Forecast for 2017

Forecast for 2017

The Astrology of 2017
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The Saturn/Neptune square was the most important transit pattern in 2016 symbolising the dissolution process of inner and outer structures that had become too rigid and in conflict with our inner sense of spirituality. However, on the mundane level institutions and structures that gave people guidance, stability and a feeling of unity have also dissolved which caused distrust in the established ruling elite and ended in the call for a different kind of authority and control system. The trend towards a more xenophobic, intolerant and prejudiced mind set cannot be overemphasised (Saturn in Sagittarius) which coincided with the global refugee crisis and millions of people in need for help and support (Neptune in Pisces).

The Jupiter-Uranus-Pluto T-square

The deep transformative frequencies of the Uranus/Pluto square has dominated our evolutionary development for most of this decade. Since the end of 2016 a new astrological pattern has been building in the heavens above, a T-square between Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto (active until August 2017). The T-square will be peaking during the Full Moon on January 12, followed by another powerful period during February 21-April 2o. The seven exact squares between these two outer planets between 2012-2015 had the function to deeply break up and destroy outworn systems and structures so that the new paradigm can emerge out of the rubble. Nevertheless, the end of 2016 and the beginning of 2017 (until April) sees another activation of this ground breaking, at once destructive & regenerative energetic influence as Jupiter in Libra moves into position to form a square with Pluto and then weeks later an opposition with Uranus. Uranus in Aries demands individual space, freedom and the right to self-determination, while Pluto in Capricorn’s agenda has been to curtail exactly this. On a personal as well as collective level, we have been battling against the implementation of rules and regulations (Capricorn) that infringe on our personal autonomy (Aries) threatening to take away many liberties which we might have taken for granted until then. However, Uranus in Aries is legendary for brave and courageous, but on the downside also highly unpredictable individuals (e.g. Donald Trump) who plant the seeds of change (or chaos!) for future generations.

The Jupiter/Pluto Square: the Power of Beliefs

“The new shift in thinking is the gateway to human transformation. And because of the sheer number of people involved in this shift, and the growing magnitude of the crises that are driving us to change the way we think, we are standing on the threshold of human transformation at a level unlike anything ever before known on Earth”.Gregg Braden
Exact: Nov 25, 2016,
31 March 2017,
5 August, 2017
The 12 year Jupiter/Pluto cycle coincides with an overall increased recognition of the pressing need for change in addressing various collective problems and concerns. For example we know that we cannot continue with the exploitation and destruction of the environment, that our behaviour has to change. Waning squares are the result of a cycle, where re-orientation and revision of rules must take place. Jupiter is associated with our beliefs, but also our search for truth. Jupiter in Libra is concerned with relationships, contracts and agreements which are under review during 2017. On the other hand, Jupiter actively seeks to create alliances and partnerships to resolve the current crisis and works towards peaceful outcomes. During this process we are urged to remember that our beliefs are culturally and socially programmed and form our perception of the world, whereas our perception creates our reality: Energy follows thought! On a higher level the Jupiter/Pluto square coincides with the inner and outer transformation of our thoughts, feelings and attitudes, empowering us to co-create a more enlightened world (until October).
In Capricorn (2008 -2024) Pluto destroys and rebuilds structures & systems concerned with power and control, including the global financial system. Pluto is associated with our struggle for survival, including the riches & resources of planet Earth. With Jupiter squaring Pluto during 2017, we are asked to dig deep in our belief systems and confront those inner scripts to do with scarcity versus abundance, competition versus co-operation and fear versus trust.

