Astrology Consultation

Astrology Consultation

Astrology is a great tool for clarifying your life’s purpose and finding meaning in your current situation. It teaches a deeper understanding why we all operate differently, especially in times of transition or crisis.

Themes that are discussed during a session may include:
A 12-months forecast based on the current planetary movements
Life Direction and Career Path
Emotional Health & Healing
Family Patterns 


  • Personal Astrology Consultation (1.5 hours) $150
  • Relationship Astrology (comparing 2 charts ~ 2 hours)  $230
    Concession available for health card holders and returning clients
  • Personal Astrology  Consultation incl 1 Australian Bushflower Remedy $ 175
  • Bushflower Therapy (30 min including a 25 ml remedy and postage) $80

Consultations can be in person, by skype, zoom or phone.

phone 0457903957