The Astrology of 2022: The Journey into the Unknown Continues

The Astrology of 2022: The Journey into the Unknown Continues

“The Jupiter-Neptune Conjunction:
Where do we go, how do we feel?”

art work by Gery Mews

Persephone and the Lunar Nodes:
Healing the Collective Shadow

The year starts with Venus being retrograde in Capricorn followed by Mercury turning retrograde on January 14th. Before we can rush into 2022 with new plans and incentives, we may join Persephone on her journey through the underworld and get in contact with our deeper self, the place of inner processing, review and reflection.  Venus will be direct again on January 29th while Mercury turns direct on February 4th. The Lunar nodes shift signs on January 18th, moving from the Gemini/Sagittarius axis to Taurus/Scorpio. The Nodes of fate and destiny are the portals to the otherworld, past and future. The South Node in Scorpio symbolises the place of trauma, which has accumulated over many generations. During the next 18 months, we are all destined to face our collective woundedness. Instead of unconsciously acting out and projecting onto others, we have the choice to engage in real healing work. The Taurus North Node indicates that pain can be healed through remaining grounded in the here and now, by planting a garden, being in the body and aligning with the Earth. The Nodes will remain in these signs until July 2023.

Pluto moves through the last degrees of Capricorn

The conjunction between Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn on January 12th, 2020 changed the course of our collective and personal lives. It correlated with the start of the pandemic and it also was the peak of the Black Summer bush fires in Australia. The big reset button was pressed. The discussion whether it has been done by intent (pandemic) or if it happened by accident has been contentious and divisive

Pluto is now moving through the last degrees of Capricorn until March 2023 when the Lord of the underworld enters the next sign Aquarius for the first time since 1797. Pluto is crisis and empowerment. It symbolises the shivaitic principle of death and rebirth. Pluto destroys what is not working anymore and rebuilds by tapping into new possibilities. Pluto has to do with finality and the struggle to bring the collective shadow to light. The Lord of the Underworld has been traversing though Capricorn since 2008. During this entire period, we have been witnessing the destruction and re-modelling of long-standing societal institution including universities, schools and hospitals. Global wealth has vastly moved to large corporations owned by a small elite while overall the surveillance and policing of the masses has gone rampant. This process has accelerated since 2020 and is not over yet; it will continue during 2022. Venus in Capricorn is retrograde until January 29th signaling a time of re-evaluation. Our relationships including our attitude to values, money and possessions is under review: questioning if the way we spend our money and time supports our true goals, values, and humanity.

Jupiter as the only outer planet changing signs during 2022

Jupiter re-entered Pisces on December 29th, 2021 and will ingress into Aries on May 11th.  Jupiter in sensitive Pisces signals a time of inner journeying. The Great Protector of the solar system assists with healing the inner chaos before he enters fiery Aries. This shift from the last sign of the zodiac to the first sign presents elements of the old making way for the new and gives incentive to move forward versus only dreaming about it, especially after the inner work has been finalised. When visionary Jupiter travels through pioneering Aries we might feel the impulse to deal with the crisis in a new way, searching for fresh possibilities and opportunities. Jupiter in Aries encourages the authentic self in us, the desire to be master of our own destiny, take risks and embrace the future with new eyes and energy. Under Jupiter in Aries innovations and entrepreneurship may flourish as more people want to become their own master.  Jupiter will be in Pisces again during October 29th until December 21st and then continues his journey through Aries until May 17th ,2023.

The Jupiter- Neptune Conjunction in Pisces on April 12th :
new hope and optimism versus inflated expectations

 The Jupiter-Neptune conjunction occurs every 13 years usually moving from one sign to the next. The last time Jupiter and Neptune met was in 2009 but hasn’t been in Pisces since 1856. Jupiter and Neptune are both well placed in Pisces. Jupiter enhances the otherworldliness of Neptune when aligning in the watery realms of this mystical and mysterious sign. This is good news for artistic projects that thrive on imagination and inspiration as new trends in creative expression are stimulated. Jupiter and Neptune aim for unity and peaceful exchange, dissolve boundaries and inspire humanitarian values. On the downside, these energies can create inflated expectations and paint a too rosy picture. In political terms, the Jupiter – Neptune conjunction tends “to bring a swing to the left with democratic, socialist or even revolutionary tendencies” (Andre Barbault) and is also associated with times of inflation. Jupiter and Neptune tend to bring major flooding that especially impacts people living in coastal areas. In summary, this conjunction will be a subtle influence through most of 2022, softening the edges and bringing new hope and optimism.