The Jupiter/Uranus Opposition: the Awakening of Human Consciousness

“At our most elemental, we are not a chemical reaction, but an energetic charge. Human beings and all living things are a coalescence of energy in a field of energy connected to every other thing in the world. This pulsating energy field is the central engine of our being and our consciousness, the alpha and the omega of our existence”.Lynne McTaggart
Exact: Dec 27, 2016
March 3, 2017
Sept 28, 2017
The 14 year Jupiter/Uranus cycle has been described as the cycle of the awakening of human consciousness. It coincides with remarkable liberating breakthroughs and innovations, the extension of our mental horizons and powers of creativity as well as the furthering of our cultural & scientific evolution.
Each of the 3 Jupiter/Pluto squares follows a Jupiter/Uranus opposition. Once we assess our beliefs and deeper energies that run our lives, we can then embrace the liberating vibes of Uranus. The three opposition between Jupiter and Uranus promise the opening of new horizons and creativity on all levels. The configuration coincides with the emergence of new principles in the field of technology as well as the moral and ethical use of it. Jupiter deals with the moral side of the aspect whereas Uranus is futuristic and brilliant in its insights and inventiveness. This Jupiter/Uranus cycle began in June 2010 and connects us with the transformative processes in thoughts, behaviours and events that can be both highly unsettling and profoundly liberating. Uranus is associated with the Promethean spirit of liberation and rebellion, while Jupiter signifies growth, progress and expansion. In Libra Jupiter urges us to develop relationships that allow for connectedness as well as freedom. The more we can resist projecting expectations on ‘the other’ the more we can access the liberating dynamic of Jupiter and Uranus that is capable of taking us beyond previous limitations and barriers we had imposed upon ourselves. The challenge is to maintain commitment in relationship while also giving oneself the freedom and space necessary for nurturing one’s own needs.
Jupiter/Uranus will be active until October 2017 and can bring on the big break-through or break-down. Uranus reminds us that chaos is an essential phase in the evolutionary process when old structures have to break down before a new paradigm can emerge. The frequency must be turned up for the consciousness revolution to occur. Thus Jupiter/Uranus signifies the acceleration of the Higher mind & our intuitive wisdom. On the mundane level, this planetary opposition signifies the current schism and polarisation of various belief systems, religions and ethical codes. Any opposition indicates that something lost its balance and that a new one has to be created. It impels us to move from conflict to cooperation by shifting our way of thinking. Uranus can give us licence to walk an independent way. However, most importantly, we are awakening to the frequency of unity consciousness and can experience ourselves as part of a much greater union, the Web of Life itself.

The Saturn/Uranus Trine:
Bridging Innovation with Common Sense & Manifesting New Patterns of Thought and Behaviour
Exact: 25 Dec 2016
19 May 2017
11 Nov 2017
The god of chaos, limitless skies & and futuristic ideas (Uranus) meets with the god of time, restrictions and tradition (Saturn). Saturn and Uranus embody antithetical properties and have strongly polarised characteristics: Saturn embodies the positive agency of homeostasis and urges us to stay the same, to automatically correct any influence towards change, transformation, or upheaval. Saturn’s function is to maintain earthy, practical needs, even at the risk of calcification or depression. Uranus is the planetary energy which impels us toward change and acts as the inner agency for experimentation, growth, evolution and individuation. The current 45 year cycle started in 1988, when the former Soviet Union commenced its major restructuring towards a mixed economy and began its gradual collapse. This was the precursor for the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989 and the reordering of Europe & the entire world. The triple conjunction of Saturn/Uranus/Neptune in 1988/89 – 1993 coincided with the phenomenon of globalisation aided by the birth of the Internet. We are now experiencing the waning trine of the Saturn/Uranus cycle associated with the offering of new possibilities and constructive solutions for the challenges of the cardinal T-square. We might have a good chance during this year to manifest extraordinary creative ideas & replace old behaviours and thinking patterns with a new attitude towards life that bridges the past with a dawning future.

