Monthly Astro-forecasts

Monthly Astro-forecasts

Astro-forecast for August 2018


“Heart of the Sun”
artworks by Gery Mews

We are still in an eclipse season which climaxes on August 11 with a Solar Partial Eclipse in Leo which follows the total Lunar Eclipse from July 27/28. A Solar eclipse is a powerful New Moon. Events that fall  near eclipses take on increased importance and work out unexpectedly. So, let’s make space for surprises and transformative changes! An eclipse carries a message for the world; in Leo it points towards changes or crisis involving leaders or leadership in general. We are encouraged by the cosmos to live our authentic self and thus contribute to the world that we are co-creating.  Eclipses are energetic portals and new doors could open, preparing the way for life changing opportunities. There is a special intensity in the atmosphere, when eclipse energy is combined with Leo energy. Leo  is a fire sign and signifies passion, the expression of our personal truth, generosity and creativity. As an archetype it represents our desire to shine as  brightly as the Sun and follow our own destiny. This ‘double’ Leo/eclipse period offers a fantastic opportunity for re-connecting with our own essential being, our heart’s desire and exploring what is truly important to us. On the other hand, this can be a very emotionally charged and heated period during which it is essential to find creative outlets for this extra portion of fiery energy.

The current eclipse eventuates during a Mercury retrograde period (until August 19), correlating with a time of review, reflection and re-orientation especially regarding the direction of our lives, our purpose and self-actualisation (Leo). It is advisable to be observant, allowing the eclipse energy to settle  before making big steps. Notwithstanding, Mars is retrograde until August 27 providing another celestial imperative to move with caution and to think things through before taking action. Then we are well prepared to move ahead with our plans once Mars is back up to speed late August. The Leo eclipse is an invitation to move into our heart space and feel into our personal truth. What makes our heart ‘sing’ or ‘sink’? What gives joy and how can I cultivate happiness? It is also about developing confidence into one’s own strength while facing one’s fears and  nurturing resilience. When we are aligned, we can share our gifts with  the greater world, may it be our community, group or tribe.

Mars retrograde in future oriented Aquarius is in a stressful alignment with Uranus in Taurus, the planetary energy symbolising abrupt changes, rebellion and reform during August 1 -6. Then, Mars retrograde  is conjunct the Black Moon Lilith from August 7 – 14. These are all indicators that we are entering a period of inner restlessness and uncertainty, when unresolved issues from the past might suddenly emerge out of the dark, which is further stimulated by the current eclipse energy. We could also slip back into old patterns of behaviour (South Node) that don’t serve us. On the other hand, the Mars/Lilith/Uranus/South Node combination correlates with the humanitarian desire to fight injustice that is based on archaic privileges and assumptions of entitlement which are endemic to institutionalised structures and power positions. We might be empowered to clear stagnant energies by incorporating new approaches for dealing with old problems.

Aries: This is a period where  tapping into your deepest creative potential can bring amazing insights and a new direction for applying your energies. Connect with your heart’s desire, because  your heart is your personal GPS. Nevertheless, until late August you have to move with caution in following your plans.

Taurus: The transformative energies of the moment favour the ending of old attachments that have lost their meaning. Let go of  old ‘stuff’, may it be material, emotional or spiritual. Revive your home life and family relationships with fresh enthusiasm. From end August onwards it will be easier to follow through with your plans.

Gemini: Maintaining a flexible attitude is the key for embracing and integrating new information.  This could be a good time for entering a new study course which ultimately will transform the way  you perceive the world. This is also a important period to review and refocus your deeper motivations.

Cancer: Self-worth and security issues might be on your mind, as well as coming to terms with the fact that nothing is solid or permanent in this world. This could be a quest of having faith in yourself while focusing on what is essential, lasting and true. You might have to re-negotiate your contracts with others to achieve better outcomes.

Leo: You are on a journey of discovering the ‘new you’! Think out of the square, acknowledge your inner drive to live according to your heart’s desire.  Acknowledge the ‘other’ as the mirror of your soul and your unlived potential. If you find that your daily routines are holding you back, re-view, re-assess and put down a new work schedule.

Virgo: Your dreams might provide important clues about your soul’s needs and wishes. Surrender what you cannot control and trust that all will work out without you interfering and trying to micro-manage the details of your live. If you experience a set-back in your creative projects, re-focus and find a way to re-kindle your enthusiasm.

Libra: Explore you own creative potential and contribute to the world by recognising your role as co-creator. Connect with your authentic core instead of trying to please others. You might have to review how you have been handling your assertiveness in your home environment.

Scorpio: Align your inner reality with your outer role in the world. Being noticed for who you are is essential but simultaneously can strengthen old fears of being exposed. Believing in yourself and trusting in your innate resourcefulness is the key to success. On the other hand, you might want to rethink and re-organise your current projects.

Sagittarius: Be open to new information which has the power to expand the walls of your perception. Examine your beliefs and observe old ways of thinking. Let them go and replace them with fresh insights that further your self-confidence. You might also review the way how you handle your resources and plans.

Capricorn: The alchemical processes of the moment allows for transformation, the shedding of what is not essential in order to discover what is lasting and true. There is the potential of healing ancestral themes if you embrace this journey into the inner dimensions. This is a good period for re-assessing your personal initiatives and motivation.

Aquarius: Reflect on your agreements with others. Relationships that are solid and satisfying will be strengthened, while partnerships that have outlived their time may end. Feel inspired to grow and evolve. Feeling fulfilled and valued is important to your spiritual development and  impacts positively on your general well-being.

Pisces: This is a great moment in time for changing habits and daily routines that have become too stagnant.  Establish a new balance between mind, body and spirit. Enrich your daily life with creative activities that make you feel happy and fulfilled. It is also a good period for re-assessing your greater goals and making the modifications that are needed before you can push on.

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