The Saturn – Uranus square is lingering on
through the 2nd half of the year

The most important outer planetary configuration during 2021 was the waning Saturn-Uranus square. It had its last exact alignment on December 23rd. Even though they will not meet anymore during 2022 on the exact degree, they will remain close enough for their influence to be felt, especially during January and again September/October/November. Their core theme is the irreconcilable tension that exist between the human urge for freedom and the rights of the individual (Uranus) versus the constraints, control and demands that society puts onto us (Saturn in Aquarius). This has been manifesting and expressing itself in the ongoing discussion on how to deal with the pandemic, the many lockdowns and vaccination policies that have created the mental stress, anxieties and divisions of the last 12 months. We can expect another wave of the same influence starting most likely in August when Uranus will be conjunct Mars in Taurus and the North Node while forming a square with Saturn in Aquarius. Saturn will bring the reality check regarding any new incentives that started earlier in the year. Jupiter will be retrograde from the end of July until the end of November initiating a time of review and reconsideration of rules or newly introduced laws. Their legitimacy might be questioned by those with open minds.  Travel could be a problem again. Many astrologers believe that the pandemic and issues related to it will finally shift when Saturn enters Pisces and Pluto enters Aquarius in March 2023.


Mars Retrograde in Gemini brings uncertainty
and communication meltdowns at the end of the year

Mars, the warrior planet turns retrograde every 2nd year and then spends about 6-7 months in a sign instead of 6 weeks. Mars enters Gemini on August 21st,will remain in the sign of the twins until the 26th of March 2023, and will be retrograde from October 29th until January 12th,2023. Mars in Gemini is by nature restless and keeping grounded will be an issue. The retrograde phase is historically an intense time and one can imagine that the red planet will trigger a lot of mental stress, anxiety, communication meltdowns and accidents. It is easy to get into power struggles with those who are in authoritative roles and want to control others. In general, Mars is the principle of action and energy, but when retrograde, it depletes vitality and is frustrating when initiating new projects. Similar to Mercury retrograde, it is a period for reviewing and correcting plans and incentives. However, with Mars we will also review how we manage anger and conflict in our interaction with others. During this time, our approach to conflict, assertiveness and taking action requires rethinking, regrouping and reintegrating. We may be required to draw on our strengths and assert ourselves in some area where we have been too reserved, cautious or inexperienced and might need to find new ways to become empowered. Above all, Mars retrograde is a time when we need to align with our higher purpose, acknowledge our inner warrior energy and have the courage to stand up for our ideals. The danger exists that we can waste our time and energy with endless rhetoric that is devoid of any real action.

Aries and Aries Rising: The year starts with a sense of moving forward and initiating new projects. The pioneer within you is revived and you like to leap ahead. Your will to achieve is especially strong during February until mid-April. There could be a tendency of taking on too much and overstretching your resources. Plan for times of review and evaluation so that you can be assured to stay on the right course. Benefic Jupiter journeys through your sun sign from May 11 until October 29th and again from December 20th until May 2023 starting a new chapter in your life by updating and expanding your vision for the future. Nevertheless, stay connected with your intuition and pay attention to that inner voice in the background. Keep your accounts and energy levels in balance to be better prepared when your newly started incentives undergo a period of review from the end of July until the end of the year. Mars will be retrograde from October 29th until January 12th 2023 initiating a period of retracing your steps. Avoid being drawn into conflicts or power games with others as communication can prove difficult. Observe your own reactions, curb impulsiveness or spontaneously acting out to avoid accidents and injuries. From December 20th onwards you will find new purpose again and your journey into the future can continue.

Taurus and Taurus Rising: This is another year of change for you and change doesn’t comes easy when you cherish certainty and stability. There are two eclipse seasons, May – June and October – November. These are times of heightened activities. While new projects and incentives can start in the first half of the year when your energy level is high, be aware that the second half might prove more difficult. This is a year of new beginnings and endings; new beginnings are possible when you can release what has outgrown your own growth process. February might be the best month for new activities and moving forward with your personal agenda. During March – May the focus shifts towards social responsibilities that could interfere with fulfilling your own needs. Your career might become more stressful during this period. That is why some caring friends can ease the pain and burden. You might look back to this time as a major turning point in your life where your value system and attitude towards life underwent a major shift.

You might want to break free during July – August which could open a new way of earning a living later on. Before this can materialize you need to undergo another period of testing during September/October. Instead of throwing out the baby with the bath water, evaluate what is worth keeping and what needs to go. A new chapter will finally open in 2023.

