Astro-Forecast for 2021: Venturing into the Unknown

Astro-Forecast for 2021: Venturing into the Unknown

“The Shaman”
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2020 has been a year of major significance as we experienced the endings and beginnings of several planetary cycles. We have witnessed the falling apart of an old order followed by a general uncertainty about the future and which direction to take. The grand finale of last year eventuated during the Solstice, December 21/22 when Jupiter and Saturn met on zero-degree Aquarius and cosmically marked the beginning of a new era. Their close alignment symbolises an opening and offers opportunity for change. 2021 is the time where we start the difficult process of integrating the best of the old with the evolving new. This development will last until 2025/6.

The Jupiter-Saturn Conjunction in Aquarius:
Taking off into a New Era
Jupiter entered Aquarius on December 19 and will remain in this sign until December 29, 2021. Jupiter will make a short visit into Pisces during May 23 until July 28. Saturn entered Aquarius on December 17 and will remain until March 2023. They met on the December solstice at zero-degree Aquarius to form their Grand Conjunction. Since ancient times, the Jupiter-Saturn cycle has been used to measure history and is associated with generational or even epoch-making social change. Even though Jupiter and Saturn align every 20 years, their conjunctions take place in the same element for about 200 years and then shift into the next element. The current Jupiter-Saturn conjunction has started a new cycle in air signs and completed a 200-year era of conjunctions in the earth element. Earth cycles are about manifesting power and resources to increase material security. Looking back over the last 2 centuries we can conclude that we have been successful in conquering the material world but our relationship to the earth has been destructive. The momentous shift from earth to air heralds a fundamental change in value systems since new streams of thought are entering our collective consciousness. Nonetheless, it takes some time before the positive qualities of this new cycle will become apparent and prevail. The last Grand Conjunctions in the air element corresponded with the birth of the Renaissance (from 1226 – 1405) and the development of humanistic principles. The current conjunction in Aquarius activates Aquarian themes for the next two decades or even centuries. To the Ancient Egyptians Aquarius the Water-bearer represented the vital spiritual powers that impregnate the world with electrifying ideas and futuristic visions. Another Aquarian archetype is the Greek Titan Prometheus who stole the fire (consciousness) from the gods to bring it to the people. However, he got punished for his brave and bold act. For every invention there is a price to pay. What we call ‘progress’ might have negative consequences for ourselves, humanity and the planet if we do things in a hurry. The conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius marks the final shift to the digital age, taking us away from the physical/material world into the virtual. Data and ideas are the new gold. The question is who is directing this radical shift and to whose advantage? Knowing the facts and then envisaging new solutions to deal with the current multifaceted crisis will be ever more important. We might experience both expansion (Jupiter) and contraction (Saturn) as we find our way into a changed world. For example, while in the past we may have valued our freedom by travelling the earth to please ourselves, we now shift to zoom or skype (air) as ways for connecting with those far away. In Aquarius Saturn reviews the past to find practices that improve the present while Jupiter imagines future possibilities. 2021 is a good time for visionary explorations and conversations about what kind of world we want to live in and what kind of society we want to be.

 The Saturn – Uranus Square 2021 – 2022: Freedom or Repression?
The Saturn – Uranus square is the other important outer planet alignment during 2021. Saturn will square Uranus exactly on February 18th, June 15th and December 24th.  Saturn and Uranus are very opposing principles. Their alignments can create a lot of tension, such as the tension that exist between authority and rebellion, order and freedom, structure and chaos. Important societal and economic questions are raised when these forces align. How far are we willing to trade our personal liberties (Uranus) for more control and safety regulations (Saturn)?  When are innovation and breakthroughs in science and technology serving humanity and when not?  Which principles and boundaries are better to be left alone? On the positive, these are good times to break with old habits and patterns that have become too limiting and are no longer serving us. Often something from the outside is forcing us into a new direction (such as corona virus).

Hard aspects between Saturn and Uranus have also been correlated with economic downturns and recessions. Additionally, it indicates a turning point for our free-market economy and liberal values that underpin our consumer society. For example, the powerful tech giants (Uranus) such as Google, Facebook and Amazon are controlling and monopolising a huge part of the market and have set an end to the doctrine of’ free economic competition’. Nevertheless, top-down control and sophisticated systems of surveillance (Saturn) are likely to fail because it goes against the flow of change and the incoming egalitarian energies associated with the air age that we have just entered. Leadership and change will come from below, the people and their communities. The current 45-year Saturn-Uranus cycle started in 1988, just months before the fall of the Berlin Wall, the disintegration of the USSR but also the Tiananmen Square Massacre. “Nothing is as powerful as an idea whose time has come!”  Victor Hugo

January/February 2021:
the Search for New Impulses and the Call for Change
The Saturn-Uranus square is in its waning phase of the cycle and sets free a crisis in consciousness. It indicates that something very fundamental needs changing. Conflicts are to be expected until the new order has emerged (most likely in 2025/6). During January 2021, the red planet Mars activates the Saturn-Uranus square adding hot emotions to the mix. Mars enters Taurus on January 7 squaring Saturn on January 13, then conjoins with Uranus on January 20/21 and squares Jupiter on January 23! These Mars aspects heat up the overall climate. The square with Saturn triggers frustrations when things do not move as expected, while the conjunctions with Uranus represents the potential eruption of anger and rage against too many restrictions and control from above. The Saturn – Uranus square will be exact for the 1st time on February 18.

