Monthly Astro-forecasts

Monthly Astro-forecasts

Astro-forecast for June 2018

“Reflection and Projection”
artworks by Gery Mews

Life seems to speed up during the month of airy, mutable Gemini (May 21 – June 21). Gemini is agile, curious and multi-tasking, seeks diversity and variety and can see any situation from multiple perspectives. Mercury, the messenger planet and ruler of Gemini journeys through the sign of the Twins until June  13, when it enters the watery realms of Cancer,  just hours  before the New Moon. Mercury is a great networker and supportive of Gemini’s quest to reconcile differences by merging intellect with emotion and spiritual ideas with material needs. In Cancer, Mercury strengthens our emotional intelligence and we are encouraged to listen to our intuition. On an interpersonal level, communicating means listening to the other and making sure that the message has been received the right way. It requires sensitivity and an open attitude.

This New Moon in Gemini on June 14 marks the beginning of the next lunar cycle correlating with the starting of new events. We are encouraged to put thoughts into action by establishing a relationship between the thinking and feeling parts of the self. This might not be that easy at the moment, because Mercury in Cancer forms an exact square with Chiron in Aries and an opposition with Saturn in Capricorn. We could feel misunderstood, rejected or even doubting ourselves if we do not get the responses that we are expecting. We might not find the right words to express our feelings.  Maybe our throat chakra feels blocked and needs unlocking through creative expression, chanting, writing, or speaking out. We are advised to keep head and heart aligned so that we can resolve emerging issues and move beyond feelings of hurt. Saturn in Capricorn teaches self-mastery by watching our thoughts and feeling, recognising rigid and narrow perspectives and replacing them with brighter, more productive ones.

We are approaching the longest night and shortest day in the southern hemisphere, when the Sun enters the water sign Cancer at our Winter Solstice on June 21. Cancer is a cardinal sign, like  Aries, Libra and Capricorn; each of them introduce a turn of season by marking the solstices (Cancer-Capricorn) and the equinoxes (Aries-Libra).  They are therefore regarded as carrying a dynamic, initiating and goal oriented influence. The solstice chart reveals the archetypal themes for the new season. The two relationship planets Mars and Venus are in a close opposition and demanding our attention. Mars in Aquarius turns retrograde on June 26 (until August 27) marking a 2-month period, where we are dealing with issues from the past instead of driving ahead to conquer new frontiers. Mars usually signifies an ego-driven energy, but when retrograde it is time to stand still, wait, move within and reflect deeper on what motivates and drives us, sustains and maintains us. It is not the best time for initiating new projects that require a lot of effort, because energies can be easily depleted. Nevertheless, Mars entered Aquarius, the sign of revolution and change, on May 18 and will remain in this sign for most of the time until mid-November. We can expect a period of enhanced social activism, emancipation initiatives and grassroot movements that are geared toward birthing the paradigm shift on a large scale. Mars will be square Uranus, planet of revolt and liberation from rigid structures until the end of September. Extremism and reactionary ideologies are activated as well. We are advised to remain alert, emotionally detached and instead focus on our ethics and values that we share with our friends, family and community.

Then, the Full Moon on June 28 in Capricorn is conjunct Saturn, further indicating that we might have to deal with feelings of limitations while equally acknowledge our  need for nurture, protection and belonging. Care has to be taken not to project our unfulfilled childhood needs on our partners, or on the other hand take on the parent role, be over-responsible and controlling. We might gain great insights during this Full Moon concerning inherited behavioural patterns. Chiron in Aries is still in a square aspect with Saturn in Capricorn until the end of July. We are challenged to grow beyond our old wounds, vulnerabilities and limiting patterns by developing a new, more wholistic understanding in relating with each other that reduces hurt, anger and sadness in the future. It is also a reminder that Earth, our Mother (Cancer) needs healing and that we have to take on responsibility (Saturn in Capricorn) by living sustainably.

Aries: Mars, your planetary ruler will be retrograde during June 26 – August 27. This is not the best time for starting something ‘big’ or acting on impulse. Instead, analyse the long-range effects of future and current projects. This is also a good time for reflecting on your higher purpose and the healing of old wounds.

Taurus: Familiarise yourself with the powers of spiritual – mental energies, because  the layers of the material world are becoming more transparent. You know how to stay grounded in your body, but also imagine feeling embedded and at home in the larger cosmos. Plant a spiritual seed for the world!

Gemini: Be prepared for spontaneous new insights which might change the way how you perceive yourself.  People from previous times might enter your life, especially if you still have some unresolved issues to sort out. You might want to address patterns of insecurity which have their origin in the past. Be confident that you can free yourself of old fears.

Cancer: Relationships are in focus at the moment. Work on a sustainable  balance between giving of yourself and receiving from others. Care has to be taken not to project unfulfilled needs onto partners, or on the other hand being the one who has to do it all, being over-responsible and indulging in ‘the need to be needed’. Speak your truth!

Leo:  Partnerships can be working at cross-purposes during this period preparing a fertile ground for misunderstandings. Keep detached and try to be as objective as possible because uncooperative  behavioural patterns might be activated. It’s important to remember that you’re not the only one trying hard. Helping  each other working through issues creates deeper bonds.

Virgo: This is your time of the year when you harvest the rewards of your efforts. This can be a very fulfilling moment in time if you can give yourself the acknowledgment that you deserve. Avoid taking on a larger workload though, instead find little projects and things to do so that you can re-direct excess energy into creative channels.

Libra: This is the time of the year where you must go on a vision quest and re-define your values and purpose. Keep a positive attitude and focus on what motivates you on a deeper level. You have a strong desire to express yourself creatively. This is why you need to make some space for yourself and follow your inner guidance.

Scorpio: Collectively we have entered a new epoch where values are shifting. It concerns your relationship with others, personal and business. How much commitment are you willing to give and how much freedom do you need to follow your own calling? You are entering a phase of redefining your goals and ambitions. Getting the foundations right will be the most important achievement. So, be patient and give yourself time to get it right!

Sagittarius: This is a good time for breaking with your routines and working on a new vision of how to live your life. Think out of the square and reach for the sky. Remind yourself of your role as co-creator. Become aware of your own frequency and learn how to vibrate at a more coherent rate in times of crisis or stress.

Capricorn:  The current high-frequency downpours cause turbulence in the psyches of most people. Dare to be different and tear up your own rule book if it has lost its spiritual relevance .Recognise your need for change, if you  feel rebellious against the past  and what already has been established. Start the process of re-defining your values.

Aquarius: Tap into your own creative energies and let them flow down to Earth! Mars, the planet of action and energy,  will be in your sun sign until November because of its retrograde phase from end June until end August.  Anything goes, lots of opportunities, but an element of risk is also in the mix. Stay alert and plan for the sudden and unexpected.

Pisces: Life depends on communication and communication is the key to enhancing consciousness as a co-creator. Therefore, clear your throat and  speak your truth. “Energy follows thought”. Blockages in the throat chakra can lead to an overall weakening of the body’s energy field. Spread your message with confidence.