Monthly Astro-forecasts

Monthly Astro-forecasts

Astro-forecast for February 2020

“Aqua Vitae”
artworks by Gery Mews

The occurrences of the past month have deeply changed the lives of many people. Astrologically, it correlates with a rare Saturn/Pluto conjunction in Capricorn combined with a powerful Lunar Eclipse on January 11/12; it was followed by a  New Moon in Aquarius on January 25. Collectively we are experiencing the ending of an entire era preceding a new beginning that will remain the leading theme for the rest of the year. However, in  order to face the future, and start working sensibly and creatively with the ‘New Normal’ we have to draw from our past. Our accomplished successes and advancements as well as our failures and shortcoming have to be equally assessed. Aquarian power of thought, which differs from the mainstream and supersedes set boundaries and limitations, can help with gaining  fresh knowledge and innovative insights on how the decisions of the past still impact our current lives. At best, Aquarians are progressive thinkers who can make brave, optimistic choices in a spirit of community motivated by a vision of a better and fairer world. The image for Aquarius is the Waterbearer who pours the waters of life (inspiration) onto Earth. On the downside they might live too much in the head and are too detached from other people’s reality. It is a fixed sign and Aquarius can stubbornly insist on his/her view being the only valid one! They achieve balance when they integrate the heart-felt passion and warmth from the opposite sign Leo. Leo is the sign of leadership and helps to ground Aquarian ideas by generating sufficient emotional energy for earthing a worthwhile cause.

The Full Moon, which peaks on February 9 at Leo-Aquarius, highlights where we dare to be different and express our authentic self but also remember we are all part of a larger whole. Small shifts can result in large-scale effects; everybody’s contribution plays a part in humanity’s evolution. The Leo Moon invites us to shine our light and live our truth while the spiritual task of Aquarius is the attainment of unity in diversity, where everyone’s uniqueness is honoured and included.  Leo amplifies the cosmic call to think, relate, and act from the heart. The Full Moon makes a supportive trine to outspoken Mars in Sagittarius indicating that we can rise to a challenge if we feel motivated and inspired. Venus, the planet of love and cosmic relationship factor,  enters Aries – another fire sign – on February 8, just hours before the Full Moon.  She conjoins Chiron and the Black Moon Lilith, both in Aries, activating themes around closeness versus distance and vulnerability versus trust. How can we maintain our personal space without fearing rejection? Early relationship wounds can be brought to awareness, integrated and healed. On the other hand, sparks can fly to clean the air because Venus in Aries in combination with Lilith is less willing to compromise for the sake of  keeping the peace. Lilith can activate hidden rage, but also the courage to make the changes we always wanted to do.

All planets are in forward motion until February 17 when Mercury turns retrograde (until March 10). We are supported in moving forward with our plans, ideas and projects until then.  While retrograde, Mercury invites us to listen to our intuition and investigate what has been buried or overlooked during the past weeks and months. Retrograde periods are associated with setbacks and delays, but are necessary slowdowns giving us time to reflect, repair, and revision. They encourage us to complete unfinished business, and eliminate what is preventing us from reaching our goals.

The New Moon on February 24 in early Pisces forms a supportive sextile with Mars in Capricorn conjoining the South Node. This New Moon falls not only in the last sign of the zodiac but also during a Mercury retrograde period, also in Pisces. Instead of forming intentions and plans for the future, the energy of the moment is much more subdued and directed towards examining our subconscious motivation and suppressed desires, making sure that our ambitions are based on something meaningful. Mars in Capricorn acts responsibly but can be dominating when feeling threatened. Mars forms an exact square with Chiron and Lilith, indicating a call for equality in relationships as issues of power imbalance have to be addressed.

Aries: Mars continues journeying through adventurous Sagittarius until mid-February when he enters Capricorn the day  before Mercury goes retrograde. Use the Mercury retrograde period for completing unfinished projects and re-envisioning your future steps. Venus enters Aries on February 8 (until March 6) activating your need for personal space and autonomy.  

Taurus:  This is the time of the year where you are receiving the rewards and results of your activities from the last 9 months. Us the Mercury retrograde phase (February 17 – March 10) to reflect on what has worked well and which parts need changing. Think out of the square, question set boundaries and limits and orientate yourself towards a renewed vision for the future.

Gemini: Use the Mercury retrograde phase from February 17 until March 10 to take care of old business and finish the jobs you started. There may be communication problems especially concerning your career path and life direction. Use this period to consider whether you are on track with your goals and plans for the future. You can make the necessary changes once Mercury moves direct again.

Cancer: There are things that need to be brought to an end and now the time has arrived when you can do this more easily. There is support by the cosmos to review old attachments. Use the Mercury retrograde period (Feb 17 – March 10) to re-examine your beliefs about the world, your morals and ethics. Maybe it is time for formulating a new code that you might want to live by.

Leo: Relationships with others are either more challenging or liberating during this period. The Full Moon in your Sun sign on February 9 highlights  the Leonine need for creative expression and shining your light. Use the Mercury retrograde period (Feb 17 – March 10) for finding  out if you are getting and/or giving your fair share in a relationships.

Virgo: Issues of work, service and health are emphasised during this period. A job might end or a new one may begin. Whatever the case, there is a necessity for re-organising your daily life and routine. Use the Mercury retrograde period (February 17 – March 10) for re-negotiation of your written and unwritten contracts with others. 

Libra: The Mercury retrograde period (February 17 – March 10) is useful for re-organising your workspace. You might need to make adjustments to your daily routine as things might not work out as planned.  Retrograde periods are associated with slowdowns giving you extra time to reflect, repair, and revision. This is a good period for attending to the needs of body, mind and soul.

Scorpio: Your home-life is going through an important process of liberation and transformation. It is a good moment in time to create space for new developments and let go of ideas which have become too fixed. Use the Mercury retrograde period (February 17 – March 10) for seeking out new inspiration. Withdraw, recapture, play for a while and replenish.

Sagittarius: This is a great moment in time for starting a new course of learning or teaching others your special field of expertise. In any case you need to find outlets for communicating  and sharing your ideas. Use the Mercury retrograde period (February 17 – March 10) for re-examining beliefs that you  inherited from your family and for removing stagnant energy from your home environment, especially if you feel stuck in a rut!

Capricorn: Mars enters your Sun sign mid-month and will remain until March 30. This is a long period of extra energy at your disposal. Proceed with care  and use the Mercury retrograde period (Feb 17 – March 10) for improving your communication with others. Create some quiet time to gain clarity for the path ahead.

Aquarius: As an independent thinker you have the ability to network information and ideas. Your non-conformist attitudes might challenge others but can be put to good use when taking the right approach. Use the Mercury retrograde period (Feb 17 – March 10) for taking a look at what you hold dear and what you really value in life. This is your inner guide speaking!

Pisces: This is the end and beginning of your yearly solar cycle. Therefore, use the Mercury retrograde period (February 17 – March 10) for completing unfinished projects and taking stock of the last 12 months. Release what has lost its meaning and keep what has proven its value. What part of yourself that you haven’t allowed to come out before would you like to express?

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