The Saturn/Chiron Square: Healing the Wounds of Patriarchy
Dec 29, 2016
1 May 2017
3 Nov 2017
Chiron, the planetoid discovered in 1977, has been named the archetypal healer & represents the journey of reclaiming the parts of our soul that have been wounded, split off and lost. Chiron urges us to become whole again through remembrance, acceptance and re-integration. In Pisces during 2011- 2018, Chiron opens our hearts and teaches us compassion with those who suffer incredible acts of injustices and atrocities. We have lost our trust in authorities (Saturn) , as they seem to be ineffective in keeping us safe (Chiron). Chiron in square with Saturn, reminds us of the need to heal the wounds of the father, the trans-generational wounds that run down the patriarchal lineage, the pain created through unbending authority, rigidity, lack of lovingness, and the belief in a divided and polarised world. In this sense, Chiron is the bridge between the past and the present, between the pain body and our spiritual destiny.
Venus Retrograde: Review of Contracts & Values
Venus will be retrograde during March 4 – April 14. Venus turns retrograde every 19 months; every 8 years we experience a Venus retrograde in the same area of the zodiac at generally the same time, as she is drawing the famous 5 pointed star or pentagram in her journey through the skies. During the Venus retrograde phase, Venus displays her ‘darker’ side; her nature shifts from seeking social harmony into a period of re-evaluation of established social norms and personal inner values. With Venus retrograding through Aries, we can expect rebellious confrontations and stormy emotions within our relationships. On a mundane level, contracts and alliances between different nations or parties could be re-examined or even abolished. Therefore, the entire Venus retrograde period can coincide with break-downs of partnerships and emotional separations, as we review our alliances, feelings of self-worth, personal needs and values during these 6 weeks. This Venus retrograde period coincides with Jupiter retrograde (Feb 6 – June 9) and could impact negatively on economics and finances, because the two beneficiaries of the cosmos are in slow motion. On the positive, Venus is the brightest planet in our sky, fuels our imagination and creativity. She is the force of creative intelligence and at each conjunction with the Sun (March 25) she becomes impregnated with a new seed of potentiality .

Eclipses & Moon Nodes 2017
Lunar Eclipse: 11 Feb 22deg Leo/Aqu
Solar Eclipse: 26 Feb 8 deg Pis
Lunar Eclipse: 7 August 15 deg Aqu/Leo
Solar Total Eclipse: 21 August 29 deg Leo
The 2 eclipse seasons of the year are in February and August; like always, life speeds up during these few weeks. It is not the best time for making important decisions, because of the shadow areas created during eclipses. The time frame is 2 weeks before and after an eclipse.

The Lunar Nodes shift into Leo/Aquarius on May 9 until Nov 7, 2018. The nodes signify our collective karma and evolutionary journey. Themes and issues will be in focus that have to do with the relationship of heart vs mind , self vs the collective, and the discovery of our interdependence with all life. Our collective learning for the following 18 months will be to ‘think with our heart and feel with our mind!’

Mercury retrogrades 2017

Dec 19, 2016 – Jan 7, 2017 15 deg Cap – 29 deg Sag
April 9 – May 2 5 deg Tau – 29 deg Aries
Aug 13 – Sept 4 11 deg Virgo – 28 deg Leo
Dec 3 – Dec 22 29 Sag – 13 Sag
The most potent Mercury retrograde period will be in August, as it coincides with the eclipses and the last Jupiter/Pluto square. The Solar Total Eclipse on August 21 falls on the 29th degree in Leo, the degree Mercury will station direct in early September. This is a potent degree as it coincides with the Fixed Star Regulus, the ‘heart of the lion’ or the ‘king’ who might be dethroned. On a personal level, unexpected events involving friends or groups of people might put pressure on our relationships. We might feel urged to make decisions without having the necessary information. It is essential not to act prematurely but remain centered in our heart energy (Leo).

Jupiter and Saturn changing signs
Jupiter and Saturn forming a helpful sextile until September 2017 supporting wise and open-minded solutions to the challenges of the Jupiter/Pluto square (until August 2017) and the Jupiter/Uranus opposition (until October 2017) . Then Jupiter will leave Libra, the sign of diplomacy, entering the more suspicious and less agreeable sign of Scorpio on October 11 (until November 9, 2018). Saturn moves into its own sign Capricorn on December 2o (until March 23, 2020). On the positive, Jupiter in Scorpio can transform destructive and intense energy into healing power, while Saturn in Capricorn is very ambitious, practical & down-to-earth. Saturn in Capricorn is the archetype of the patriarch, loves control and desires to have mastery over others. The test lies in using power positively and with integrity. Saturn will be approaching a conjunction with Pluto until early 2020, another planet associated with power. This could be the time frame of our collective transformation, our ‘purgative journey’ & ‘resurrection’ that brings about the emergence of a new paradigm & manifestation of a new world order in 2020. Let’s not forget, that 2017 is a very Uranian year, where lots is possible; this is the year where the awareness & processes take place that eventually will shift the collective mindset & deepen our understanding of a connected universe.
“We are never more than a belief away from our greatest love, deepest healing, and most profound miracles”.Gregg Bradden