Gemini and Gemini Rising: Some long forgotten relationship issues need addressing during January. Nothing less than a journey into the psychological underworld and a meeting with the ‘dark twin’ may be required. While facing and acknowledging what has been denied you can start healing and moving forward. This inward journey of contemplation provokes a process of changing habits and releasing old patterns so that you are refreshed and ready for envisaging a new life direction during March – July. New opportunities can open especially from May onwards that will bring you in contact with networks of like-minded souls who are supportive of your projects.

It is essential to stay connected to your deep self all through this year as it will be easy to lose the ground under your feet once Mars starts his prolonged journey through Gemini from August 20th until the end of March 2023. This is a period of extreme restlessness where your nervous system is stretched to its limits. If you do not give yourself the needed rest, your energy level can be depleted especially from late October through to the end of the year possibly leading to illness and accidents. Use this period for reviewing priorities and reflect on how you deal with anger and disappointment. Once you are aligned with your true purpose you will know which path to follow, when to act and when to withdraw.

Cancer and Cancer Rising:  Personal relationships are under review during January and you may want to re-write contracts while working on a new balance.  Create space for fresh developments during 2022/23. February – April is the time for a vision quest where you imagine new frontiers while experiencing a phase of hope and optimism.  This is a good time for getting in touch with your long-term dreams and start working on their fulfillment. New doors can open during this year especially from mid-May until end-October and then again form December 20st until March 2023 when lucky Jupiter moves through your Solar 10th house. This could signal the start of a new chapter with a fresh perspective on life. Prepare the ground by adjusting, changing and shifting inner and outer boundaries and restrictions that are too limiting for your creative growth.

From the end of July onwards projects and new activities will be under review as you retrace your steps while making sure that you are on the right course. From the end of October until January 2023 unexpected obstacles may block your way forward and need to be dealt with. However, you might not have all the necessary information. Forcing things ahead might deplete your energy especially during October/November. Better to wait it out as the positive flow of energy starts moving again by the end of the year.

Leo and Leo Rising: A deep dive into your emotional and psychic reality will bring new insights and growth opportunities especially during the early parts of the year. You might hear the call to adventure from mid-May onwards. Wherever your journey takes you during the earlier parts of the year, you need to prepare for a return by the end of July, until you finally can continue with your adventure in late December.  New initiatives to do with travel, higher learning,  teaching  or even publishing your work are opening, especially if you are looking for them. On the other hand, you might have to review your vision for the future from late July all the way through to the end of November. This will prepare you for the growth process that take place in 2023.

Major endings and new beginnings have to do with your life-direction and greater goals in life. Portals can open unexpectedly during mid-April to the end of May while release and purging of old energetic patterns is especially powerful from mid-October until mid-November. Overall, some critical decisions might be necessary as you have to make choices between career, relationship demands and family goals. The challenge is to find a healthy balance between moving ahead with your worldly plans and the demands of your personal life.

Virgo and Virgo Rising: The vibes in the early part of the year will make you especially sensitive towards the demands of others. Your capacity for compassion, unconditional love and the wish to help is amplified. It could even be the case that you attract needy people. From mid-May until the end of October and then again from December 20th until March 2023 opportunities of growth come through tapping into hidden resources, your own and those of others. You may find that people who you supported before are returning the gift. Restrictions and limitations might have to do with the reality of your daily life and how well you can manage to maintain a healthy body-mind-soul equilibrium. Check your workload especially during March-April. You might feel driven to take on too much.

During the end of October until January 2023 you might experience a more competitive environment with too many big fishes in a small pond who are fighting for their territory and recognition. Try not to buy into conflict as communication is difficult during this period. Instead, use this time for reviewing and correcting plans. February is probably the best month for starting a new project and moving forward with your goals.

Libra and Libra Rising: Your work and daily routine can be very satisfying and inspiring during the first few months of the year. Dedication to detail may open a new perspective as your microcosmic vision is amplified. This can include some practical improvements to your health. Develop a daily routine that will enhance your well-being in years to come. Be careful with overindulging in sweet and fatty foods. From mid-May onwards until end-October and again from December 20th until March 2023 opportunities for growth come through your relationships with others. June is especially favorable for initiating new partnerships – personal or business that will undergo a period of review, evaluation and sorting out the details from end-July until the end of November.

The long visit of Mars in Gemini in your house of travel, studies and vision from July 20th until March 2023 will challenge and change your perspective. The task is to resolve details without getting lost in them. Knowing how to navigate in the general direction is the priority. From late October until January 2023 it is especially important to keep an open mind as one could easily be drawn into a battle of beliefs. Invest in projects that are close to your heart and are worth your while.

