Monthly Astro-forecasts

Monthly Astro-forecasts

Astro-forecast March 2017

Pisces is the last sign in the zodiac and marks the end of the cycle. In many ways Pisces is associated with the urge of fusing the physical and spiritual realms signifying the soul’s struggle with the imperfections of the material plane. For many Pisceans, the choice seems to be either saving others through self-sacrifice and service or suffering the consequences of escapist tendencies. Pisceans can dream big dreams, but might easily be discouraged. Being a water sign makes it difficult to define boundaries, since water is formless and can take on any shape or colour of its environment. Thus, they are like psychic sponges that absorb – mainly unconsciously- the moods and vibes of those around them. On a lighter note, the Piscean individual has a vivid imagination and can excel at dance, acting, music and many other forms of creative self-expression. Equally, many of them are gifted healers or dedicated health and welfare workers. Chiron, the mythic wounded healer, and Neptune, planet of dreams, imagination and empathy are still in Pisces (Chiron 2011 – 2018 & Neptune 2012 – 2025) emphasising the theme of collective suffering invoking compassion on a grand scale.

The Jupiter/Uranus/Pluto T-square, forming since November 2016 and dominating our collective as well as personal lives until August/September, peaks again during March.  Uranus is the liberator from old patterns and awakens us through spontaneous insights that often emanate from chaotic circumstances.  Pluto signifies the collective and personal ‘shadow’ of the unconscious, our deeply buried instincts for survival combined with the desire for power and control. Jupiter stands for our perception that is based on our core beliefs. How we see the world depends on our conscious, and even more, unconscious beliefs that are culturally and socially conditioned. Nevertheless, the Jupiter principle of growth, progress and spiritual development remains very active during most of this year.  Jupiter has a shadow side as well; over-inflation, self-aggrandisation, disregard of boundaries and populism are all traits of an ill-directed Jupiter.  Right now, Jupiter is retrograding through Libra until June 9 initiating a period where we can gain deeper insights into our beliefs & values that form our current worldview, especially when he opposes Uranus exactly on March 3 and squares Pluto on March 31. We are in the process of a major socio-cultural paradigm shift: many of our old shared values seem to have lost their relevance, while new ones have not emerged yet out of the mass consciousness.  For example, the meaning of ‘democracy’ has been put to the tests and shaken at its roots many times during these last months by governments and their leaders alike.

Venus will be retrograde from March 4 until April 14. During the Venus retrograde phase, the planet associated with beauty, values and possessions, displays her ‘darker’ side. Venus is retrograding through fiery Aries and we can expect some stormy times in our relationships. On a mundane level, contracts and alliances between different nations or parties could be re-examined or even abolished. Therefore, the entire Venus retrograde period can coincide with the break-down of partnerships and emotional separations, as we review our alliances, feelings of self-worth, personal needs and values during these 6 weeks. This Venus retrograde period coincides with Jupiter retrograde (Feb 6 – June 9) and could impact negatively on economics and finances, because the two beneficiaries of the cosmos are in slow motion.

The Full Moon on March 13 in Virgo opposes the Sun/Chiron conjunction in Pisces and makes a stressful square to Saturn. The days March 13 – 18 could be an emotionally testing time, where we might feel pulled between trying to make rational decisions versus having trust in our own intuitive wisdom. This is a potent moment in time, when unhelpful value judgements can be dissolved leading to a greater integration & self-acceptance. March 20 is the day of our Autumn Equinox (Southern Hemisphere), when the Sun crosses the threshold into Aries, the sign of pioneering activities and new enterprise. It marks an important turning point as we move from the end of the cycle (Pisces) to a new beginning in Aries. The hours before the equinox are best used for emptying out, releasing, and creating that special inner space, where new information can flow in and be received.

