Monthly Astro-forecasts

Monthly Astro-forecasts

Astro-forecast for April 2019

“The Oscillation”
artworks by Gery Mews

The New Moon in Aries on April 5 is a great moment in time for initiating  something new. Aries is the archetype of emergence and new beginnings. It symbolises the energy of breaking new ground and birthing new forms in search for an individual identity. The Aries quest is to develop courage and start the journey into the unknown.  However, with Mercury, the messenger planet still in close proximity with Neptune, we might feel undecided about how to move forward or solve problems. It is essential to take time, consider all options and make a plan. The New Moon is also square Saturn, the nodal axis and Pluto, emphasising feelings of uncertainty.  The message is to deal with the past before embracing the future. Otherwise new impulses might get lost in old patterns and structures which then inhibits the development of real changes.

The lunar nodes shifted on the Cancer/Capricorn axis last November. With this nodal axis, our connection to family, ancestry, country and tribal roots is emphasised. The South Node in Capricorn shows us where our collective  lessons have to be learnt and  where we reorganise our relationship to tradition, authority and responsibility on a personal as well as collective level.  The task is to advance towards the transiting North Node in Cancer and honour the expression of feelings, care for others and respect the Earth as our mother. During the end of March until the end of June, the karmic South Node conjoins with  Saturn & Pluto. We are challenged to let go of those attachments that do not belong to our true essence. This can be a scary process, especially when we are too identified with our roles, positions, ideas or material things. This is also a time when governments are reminded  that real leadership has to be  motivated by humanitarian and environmental values  (Cancer) instead of being driven by personal ambition, monetary gain and feelings of entitlement (Capricorn).

The Full Moon on April 19 on the last degree of Aries/Libra is a Blue Moon. It is the second Full Moon in a row that focuses our attention on the quality of our relationships. Libra teaches co-operation and compromise while Aries seeks autonomy and independence. It describes the inherent tension that exists in all relationships: the struggle to find a balance between personal freedom and autonomy on the one hand, and the support, approval and appreciation we all need from others on the other hand. This Full Moon reminds us to reconcile and integrate conflicting aspects of ourselves and own our projections. Otherwise, we might be caught in old patterns, overreact and make impulsive decisions, indicated by a conjunction between the Aries Sun and  unpredictable Uranus. At its worst, it signifies an unwillingness to compromise and cooperate; at its best it can inspire creative problem solving. We can make the changes in our partnerships and relationships that take us to the next level if we combine honesty with compassion and being mindful of how our choices affect others.

Jupiter  starts its 4-month retrograde journey through Sagittarius on April 11 inviting us to reflect on our beliefs and perceptions. Jupiter retrograde inspires spiritual growth and a deepening of our personal vision quest. So, it is a great period for growing in wisdom and finding out the underlying truths that concern current difficulties (until August 11).

Aries: The New Moon in Aries on April 5 is a great moment in time for the seeding of new ideas. Nevertheless, before the new can really start to blossom, unfinished business from the past has to be addressed. Focus on the bigger picture, and develop a strategy how to get there. Be open to other people’s ideas and use the coming weeks for gathering all the information that you need for developing your plans.

Taurus: The weeks before your birthday are great for finishing old projects and reflecting on the year just gone by. What worked well, what didn’t? What is worth keeping and what needs to be released? Create extra space for doing your inner work. This is an important time of reflection and contemplation where you can renew your strength and prepare for the approaching new solar cycle.

Gemini: This is potentially a very busy time for you, especially in regards to writing, the spreading of information and the undertaking of short journeys. Important is, not to run out of breath;  give yourself sufficient time for resting, processing and digesting. Also, think things over twice before making decisions. Avoid jumping to conclusions because you are in a rush!

Cancer: This is an important period where you will be working on a new balance between the past and a new future direction. Imagine yourself as  pioneering something extraordinary. See yourself in the limelight, a leader who shows others the way ahead. This is an important time for living your full potential. No hiding in the background, you can do it!

Leo: Our beliefs shape our lives, our bodies and minds. Reflect on your beliefs and their cultural conditioning. Is it time for a new set of values, for new types of inspiration and experiences? Make space and invite the new energy into your life. Creative projects are likely to do well, and you could possibly receive recognition for your work.

Virgo: This is a period where you might request more autonomy and independence as you are keen to find your spot in the greater world. What role do you like to play on the big stage out there?  At the same time, it is essential to share your ideas and with your partner to make sure that you both can cooperate and are pulling in the same direction.

Libra: Finding independence in your personal relationships as well as a good balance between giving and taking is one of Libra’s greatest quest. Be aware that nobody can read your thoughts unless you share them openly. Sometimes it is helpful to imagine how life would look like if you were as fierce as a fiery Aries! Of course you can speak your mind in style, but say what you have to say.

Scorpio: Your health, your work and your daily routine are in the spotlight at the moment. Maybe it is a good moment in time to start with a special diet or exercise program. Maybe your body needs a relaxing massage and some nurturing care. Don’t neglect your body’s needs and aim for establishing a new equilibrium between your head and your heart.

Sagittarius: This is potentially a very creative time where new inspirational ideas emerge easily. It is important for you to have some fun and that you do things that you really enjoy. Make extra time for you special hobbies or transform your hobbies into your day job. Take an eagle’s eye view on life and its possibilities, reflect on your long-term goals and work towards them slowly but surely.

Capricorn: Home and domestic affairs are at the center of your attention. There is always a lot to do when it comes to establishing a sound foundation for yourself and those dependent on you. You might have to take on extra responsibilities or start a new project around the home. However, try not to take on too much as you might exhaust your energy reservoirs.

Aquarius: This is a good moment in time for gathering information, resourcing yourself and learning new things which then can be used to build a stronger foundation. Test your plans first and refine what doesn’t yet add up. Then you are able to commit to your projects full-heartedly.

Pisces: When you are aligned with the universe, you can easily attract what you need. Strengthen your intuition and trust;  the flow of energy is moving you in the right direction. This is not an easy time for making clear boundaries, however, it is a great for dreaming and getting involved in inspirational activities.

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