Astro-Forecast for 2018

Astro-Forecast for 2018

The Astrology of 2018:

Manifesting a New Reality


“Vortex” by Gery Mews

Astrology teaches us about cycles and cyclic living. Each time an outer planet changes signs we examine the shifts that are taking place in the collective as well as in our personal lives. Each planet represents a universal principle or force that correlates with specific patterns of human behaviour and activities. In short, we are influences by the same cosmic building forces  as the planets and that is why the patterns formed by the planetary bodies in the heavens during their cycles correspond with our affairs here on Earth in a meaningful way.

Saturn in Capricorn:

Time of Restructuring, Austerity and Crisis

December 20 , 2017 – March 23, 2020

Probably the most important planetary shift for the next 2 ½ – 3 years is Saturn’s entry into Capricorn, the sign of its rulership on December 20. Saturn’s orbit around the Sun takes about 28 – 30 years. As the mythic  ‘Lord of Karma’ and ‘Dweller on the Threshold’ Saturn represents ‘the shadow’. On a personal level, the ‘shadow’ relates to long-term suppressed emotions created through fear, lack of trust, ignorance etc or accumulated karmic residue that  must be processed and healed before we are free to ascend into the ‘new paradigm’. At this stage we collectively & personally must take responsibility for the mess that we have created on this planet. When Saturn crosses the cosmic Midheaven or zero degree Capricorn, he starts his 7 year journey through the 3 last signs of the zodiac, which are also known as the transpersonal or collective signs of Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces. The Saturn in Capricorn period is followed by the Saturn in Aquarius period (March 2020 – March 2023) and the Saturn in Pisces period (March 2023 – May 2025). During the start of this 7-year phase, we reap the rewards of the last Saturn in Capricorn cycle which started in 1988/89. The challenge is to consolidate all the gathered experiences into a workable form and deal with the consequences!
Saturn’s journey through the last 3 zodiacal signs has been compared by Astrologer Erin Sullivan with ‘the call to adventure’ in the hero’s round, the moment of crisis where we begin our journey towards the unknown, when we are asked to alter our perspective and must let go of old models to make room for new alternatives.  On a collective level it marks a momentous turning point that ultimately alters the course of history through the introduction of fundamental changes. It coincides with times of crisis , austerity and collapse that eventually lead to the emergence of a new paradigm.

The re-structuring of the world as we  know it started already in 2008, when Pluto, the archetypal force of destruction and transformation, entered Capricorn. It coincided with the Global Financial Crisis, because Capricorn rules financial institutions, governments and big business. Pluto, the mystic Lord of the Underworld,  is the archetypal force that first destroys  and the  re-builds whatever it touches. Now, Saturn is transiting the same area which Pluto has done since 2008, re-activating and consolidating Pluto’s work of deconstruction with the purpose to get to the true essence of things. Then during 2012 – 2015, 7 exact squares between the astrological outer planets and power houses  Pluto and Uranus followed. They created the energetic signature and underlying base note of these turbulent times; their long-lasting square formation will remain within 10º of orb until 2020. This influential and prevailing planetary constellation activated  8 – 15 degrees of the cardinal signs, specifically of Capricorn and Aries. Whenever other planets link in and come into this zap zone of energy activation and transformation , we experience another hit of high voltage energy that drives forward  our collective evolution. We then are impelled to transform unsustainable and unsatisfying ways of living, working, and relating, as well as the underlying misperceptions which maintain them. We are reminded that we are in the driver seat, that we have more power than we realize, and that with power comes responsibility.
During the end of March and beginning of April, Saturn will journey through this zap zone in conjunction with Mars, the planet symbolising energy and drive but also competition and war. This could be the most difficult and dangerous period of the year, as the Sun will be in fiery Aries, which is the sign of the warrior and ruled by Mars, while Mercury retrogrades through Aries activating the zap zone three times during the weeks from early March to the beginning of May. During the entire Saturn in Capricorn transit, we have to face reality as it is, without wearing any rose-colored glasses and wiping over fundamental failures in the structures that form our shared reality. Governments have to increasingly face their weaknesses but might compensate with more control and violence, while systems that are out of control need to be brought in line. Areas that are especially affected will be finance and banking, corporate power & big business, age care etc. Events over the next 2 years will culminate when Saturn conjoins Pluto in January 2020 at 23 degree Capricorn. We definitely have to get to the essence of things until then and start the process of re-structuring and re-building. Saturn and Pluto together demand that we re-organise our  priorities, set realistic goals, prepare carefully, have endurance & curb past excesses. And we will need a lot of patience and discipline to do Saturn’s work. Then, on 22 December, 2020, Saturn will enter 0 degree Aquarius and conjoin with Jupiter, planet of vision. This moment in time will mark the final shift into a new epoch. However, until then we have to do a lot of purging, releasing and healing!