Aries: The Venus retrograde phase March 4 – April 14 is well suited to re-evaluate plans, projects and re-negotiate partnerships, but be careful with getting drawn into arguments and conflicts. Instead, spend time alone for introspection. Resist projecting your expectations onto others and focus on your own goals. This is a great period for re-viewing your personal style of self-expression being creative about your personal image and appearance.

Taurus: Relationship and money issues can be confusing during this period. Final decisions in these matters are best not made before the end of the Venus retrograde period because you might miss out on important information (March 4 – April 14). On the other hand, Mars, planet of action, journeys through your Sun sign during March 11 – April 22; it provides you with a lot of physical energy and the incentive to start new projects. Do the best job possible and gather your support.

Gemini: Matters involving your life direction and career path are at the center of your attention during this period; you will attract attention in some way. Change is in the air and there might be a need to review your goals. Some might have come to fruition and others might need to be re-written. This can also involve written and unwritten contracts with friends or groups that you are part of.

Cancer: This could be an interesting period for you where things, or people, at a distance will become important, or you may even consider traveling for pleasure or work purposes. Pay special attention to your standing in the community and public image; refine your artistic expression and work on your personal & professional mission statement. Others will take notice now

Leo: This is a time of endings so that new things can take their place in the future.  Make sure that you have the resources and support for manifesting your dreams and visions. Do you get the resonance for your projects that you were hoping for? Your vision could be bigger than your reality is allowing for. Nevertheless, things start moving again from mid-April onwards; remain open-minded and in the meantime work on broadening your perspective.

Virgo: Relationships are under review at the moment. You might form or discontinue a serious relationship. Unresolved issues will pop up for you to look at and heal. Is there something missing that used to make you happy, something you left behind that was essentially important to your heart, not so much to your head?   Revisit the places and people who used to make you feel happy and try to find a new balance between the old and the new, the past and the future.

Libra: Health and work require some attention at the moment, including changes to diet or daily habits. This is also a time when you will be reviewing, changing or strengthening your relationships and contracts with others. Don’t be surprised if you are less inclined to please and instead request more independence for yourself. Complacency or taking a low profile doesn’t work for you during the Venus retrograde period (March 4 – April 14).

Scorpio: During this period, you might feel like spending more time on recreation, play and creative self-expression. This helps with re-channelling some of the pressure that you might feel in your partnerships. When a difference arises, it is best to settle it quickly instead of sweeping matters under the carpet. Reflect on what nourishes and is healthy for your body, mind and soul. This includes people and your relationships, especially if you feel that you are not getting the attention that you need. Ask for what you truly want.

Sagittarius: Your home is important during this period and you could be involved in a major or minor home improvement or home repair project; or there may be a change of residence. Venus retrograde (March 4 – April 14) activates your creative imagination, urging you to find appropriate channels of self-expression. The problem is that you could disperse your energy into too many different directions. Therefore, try to be disciplined and focused.

Capricorn: This is busy time and your mind could easily go into overdrive. Therefore, balance time spent on mental activities with physical actions. On the other hand, this is a great networking time for you; you might review or strengthen contacts with your brothers and sisters and revisit early childhood themes. Discern what you could let go now so that you can move on to a more authentic way of relating.

Aquarius: Financial and material matters require your attention during this period. You might even feel inclined to make important purchases. However, it is best to re-examine your values and priorities first. Venus, the planet associated with money and material matters, is retrograde from March 4 – April 14, initiating a period of review concerning our values and contracts; generally it is not regarded as a great time for investments. You could consider slowing down a bit allowing extra time for sorting out your many brilliant ideas, while re-defining your priorities.

Pisces: Pisceans born during February 22 and March 4 might experience a very powerful period of endings and new beginnings activated by the February 26/7 Solar eclipse. Something important in your life is ready for completion, or needs to go to the next level. What has come full cycle for you since February 26, 1998? Consider what was important six months ago, when there was a solar eclipse opposite this one on September 1 in Virgo. Think back what happened then, what ended and newly started around that period. This can give you guidelines for the events now and how to travel with them.

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