Scorpio and Scorpio Rising: Over the next 18 months you will leave much behind. It is truly a time of endings and new beginnings and sometimes it might feel as if fate is playing tricks on you. The good thing is that lessening the load will free time, space and energy for imagining new projects for the future. Your creative potential and energy is enhanced and you could branch out in new areas of creative expression. Your hobby could become your job during the later part of the year and especially also in 2023. Nevertheless, there are a few obstacles on the way which have to do with your domestic life and the many obligations to do with it.

There never seems to be enough time to do it all, which has sometimes a negative effect on your relationships. This is the area requiring more attention and positive input during 2022. March – April and July – August might be periods of testing how well your relationship is working. Unresolved relating issues will surface and need to be dealt with. Then again, the eclipses during the year are taking effect in Scorpio and Taurus. Mid-April – end-May and mid-October until mid-November are periods of heightened activity where sudden endings and new beginnings can eventuate. It is the time of shifting and changing!

Sagittarius and Sagittarius Rising: During the first part of 2022 you may want to make improvements to your existing home, making it more comfortable, or building an extension. If you want to move, this might be a good time. Seeing the big picture, is your forte, but during this period your perspective is expanded including your ability to be compassionate towards others, especially your family. This is especially the case if you work on your communication skills as this is your area of testing and learning until March 2023. It appears that 2022 is another year spent in your local environment, even though Sagittarius likes the far away and loves travelling, From mid-May until the end of July new business ventures are favoured, especially if they are of a creative nature. ‘Retrace your steps’ is the slogan for the later part of the year, especially from end- July until end-November while a more difficult relationship period might start by the end of October lasting until January 2023. Everybody seems to be more frustrated because of a general lack of progress which can cause interpersonal communication meltdown. Take it as a period of supporting others through their personal dilemmas, be generous in your heart instead of getting into conflict.

Capricorn and Capricorn Rising: The year starts with a time of reflection and review. Examine possibilities and prioritise what is really important to you.  During January, you can say goodbye to outdated values while freeing yourself from relating patterns that do not work. Instead, commit to partnerships that are authentic and honest. This is an inspiring period of learning and opening to new ideas and lasts until mid-May. Expand your horizons through education or training in new skills, broaden your interests. February is a great month where things are moving forward for you and your energy level is high. From mid-May until the end of October your desire to grow and expand might be focused on your home and family. If you haven’t already, put down roots and build on a secure foundation. This process will continue from December 20th  until May 2023.

Finances and limited resources might restrict how far you can expand. Financial scrutiny or lack of support from others for your plans is a theme of the year and might block some of your entrepreneurial activities. On the other hand, things might move into a new direction unexpectedly. Remain open for potential twist and turns. Your period of retracing steps starts in June and goes all the way to late October. Move with the flow and you will do well.

Aquarius and Aquarius Rising: This is the last year of Saturn transiting Aquarius. Review your personal values that make up your identity and examine if they support or block you from growing into a different, more fulfilling direction. With Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces conjoined until mid-May, the energies are shifting towards a more unifying, less restrictive perspective. March-April could signal an important turning point where fixed boundaries are dissolving. You might feel inspired to envisage a new path ahead imagining fresh possibilities.  This can be a great opportunity for releasing thoughts, attitudes and beliefs that are not fitting anymore and are preventing you from moving forward. Then, from mid-May, you might feel a shift as your mind will become more optimistic and open to new ideas which can help you to achieve whatever you want. It is a great time for expanding your horizons through education or training in new skills.

Your home-life will be in flux and a lot of your challenges are caused by having to create a balance between your home and your professional ambitions. The desire to break free from past conditioning and create the domestic life that you envisage might be especially accentuated during July-August. Appreciate the warmth and love that you receive from your personal relationships as unexpected events could clear the path for new developments.

Pisces and Pisces Rising: The conjoining of Jupiter and Neptune in their home sign provides many wonderful opportunities for Pisces during much of 2022. Until mid-May and again from the end of October until December 20th, you are starting a new 12-year cycle of personal growth and expansion. Imagine new possibilities in your creative expression including poetry, music, writing, photography and dancing. It signals a time of inner journeying and healing as your perspective on life becomes more unified and enriched with new meaning and purpose. Jupiter enters Aries on May 11 until the end of October signaling a time of increased abundance and activity. Put dreams into reality now and start reviewing them by the end of July.

The extended Mars cycle from the end of August until March 2023 might motivate you to get started with projects around the home. During the end of October until January 2023 a period of review and reflection could bring delays to your plans and goals which might frustrate your enthusiasm.  Accept that restrictions and boundaries are part of life and dreams will be tested on their validity. When you lose your flexibility and are too invested in your own agenda fueled by beliefs that are too idealistic, conflict can easily erupt during this period especially around domestic affairs.

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