Jupiter in Scorpio:

Journey into the Depth
11 October 2017 – 9 November 2018

Scorpio is a water sign, intense and passionate, connecting us with our innermost desires and feelings.  Jupiter expands everything it touches and our focus over the next 12 months will be on depth exploration of our emotional worlds. Wherever Scorpio lives in our personal chart, is the area where we can grow the most, by exposing old wounds, clearing them of their toxins so that they finally can be healed. Jupiter in this powerful water sign adds determination and perseverance to work through any obstacles that might occur in the pursuit of our  desired goals. We might find the treasure hidden in the darkness, if we dig deep enough. On the other hand, since Jupiter has entered Scorpio lots of dark secrets have been exposed shining light into murky areas of our collective culture.

Uranus in Taurus:

Earth Changes, Economy & a New Reality
May 15, 2018 – November 8, 2025 (back in Aries Nov 7, 2018 – March 6, 2019)

Interestingly, Saturn and Uranus both shift from Fire to Earth, from the world of inspiration and vision down to the realm of manifestation. The Uranus transit through Taurus takes place while Saturn is moving through the last quadrant of the zodiac, both dancing to a 7 year pattern within their cycles. Uranus takes 84 years to move once around the Sun, remaining about seven years in each sign, while Saturn shifts into another quadrant of the zodiac and crosses an angle every 7 years. These ‘guys’ do have a connection, they equally need and despise each other. Uranus is the god of change and revolution, while Saturn stands for the status quo. Uranus opposes the key Saturn principles of authority and tradition, upsets the rules and breaks the mould.  However, their dynamic interplay is an essential part of our personal and collective evolutionary journey. One force challenges and awakens us, drives us forward towards an unknown future (Uranus), while the other one attempts to delay, consolidate and integrate, while building on past experiences (Saturn).
The Uranus principle is associated with freedom and independence as well as technological and scientific breakthroughs and quantum leaps. Uranus disrupts and revolutionises every sign that it enters. This is not an easy quest in Taurus, the sign that thrives on stability and dislikes change (fixed earth).  Taurus has rulership over the economy, Mother Earth, the land, food and food production, agriculture and cattle. Taurus is also the sign of money and banks, ruling resources and possessions. The value and meaning of money could alter during this 7 year transit dramatically: whatever has been the “norm” of central banks over the past 84 years is vulnerable to revolutionary change. This could also have a huge impact on all currencies and the banking system in general. “The banking rules/laws will change as Uranus will be in Taurus, and especially after Saturn enters Aquarius after March 22, 2020, square to one another. Money could take on a new form, and be used for purposes we cannot conceive of today.” The Merriman Market Analyst.
Besides changes to the banking system we can expect changes to the way food is produced and distributed; Farmers markets will be flourishing even more. The trend towards a sharing economy has already started while Uranus was in Aries and will gain further popularity until it manifests as part of our common culture over the next few years. These kind of changes will affect the way how we trade services, how we do things on a day-to-day basis and thus reforms our lives from the inside out.
On another level, strange weather patterns will increase including volcanic activities, tsunamis and earthquakes. Uranus was last in Taurus 1934 -42, the time of the Great depression, the collapse of economies & inflation of currencies,  WW2, and the rise of fascism. Australia experienced immigration waves from a divided Europe.

Chiron in Aries:

Healing with the Mind
17 Apr 2018 – 14 Apr 2026
(back in Pisces Sep 25,2018 –  Feb 18, 2019)

“The power of mass intention may ultimately be the force that shifts the tide toward repair and renewal of the planet….. The power of an intention multiplies, depending upon how many people are thinking the same thought at the same time”. Lynne McTaggert

Science can prove by now that our thoughts and intentions help shape the world around us and that the state of our consciousness affects matter. “We need to realize that we are observers and creators, and in every moment that we are observing our world, we’re constantly remaking it at every instant, and that we have to understand too that every last thought we have, every judgment we hold, is having an effect whether it’s conscious or not. Of course, the most important thing of all is to be aware of what we are thinking and to realize it has an effect on the world around us” Lynne McTaggert.
Chiron’s entry into Aries will bring about a shift in the healing paradigm. During Chiron’s journey through Pisces ( 2011 – 2018) the  emphasis was on the mind-body connection & the role that emotions play in healing, because body is not separate from soul. With Chiron’s entry into Aries, healing modalities will focus more on energetic thought transmission and re-wiring the brain.  In medical astrology Aries relates to the head, the psyche-brain connection & the stress response. Making our thoughts conscious through mindfulness training and using intention in a positive way will become more widely promoted as effective healing methods. We will learn about energy healing & clearing blocks in our energy fields in order to bring our lives into balance and maintain health, harmony and vitality.