Aries:. The energies of the cardinal T-square (until August) drive you into action. You could do too much or start too many projects at once. Those born April 9 – 18 might consider a change in their career path or life direction. Mars is in your Sun sign during January 29 – March 10; this and could be a good period for starting on a new course. The Saturn trine to your Sun is helpful with manifesting desired outcomes, especially when you show the necessary commitment and integrity. The Venus retrograde period March 3 – April 14 is well suited to re-evaluate plans, projects and re-negotiate partnerships. Be careful with arguments and conflicts during this period. On the other hand, this is a great year of favourable partnerships and opportunities that come to you through your dealings with others (until October 10).

Taurus: Your belief system or personal philosophy has been going through a considerable transformation and there are still adjustments to be made during 2017. This is a year where you can grow through your work and favourable working relationships. Your health might also improve during this year and there are opportunities for gathering renewed strength and vitality through wholistic healing programs. Moneywise, it is a good time to organise your finances even though financial obligations to others might feel especially burdensome now. Your confidence has grown, as you becoming very self-sufficient knowing that you have the power and are in control of your own life. There may be new business proposals on the way, especially from October 10 onwards. This is also the time when favourable opportunities start happening in your personal relationships (until November 2018). New projects are best started during March 10 – April 21.

Gemini: There is a neverending flow of ideas to tap into, which is great for initiating creative projects , especially until October 10. However, you need to find out if you and your partner(s) are supporting the same course of action. You are willing to compromise, but you also need to follow your heart. This could mean that you have to distance yourself from some cherished old beliefs, or even friends for that matter who are demanding too much of your time. Geminis born during June 11- 22 can expect some delays and challenges regarding their plans and projects; nevertheless, persistence will pay out and you will find that you are going through a very important maturation process.Those born early June might find it hard to make their mind up and can’t decide on a definite course of action.Sharpen your powers of judgement and make sure that all your actions are based on fact, not fiction.

Cancer: Expect the unexpected and get yourself ready for some important life changes. Your world around you is going through a transition and so are you. Your desire to be a free spirit is strong during this year and you certainly don’t like to follow orders. On the other hand, you will have to actively seek agreements and work together with others, especially those close to you. The start of the year might offer some great opportunities and you might feel assertive and confident enough to go for it. Working hard to manifest your dreams can bring great results during 2017, especially if you have a clear vision of what you like to do. Set your intentions right at the beginning of the year and plan your next steps. Opportunities to buy,sell, improve or move to a new home might present themselves until mid October, or there might be a new family member arriving.

Leo: This could be a fantastic year for you where your creativity experiences a great boost. New exciting people have been entering your life and your reputation as a leading figure within your community and beyond has grown. Your hard work, persistence and commitment is paying off now, especially if you have hung in there and dealt with any inner and outer blockages and set-backs. Educational and communication opportunities could present themselves until mid October. There might be a chance to travel, which could come up quite unexpectedly, providing you with unusual, eye-opening experiences. The people that you meet during this cycle tend to stir you into new ways of thinking. Those who are born during August 19 – 23 might complete a 19-year cycle and enter a totally new one around their birthday. The period from January 28 – March 10 is great for new initiatives, while March 11 – April 22 could be more stressful.

Virgo: This is not a time where you can depend on outside support other than your own earnings or income. However, your opportunities for financial gains through your own efforts is great until mid October. Therefore, believe in your own power to get things the way you would like them to be. It is important that you develop some practical plans and stay grounded in the here and now. Your compassion for others is great; you like to be of service and share your vision of the future. This an important year for doing serious inner work, such as exploring your roots and the beliefs that you have inherited, including your earliest programming. Through unexpected circumstances things could be shaken up a little urging you to re-formulate your values and views on life. The start of the year might be a bit more difficult and you could be involved in some kind of dispute. While the best time for new activities is March 11 – April 22.

