Monthly Astro-forecasts

Monthly Astro-forecasts

Astro-forecast for February 2019

“Phoenix Rising”
artworks by Gery Mews

All planets are in forward motion until March 5 when Mercury turns retrograde. We are supported in moving forward with our plans, ideas and projects until then. The New Moon on February 5 is in Aquarius.  Aquarius energy is revolutionary, egalitarian, eccentric and intuitive  but can also be aloof and emotionally disconnected. The latter is important because Aquarius, being an air sign, tries to gain an objective view of a situation to then form their own opinion about something or someone.  In general, Aquarians are progressive thinkers who can make brave, optimistic choices in a spirit of community motivated by a vision of a better and fairer world. On the downside they might live too much in the head and are too detached from ‘normal’ reality. This is why Aquarius needs the heart-felt passion and warmth from the opposite sign Leo. Leo is the sign of leadership and helps to ground Aquarian ideas by generating sufficient emotional energy for earthing a worthwhile cause.

The New Moon on February 5 is conjunct Mercury and the Black Moon Lilith. The Black Moon Lilith in Aquarius is the archetypal enemy of conformity and  the voice of those who are regarded as troublemakers by mainstream conventions because they stand up for their rights and beliefs. On a different level, the Black Moon, not a planet but a potent point in the Moon’s orbit around the Earth, can be seen  as a remnant of the ancient lunar consciousness and nature’s cyclic movement of waxing and waning: after times of growth and abundance times of contraction and austerity will follow. A deeper evaluation of what has been suppressed and put into the ‘too uncomfortable’ basket is needed now. Then doors can open for developments that overstep old taboos and challenge established structures and traditions. It is the spiritual task of Aquarius to create space for the seeding of fresh ideas! Mars in Aries makes a square aspect to Pluto (exact Feb 2) and conjoins Uranus, the modern ruler of Aquarius on February 14 before entering Taurus on February 15 . These days can be quite explosive and upsetting but also might trigger a breakthrough into a new direction.

Like every year, this New Moon symbolises the start of the Chinese New Year and the year of the Earth Pig. The pig is the last in the animal cycle and can signify endings. It denotes a time when we have to choose between either living within our means while taking good care of the  Earth and its riches, or indulging ourselves by consuming the resources that are meant for securing our and our children’s future.

Chiron, the mythic healer, teacher and mentor of many ancient Greek heroes re-enters Aries on February 19 and will remain until April 2026. During this 7-year period new healing modalities will change the way we deal with illness and dis-ease. Various forms of energy, sound and telepathic healing will become more prominent and mainstream. Chiron’s transit through Aries will show us where our sense of self has been debilitated so that we can reconnect with our authentic nature. As a collective, we have to develop different strategies to deal with anger, conflict, the use of weapons and how to manage aggression in a non-destructive way. Aries rules the head, teeth and nose as well as the fight and flight response. Chiron’s gift to Aries is acting on what we know, confidently speaking out against injustices and empowering others to embrace their independence and authenticity. The challenge is to integrate our accumulated knowledge and wisdom into our day-to-day lives. Chiron’s message is to rise above these old  pains by searching for new meaning and understanding.

The Full Moon on February 20 is in Virgo opposite the Pisces Sun. We are reminded to balance our vision with practicality. Venus, the planetary energy symbolising our values, desires and how we relate to others is moving away from a restrictive meeting with Saturn and will conjoin with  Pluto on February 23. Venus in this position signifies the transformative power of love. It is a good moment in time to heal old wounds, unite  and renew our commitments  may it be to a cause, a person or a group; in any case it needs to be something  that has substance and depth.

Aries: Mars continues journeying through Aries until mid-February  and signifies a high energy time for you. Chiron’s entry into your Sun sign on February 19 and subsequent journey through Aries until 2026 might correlate with significant revelations regarding your own vulnerabilities. Acknowledging and accepting your “darker” side might bring healing followed by a new phase in your life.

Taurus:  This is the time of the year where you are receiving the rewards and results of your activities from the last 9 months. What has worked well and what parts need a different approach? Remain flexible, think out of the square, question your assumptions and orientate yourself towards a renewed vision for the future.

Gemini: This is a time where learning something new will help with shifting your perception to a different, more inclusive level. Encounters with others can be highly inspirational and could motivate you to explore your own beliefs that  influence the affairs of your daily life. It is a great moment in time for re-programming  outdated thinking patterns!

Cancer: There are things that need to be brought to an end and now the time has arrived when you can do this more easily. There is support by the cosmos to suddenly see old attachments that do not belong to you anymore. Take charge of your life and dare to move beyond your usual comfort zone.  If necessary change the role play in your relationships.

Leo: Relationships with others are either more challenging or liberating during this period, depending on how easily you can move with the current energies. Where do you need to break free and release fixed opinions or old feelings of frustration? How much you love and value yourself will be reflected in the words and actions of the person that you attract.

Virgo: Issues of work, service and health are emphasised during this period. A job might end or a new one may begin. Whatever the case, there is a necessity for re-organising your daily life and routines. The Full Moon on February 20 is in your Sun sign highlighting the need for balancing vision and practicality, the wishes of the mind with the requirements of  body and soul.

Libra: You have a need to express yourself through something creative or artistic. You will enjoy busy creative projects and mentally stimulating activities especially around or in the home. Find a balance between fun and duty, because your heart is yearning for more space to be you.

Scorpio: Your home-life is going through an important process of liberation and transformation. It is a good moment in time to create space for new developments and let go of ideas which have become too fixed. Think out of the square and allow yourself to be inspired.  Strengthen your innovative and creative self.

Sagittarius: This is a great moment in time for starting a new course of learning or teaching others your special field of expertise. In any case you need to find outlets for communicating  and sharing your inspirational ideas. This is your time of expanding your field of experience, knowledge and understanding so that you can increase your cultural and spiritual awareness.

Capricorn:  This is a good time for examining your personal values, talents and resources, as the current process of transformation can bring spontaneous  insights of what really matters to you. Prioritise and focus on what is most important and allow new ideas to fall on fertile ground. Listening to others and incorporating their values will help with achieving  successful outcomes.

Aquarius: As an independent thinker you have the ability to network information and ideas. On the other hand, your at times eccentric ideas and non-conformist attitudes might challenge others but can be put to good use when taking the right approach. This is a good moment in time to champion the cause of those who haven’t a voice and need your support.

Pisces: This is the end and beginning of your yearly solar cycle. Therefore, use the energy to complete unfinished projects and take stock of the last 12 months. Release what has lost its meaning and keep what has proven its value. Dream up a new vision for the next solar year.

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