Aries is the sign of attack and defence and represents the principle of assertive energy on all levels. Many health problems are the result of unexpressed rage or anger  because the body’s way of adaption to stress is illness. Chiron’s transit through this fiery sign will bring back into our consciousness the theme of managing anger and rage in a constructive way. In the chart he indicates our core wound that we have brought with us as well as  the process of coming to terms with our soul’s journey in a body that is vulnerable. Individuals who have Chiron in Aries in their natal chart (born between April  1968- March 1977) may carry within themselves the image of the wounded warrior. They are aware of their desire for achievement and need to assert themselves, but often they do not know how to make use of their innate potential. They may not act according to their abilities because they fear the consequences they might have to face. They will experience their Chiron return within the next 8 years (around age 50). Chiron’s healing journey would then include an invitation of being more spontaneous and learning to stand up for oneself without hurting others. Additional issues might be related to dealing with frustration, boundary invasions  &  abuse. Chiron carries a gift that can help others to heal and grow; however, more often than not Chiron cannot use his gift for himself, or only with difficulties, which then can cause feelings of defeat and self-doubts. Acceptance and humility is the key to integrating our Chirotic quest, which ultimately leads to our spiritual freedom.

Mars Retrograde:

Energy Re-set
26 June – 27 August

Mars is retrograde for about 9-10 weeks every 2 years. Mars is the principle of action and energy, but when retrograde, it depletes vitality and is frustrating in regards to initiating new projects. Similar to Mercury retrograde, it is a period for reviewing and correcting plans & incentives. However, with Mars we also will review the way we handle anger and conflict in our relationships with others. This is the period when we can get in contact with the Divine Masculine, a transcendence phase of our passions, drive, desire & ambitions. Mars retrogrades from 28 degree Capricorn back to 9 degree Aquarius. This portion in our birth chart is intensified during these 9 weeks. We might want to act on something but the timing is not right. Patience is the key.

Venus Retrograde:

Review in Relationships
October 5 – November 16

Venus goes retrograde every 18 months. During the 6-week retrograde phase we can get in contact with the Divine Feminine, the way we value & take care of ourselves as well as the way we relate to others. Retrograde energy tends to dig up the past in order to end unfinished business. This can definitely be a time where people enter our life for karmic work. We might be forced dealing with our own shadow. The energy of Venus is two-fold: while she symbolizes how we connect with others, each relationship has everything to do with what we value and our projections onto others.  While Venus is retrograding back from 10 degree Scorpio to 25 degree Libra we will be dealing with relationship and trust issues. Money and the handling of joint resources might also be under review. Venus retrograde in Scorpio (October 5 – 30) demands that we dig deep and focus on what our true values and desires are, while Venus retrograde through Libra (October 31 – Nov 16)  will be a period of re-balancing.

Mercury Retrogrades in Fire signs

The 3 retrograde periods will be in fire signs after having been in earth during 2016. Fire likes to burn and can cause a lot of damage if it goes wild and out of control. The 1st Mercury retrograde period will be from March 23 – April 15 in Aries, activating the Uranus/Pluto square zap zone from 2012 – 2016 and coinciding with the Mars/Saturn conjunction in Capricorn. This will be a highly unstable time of the year, where events can come to a head. Lets keep this in mind and try not to plan too many activities during this period. There might be no good outcome, especially when action is based on impulse. The 2 following Mercury retrograde periods are in Leo, July 26 – Aug 18 and Sagittarius/Scorpio during 17 Nov – Dec 6.


31 Jan: Lunar Total Eclipse at 11 deg 37 Leo/Aqu

15 Feb: Solar Partial Eclipse at 27 Aqu

13 July: Solar Partial Eclipse at 20 Can 41

27 July: Lunar Total Eclipse at 4 deg 45 Aqu/Leo

11 Aug: Solar Partial Eclipse at 18 Leo 42

Eclipses, which are powerful New Moons (solar eclipse) and powerful Full Moons (lunar eclipse),  eventuate, when there is an alignment between Sun, Moon and Earth, which happens twice a year. The Solar Partial Eclipse on Feburary 15 in the late degrees of Aquarius  is the exact opposite of the Solar Total Eclipse which took place last August and was visible in most of the United States. Eclipses are game changers and whatever was started around that time might be  finalized now or has another dimension added to it. It is a good idea not to have too many plans while an eclipse is active because  important information might be missing or blocked out, leaving  us ‘in the dark’ and unable to make good decisions. We have to wait until things become clearer again. The Solar Partial Eclipse on August 11 in Leo might be the most important eclipse of the year. It passes over Northern Europe, Russia, China and North Korea. This is important to keep in mind, because the paths of eclipses will indicate areas on our planet that will be influenced by the events. The path of the February eclipse goes from Antarctica to South America, indicating that there could be an increased interest in exploring or exploiting this part of the world.

