level, we can use this period for intensive energy work, and healing the past, including trans-generational issues that are part of the cellular memory we did inherit.  Jupiter in Scorpio can guide us towards a change of perspective, digging deeper to understand the greater meaning of who we are, and the elimination and purging of unhelpful attitudes. Acknowledging and handling our own innate power and wisdom  in a confident, persevering and nurturing way will bring upon us Jupiter’s blessings.

Jupiter is the planet of abundance, while Scorpio the sign associated with shared ownership, jointly held values and possessions. Especially, with next year’s entry of Uranus into Taurus -the sign ruling personal values, possessions and money – our current financial systems will experience a major shake-up. Meanwhile, new ways of ownership and wealth distribution are fast developing which are based on sharing information and extensive networking. Our beliefs concerning technology, ownership and work are in a major transition and a new paradigm is emerging fast!

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Good questions to ask oneself during this Jupiter in Scorpio period:
What do I really need? What are my deepest desirers? Do I have the courage and determination to stand for my deepest held beliefs? Is there an area where I can contribute to the transformation of socio-cultural beliefs, customs and habits? What is my relationship to the mysteries of life like? Do I believe in the synchronicity between inner experiences and outer events?

Famous people with Jupiter in Scorpio:
the Dalai Lama, Aleister Crowley, Alfred Hitchcock, Elton John, Prince William & Kate  Middleton , Melania Trump, Steven Spielberg, Tim Robbins, Britney Spears, Elvis Presley, Julian Assange, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Ronald Reagan, David Bowie