As a Professional Astrologer, Counsellor and Bush flower Therapist , I offer one-to-one sessions and relationship consultations for partners (comparing 2 charts).  A natal chart contains information about your earliest imprints as well as the inner images that are already contained within your soul at birth. Understanding the energies operating inside you can help you manifest them in the most constructive and life-supporting ways possible.

Astrology is a great tool for clarifying your life’s purpose and finding meaning in your current situation. It teaches a deeper understanding and why we all operate differently, especially in times of transition or crisis.

Themes that are discussed during a session may include:
Life Direction and Career Path

Emotional Health & Healing
Family Patterns 

The session includes a12-months Forecast Reading based on the current planetary movements. This is helpful for anybody who likes to plan ahead by tuning into the cosmic cycles that pervade and shape our  lives. With its richness of metaphors, Astrology can help reflecting on options and recognising the choices that are available.

Sessions vary in content, from one client to another depending on individual needs. Every encounter is unique. A one-to-one consultation takes about 75 – 90 minutes and a relationship consultation for 2 people up to 2 hours. The fee is $ 130 for a single session or 210 for a relationship reading (comparing 2 charts).

This includes preparation time, charts and recordings.

Consultations can in be in person, by Skype or phone.