Aries: 2018 is a year where thorough planning, patience and persistence with whatever you are doing will be rewarded. Make sure that you are on the right track because you could be tested. Especially those who are born during the end of March and beginning of April need to take extra care to get things right.  Opportunities come through shared projects with others. Investment in the right causes will pay out in the long run. The best time for starting a new project is during end of January until mid-March. Nevertheless, the Mercury retrograde period in your Sun sign that follows from March 23 – April 15 could bring challenges that you must deal with. Then again, watch your energy output during June 26 and August 27. This is less a time for action, instead reflect on your motivations and correct your plans accordingly.

Taurus: Especially Taureans  celebrating their birthdays  during April 21 – 25 have to expect the unexpected as the Uranus entry into Taurus during mid-May will start revolutionising your life. Change is unavoidable and important adjustments have to be made to allow for new core developments. Embrace the force of chaos because it is ultimately the energy behind creativity and is needed for breaking up old patterns!  You might find that you need more time for travel or education to fulfill your real purpose. Work on your beliefs and have faith in your personal journey of liberation which will take place over the next 7 – 8 years. Opportunities will come through your relationships with others. Therefore keep an open mind and allow yourself to be inspired.  June 26 and August 27  is a period suited  for reviewing your life direction. This is not a good time to start something new but for clarifying your true ambitions and exploring what you feel passionate about.

Gemini: The Saturn in Capricorn period will pose challenges in regards to your own growth pattern. There is a chance to finally heal ancestral family patterns, such as dealing with trans-generational fears of rejection and domination. Being more sensitive to power imbalances you might find yourself unwilling to compromise. A more disciplined and business like approach will help with sorting out your personal, financial and professional affairs. You should enjoy good health, especially until November, however, watch your sugar and fat intake. Too much indulgence might have a negative impact on your overall body-mind equilibrium. During June 26 – August 27 you might find yourself on a journey through the past. Use this period for reflecting on what motivates you. Review your beliefs and pay attention to your cultural conditioning. Maintain an open mind for new inspirations.

Cancer: Saturn will be spending almost 3 years in your relationship sector (December 2017- 2020). Your willingness to commit will be tested and you might be asked to carry more responsibility. If a relationship is not working, this is the time that you could decide to separate. Lessons in appropriate relating  will guide you towards reflecting on your own needs and if they find fulfillment. Careful with projecting your ‘stuff’ onto others. Instead learn to detach and focus on developing your own creativity. New friends might enter your life from mid-May onwards helping you to transcend your social conditioning and expand your vision of what could be possible if you allow yourself more freedom. You may feel that it is better to be single temporarily than to get trapped in  relationships that are difficult to disengage yourself from.

Leo : The North Lunar Node is in your sun sign until November providing you with a guiding light to live your purpose. Give yourself permission to be the person you always wanted to be and ascertain what is truly important for your own individual exploration beyond cultural expectations and conditioning. Especially during June 26 – August 27, you must observe your own projections and inner conflicts because they will be mirrored by those who you are going to attract into your life. Disruptions in your life direction and career path are possible from mid-May onwards, especially if you have not been following your calling. Saturn is travelling through your health sector for the next 2 ½ – 3 years. Your daily habits will be tested reminding you of their consequences.  Motivate yourself to get in the best shape possible for your age and circumstances. Saturn will help with discipline and determination to replace troublesome patterns with good ones.

Virgo: The next few years mark a period in your life where you are able to turn your hobbies into your new career path. This may require some shadow work to get to your true potential. Especially until August,  you might find yourself acting in a more self -centered way and rebelling against your self-imposed role to be of service to others. Too many restrictions and duties are holding you back and you are searching for new impulses. These will enter your life from mid-May onwards. So, strengthen your connection with your intuition and be open for new inspirational ideas. Your best time for starting a new project is from mid-April to mid-May.  Health issues might occur or re-occur during mid-May until the end of August. Make sure that you are true to yourself in whatever you are doing because your body might react in a psycho-somatic way. After all, you are meant to have some fun and leisure during this year!