Libra: This is a very fortunate year for Librans, at least until October 11, when Jupiter moves from Libra into Scorpio. Until then you should have lots of opportunities for growth and expansion of your creative activities. Exciting new alliances and partnerships might present themselves, if you are willing to follow them up and make them work for you. Your social skills will be of great help and give you the tools to guide things towards the direction you would like them to go. Your belief in your own capabilities is growing as well, which helps with convincing others about your plans of action. Nevertheless, there are some unexpected twists and turns that you will have to deal with especially during Februry 21 until April 20. This includes the Venus retrograde phase where you must review some of your most important contracts. The period from beginning of August until the end of September can also bring some interesting changes to your plans. So, stay flexible and open-minded.

Scorpio: From May 9 through to Nov 7, 2018 your focus will be on finding a new balance between your career path and home life, or time spent fulfilling societal expectations and responsibilities versus time spent on addressing personal needs.You might be re-formulating your public image, the role you want to play in the world. Then, from October 11 (until November 2018) you will start a new 12-year cycle of personal growth and innovation. Until then you are in a phase of completing current obligations and duties and making space for the new you to emerge. You are in a very important process of transforming and re-writing those beliefs that hold you living in the past. So, spend some time evaluating your thoughts and feelings because this will be very beneficial for the new cycles that are going to begin later in the year. March 11- April 22 might be a time of conflict. Your contracts with others will be under review.

Sagittarius: Saturn, planet of limitations, challenges and maturity, continues his journey through your Sun sign until December 20. This is an important time for reassessing your life, taking responsiibility and building towards the future that you are envisionaging. Saturn forms a positive trine with innovation planet Uranus until November 2017. If you are born during Dec 12 – 22, you will benefit particularly from this great alignment and are empowered to combine traditional values with new pioneering ideas. Jupiter, ruling planet of Sagittarius, is supportive of creative endevours; if you are born during Dec 5 -22, you will find this influence helpful. If you are born during Dec 1- 5, you have a great vision but must clarify boundaries and make sure that your dreams are coordinated with reality. Shortcuts are not an option, when Saturn is around. The period from January 29 – March 11 could be a great time for new activities. Be aware that the Black Moon Lilith will be in your Sun sign during February 15- Nov 10, making you more reactive and less inclined to tolerate restrictions from others.

Capricorn: A totally new 29-year cycle starts for you next December (Dec 20), when Saturn, Capricorn’s ruler, moves into your Sun sign. Therefore, this year can be quite difficult as you might feel like withdrawing from a lot of your usual activities. It is a good idea to review your contracts with others, as they might change during this year. You will not always feel in control of what is going on around you, especially during the January Full Moon period (Jan 10-12) and from January 28 – March 10. On the other hand, you have the power to guide your life into the direction you would like it to go. Nevertheless, it is a year where you need to find a new balance between the values of the past and new innovative ways of being and doing. You even might consider moving to improve your carreer options. However, make sure that you have the right plan.

Aquarius: 2017 is a year where your perception on things can change instantly. This can be encouraged through travelling or meeting people from different cultural backgrounds. Life will speed up especially during January 28 – March 10. You will feel incined to take some risks and experiment with new possibilities. All in all, this can bring new financial and social opportunities, due to your fabulous networking abilities. The February 11 and August 7 Lunar Eclipses are in your Sun sign, indicating the possibilitiy of changes and shifts in your domestic life, maybe even a change of homes. If this is the case, it might come quite unexpectedly. If you are not already in a relationship, you might find the ‘partner of your dreams’. Those who are in a relationship already might deepen their bonds, grow a family, or start a business together (from May 9 until Nov 2018).

Pisces: 2017 should bring lots of opportunities for shared endevours. You could be at the height of your career where established ways of making money and innovative ideas have to be brought together.This is a good year to become serious about investing in your future on all levels. On the other hand, you also need to work through restricting circumstances and deal with life’s challenges. If you are born during Feb 28 – March 5, you are in a super-sensitive phase, filled with rich imagination and a wonderful intuition. This is great for all creative and social activities. If you are born during March 1o- 20, you are much more equipped to have good clear judgement about your plans and goals, especially if you are prepared to be patient and persistent. You might even consider a change in your life direction or career path following your bliss.
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