Another outer planetary alignment is the square aspect that Jupiter forms with Uranus. It will be exact on January 17/18. This alignment defines the beginning of 2021 and symbolises our collective search for a new worldview. Guiding themes are needed that are convincing and powerful enough to release the old modes of thinking. Jupiter in Aquarius believes in a fairer society, is interested in large social projects and reform and activates interests in topics of global concern such as climate change. However, Jupiter is in a square aspect with Uranus and expands the revolutionary energies of the cosmic rebel. January might witness dramatic break-throughs and quantum leaps but also the exposure of double standards and outmoded beliefs that lead to vast protests and clashes with authorities.

Aries: New opportunities in 2021 will come through people and friends who share your ideals, new or old, while at the same time you might want to weed out social associations that have lost their purpose. You could even feel inspired to create your own group or circle of like-minded souls! The task is to remain open to new possibilities especially the way abundance can flow into your life. January 13-21 might raise questions around your practical security as you feel like having to choose between the past or the future. Break-throughs are possible if you can rise to the challenge.

Taurus: 2021 brings opportunities for growth in your life direction or career path as you start a new chapter in your life. It is crucial to review what you have been building over the last years because an in-depth evaluation of your achievements offers you guidance of where you stand and where you want to go. What you do and the roles that you take on need to align with your personal evolution. Being true to yourself means releasing other people’s expectations. Conflicts with a figure of authority is possible during January 13 – 21 because you might feel a strong urge to walk your own independent path.

Gemini: 2021 can be a door opener if you commit to a vision of the future that is in alignment with your personal growth potential. Vision made practical is the keynote. What kind of future are you working towards, and why? The urge to travel the world might need to be lived in a new way as travel restrictions continue. This might push you to grow spiritually into a new direction and beyond existing limitations. Ideas that have been regarded as impossible can be included into your expanding worldview. However, have the stamina to follow-through and turn your visions into reality!

Cancer: If you have endured life changing events during the last year or years, you are now at the point of deepening and integrating these experiences. 2021 brings you opportunities for personal growth and better understanding of yourself and others. Money issues are also asking for your attention. Your efforts to repay debt might help form a new business partnership and open a new channel of abundance. Reassess priorities because what you once wanted so dearly might have changed and directed you onto a new path. The period between mid-January to the end of February might bring more clarification in these matters.

Leo: New opportunities in 2021 will come through your relationships as you are getting ready for a new chapter in your life. A positive mindset is helpful in finding common ground in your dealings with others and provides the foundation for stable partnerships. Likewise, it is also a year for clarifying communications with others, even the likelihood of having to end partnerships and contracts that have outgrown your life’s goals. Especially from mid-January until the end of February you will feel a need to embrace the unknown releasing those expectations that block your creativity and expression of individuality.

Virgo: 2021 is important for your personal well-being. Taking better care of yourself will help with regaining strength to deal with the many challenges of everyday living. These are good times to break with old habits that are no longer serving you. Avoid rich food and try to have sufficient rest. Reduce stressful activities. This is an excellent time for starting new regimens to better your health. Changing some of your core beliefs can provide you with an expanded worldview and new freedom. During mid-May until the end of July relationships, personal or professional, can open new possibilities and new avenues of growth.

Libra: 2021 could be your year on the stage of fame where you can give freely as an inspirer or educator. Your destiny is guiding you towards contributing something special to your community. Creative projects are likely to do well if you are willing to put in the hard work. An in-depth evaluation of your talents and contemplation of what makes you happy assists with formulating your new vision. This might also require the integration of some shadow parts because they may contain your greatest treasures! These periods of emotional renewal and cleansing can free the life force and enhance your creative expression.

Scorpio: 2021 opens a new chapter around your home, family and domestic life.  In the year ahead, it is more essential than ever that your home feels like a sacred space. Visons of renovation, relocation or buying real estate can be manifested as you have the stamina and determination to pull through with your plans. During mid-January until the end of February unresolved family issues that have been lingering in the background might suddenly surface asking for your immediate attention. They might contribute to conflicts in your current relationships. You might feel as if you have sacrificed too much of yourself for the well-being of others. Consider open discussions and a re-designing of your contracts to find a peaceful solution.

Sagittarius: During 2021 you can make a quantum leap towards fulfilling your dreams. You have the vision and persistence to accomplish what felt impossible before if you combine vision with structure and practicality. New impulses might come through your relationships with others who want to teach you something. Remain open to learning or vice versa you could help someone else transform their life. Either way, conscious interpersonal communication combined with wise planning is the path to success. It also requires a change in your daily routine and habits. Space needs to be created by setting priorities and re-negotiating contracts.

Capricorn: During 2021 themes around values, self-worth, money and your financial foundation is in the spotlight. A new vision is emerging which needs persistence and determination to be put into reality. Whatever you are intending to do, plan your steps wisely. During mid-January until the end of February you might feel caught between the past and the future, the old and the new. This is a good moment to work on beliefs that are limiting you. Creative blocks can now be released to generate new opportunities. Luck is on your side if you believe in yourself and your abilities.

Aquarius: 2021 could be your personal watershed year.  Let the journey of reinventing yourself begin! Explore new frontiers and envisage new possibilities; build on your vision constructively. You are birthing the new you. Take your dreams seriously and they will become reality. Nevertheless, the challenge is to create the necessary space and freedom to move. This might be achieved through changes in the home environment. During January and February, you could be on a mission to tackle unfinished projects around the home. If you considering moving during 2021, this is a good time to do so.

Pisces: During 2021 opportunities for growth come through healing the past and your connection with spirit. Aligning with what is and maintaining an attitude of acceptance gives strength and calmness to you and those around you. It is a time where releasing the old to make space for the new is the most important step for future developments and can be extremely liberating. During mid-May until the end of July you will experience a sense of expansion. You might try something new and start growing into a new direction. This new cycle of growth will be boosted during the first half of 2022.

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