Libra: The Saturn in Capricorn period (Dec 2017 – 2020) directs your focus towards home, family and your deepest inner needs. Are you happy where you are living? Do you feel like remodeling your house? It is possible that you are  thinking of a new future laying ahead of you as you are becoming more conscious of the limitation that you have to deal with in the present moment. If this is the case have a plan, be realistic and less romantic. This is not a good time for getting into debts.  Your attitude towards values and those you share with others is going through a transformation. It is you who is in the position of increasing  wealth, while it is less likely to get more financial support from your partner. If you are not happy with your life, start changing it now. Mars makes a prolonged transit through your house of creativity, children and fun, activating your desire to explore your vast creative potential (mid-May until mid- November).

Scorpio: While Saturn in Capricorn is transiting through your Solar third house of communication, the written and spoken word becomes increasingly important (Dec 2017 – 2020).  Observe your language and be accurate and respectful in your expression. Avoid words that hurt others. Until November, this is a great year for exploring new parts of your identity and starting a new cycle in your evolutionary journey. However, know your limits, think things through and consider all the repercussions before you take action. On the other hand, your one-to-one relationships are going through significant changes. Don’t resist it nor try to control it. You easily could make yourself some enemies where there was friendship or tolerance before.  Getting the foundations right will be the most important achievement. During  June 26 – August 27 you will become aware of any loopholes and areas that need improvement. Be willing to patiently rework it if need be. This is also a period where you must avoid conflicts with others.

Sagittarius:  The second house of money and values is the sector of your chart that Saturn in Capricorn transits from late 2017 – 2020. This cycle is about getting real in regards to forming a solid economic structure in your life that provides you with a feeling of stability. Establish  what is most dear to you and then you know what you can and can’t accept. Master you innate talents and personal resources to create the abundance in your life which you have been longing for.  Near the end of this year, from November 9 until December 3, 2019 Jupiter, your ruling planet and bringer of good fortune will be journeying through your Sun sign. Then a new cycle of growth will begin. So, make 2018 the year where you master the energy of Saturn in Capricorn to your advantage by becoming more realistic and less grandiose, more contained, focused & patient and less restless & expansive. It is a time for spiritual renewal and exploration of the depth where you can rid yourself of detrimental attitudes and heal old fears.

Capricorn: Saturn has arrived in your sign where it remains until 2020. This is huge, because Saturn is your ruling planet. The world is falling to pieces, and yet you have to be the rock others can rely on, when life starts getting stormy. In many ways you will be asked to put on a brave face and persist when things do not go that well. You must take on the responsibility and be prepared to do the hard work. Best not to take on any new projects before having completed what you have already started. Those Capricornians who are born during January 9  – 17 are heading towards probably the most significant and powerful period in their lives over the next 2 years. Therefore, prioritize and focus on what is most important for you

to fulfill your purpose. This may demand that you make some changes to align you to your authentic self and not the person you felt you were supposed to be.

Aquarius : This is a significant year for you where you can work towards new goals and when you may reap the rewards of your efforts. Nevertheless, there are extra demands put on you and you must remain realistic about the level of physical energy available to you. You will need more time for yourself to recharge your batteries. From May 17 – August 14 and again from September 12 – November 16, Mars will be in your Sun sign. Normally, this is a great transit for renewed energy and starting new projects. However, Mars will be retrograde from June 26 – August 27, meaning that this phase is for reviewing and re-evaluating anything to do with your source of motivation, ambition and passion. Don’t act prematurely, because the timing is not right yet. Patience is the key, otherwise you run in danger of depleting your vitality. Best time for you to start something fresh is when Mars moves direct again (Sept 12). New developments are especially supported after October 9.


Pisces: The Saturn in Capricorn transit  (Dec 2017 – 2020) does its restructuring task in your house of friendships, groups and organisations. Some friends might move out of your life as priorities change and shift. On the other hand, the friends that you have attracted mirror you own stage of personal growth and might challenge your self-imposed limitations. Jupiter is in its ruling house for you until November 9 and increases the chances of travelling. This is also a great time for further education or meeting a teacher. Sow the seeds now for harvesting later.  Be courageous to venture out and learn something new about yourself; you could enter a new level of depth and potentiality. During mid-May and Mid-August you may feel especially idealistic. This period is best used for artistic, humanitarian and spiritual projects. However, be aware that your boundaries might be quite blurry and you could be easily deceived. Therefore, during 2018, keep your feet firmly planted on the ground and your head  in the clouds!

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