Monthly Astro-forecasts

Monthly Astro-forecasts

Astro-forecast April 2017

Watercolour by Gery Mews

The Sun entered the sign Aries at the last Equinox (March 20) marking a change in season with shorter days and nights that are slowly getting longer until the midwinter solstice in June. Aries energy stands for emergence and new beginnings. It symbolises the energy of initiation, of breaking new ground and birthing new forms. The Aries quest is to develop courage and start the journey into the unkown. It drives on the will to separate from the past in search for a new identity, new adventures or a new form of self-expression.

New Moons are favourable for beginning projects.  The New Moon in Aries on March 28 sets the tone for the entire period until April 26, when the next New Moon follows in Taurus. The Aries New Moon is particularly important for starting something new, as it is the 1st sign in the zodiac and Aries rules new initiatives. The New Moon is followed by Mercury moving retrograde from April 9 – May 3, providing us with a 3-week period to evaluate and rethink anything we have started during the last fortnight. Mercury is in down-to-Earth Taurus until April 20, highlighting the need for clarifying our values as well as assessing the availability of resources, support networks and skills. During any Mercury retrograde, it becomes essential to clear up miscommunications or misperceptions as well as to trust our intuition over logic. If it does not feel right it is not the way to go. Mercury did enter its ‘shadow’ zone already on March 27; the ‘shadow’ is the area of the zodiac where it will pass 3 times while making its loopy retrograde cycle. Issues and underlying dynamics of the Jupiter/Pluto square (exact March 31) might play into this revision period activating unresolved value conflicts within our personal and business partnerships. Contracts that are not mutually beneficial have to be re-negotiated. New directions started to open after the last eclipse season (February 11 & 27)  and need to be incorporated. Overall, Mercury retrograde is helpful for reviewing the events of the last few months and reflect on what is possible and what is not, which boundaries and belief systems must be challenged and where to look next for new creative ways when dealing with long standing problems. Like always when the messenger planet slows down in speed, the communication channels on Earth get congested causing all sorts of delays, technical problems and misunderstandings.

Saturn stations retrograde on April 6 and will remain retrograde until August 25. In Sagittarius, Saturn teaches us to walk our talk and reap the consequences of our vision. During Saturn’s retrograde passage in Sagittarius, self-defeating and narrow beliefs, misguided assumptions, and any areas where we are not aligned with our truth become clearer. Saturn remains  close to the Galactic Center (GC) during April and May providing energetic support for major shifts in consciousness. Ancient cultures  like the Mayans considered the center of the Milky Way galaxy as the Cosmic Womb, the birthplace of our galaxy. Significant findings often happen when an outer planet transits the GC.

Venus finalises her retrograde period on April 14 (retrograde since March 4). Venus will be squaring Saturn during April 8 – 25 (coinciding with Mercury retrograde!) while Saturn is square  Chiron, the mythic wounded healer during April 18 – May 6, (exact April 30). These days can produce disappointments and discontent in our relationships. If we are not feeling able to move forward, we have to look at what is holding us back. The lesson here involves to re-focus ,establish healthy boundaries and take back our projections so that old programs can be dissolved. Ultimately Saturn/Chiron strengthens self-responsibility and responsible living.

The Full Moon in Libra opposite the Aries Sun on April 11  focuses on the relationship between oneself and others. This might be a time of excitement and enhanced interactions as the Sun is in transit to conjoin the rebel planet Uranus on April 13. However, with Venus still retrograde and in square to Saturn, it is a good idea to think before acting and avoid impulsive decision making. When Uranus is involved we can expect sudden surprises. On the other hand, we can use the energy consciously for doing something out-of the-ordinary, leaving behind old patterns of behaviour and starting a new wave of innovation and creative problem solving.

Aries: : It feels like a new beginning; however, spend your energies wisely. Clarify your priorities and investigate your most cherished beliefs.The Mercury retrograde period (April 9 – May 3) is helpful for sorting out financial affairs like budgeting, accounting, paying bills and making business plans. Newly started projects have to be assessed for their viability and sustainability.

Taurus: Mars, the planet of drive is in your sun sign until April 21, increasing your overall level of physical strength and vitality while Mercury retrogrades through Taurus as well. Assess the way you handle this extra portion of energy. What is your motivation and what is driving you? Pause for a moment and process your own feelings. Mercury retrograde (April 9 – May 3) is helpful for getting in touch with your intuition.

Gemini: This is a time when you are filled with new ideas that change your course of action and inspire you to make spontaneous decisions Nevertheless, communication is not that straight forward when Mercury is retrograde (April 9 – May 3). Expect some delays and misunderstandings; review your plans carefully. Mars enters your sun sign on April 22 (until June 5) providing you with extra mental energy. New projects are best started after May 3.

Cancer: The time is ripe for initiating a new order to live by. Set your intention and restructure your daily life in a way that you can achieve more independence to do the things you really like to do. However, when Mercury is retrograde, one needs to pay extra attention to details. You might have to resolve differences of opinion without getting emotionally entangled. Refocus, pull all the threads together, and then work on the bigger picture.

Leo: What you need at the moment is more space for spontaneous adventures. Enroll in a study course or go on a journey to broaden your perception. However, make sure that you got all the details right, because Mercury is retrograde during April 9 – May 3. Your vision on life will be rewritten as you add new  information that has been solidified through this process of reviewing and re-examining.

Virgo: You naturally feel drawn to assessing all the small details, as everybody is meant to do when Mercury is retrograde. However, your task is now to review your personal vision on life. Beliefs and moral codes are learned at home and in the culture that we grew up in; we have to grow in consciousness and integrate ’the non-familiar’ in order to make independent judgements. Make an extra effort and approach contradictions and complexities with an open mind.

Libra: This is the time of the year where it is especially important to be open for new information that comes to you through others. There might be a few surprises that could expand the way you look at the world. Use this Mercury retrograde period (April 9 – May 3) for sorting out any obstacles. Avoid making assumptions about others to avoid misunderstandings. Instead, discuss, re-examine and re-affirm the goals that you share together.

Scorpio:  Your health and your work are in the spotlight at the moment needing your full attention. It is a great moment in time for changing bad habits and committing to a healthier way of living. Use the Mercury retrograde period (April 9 – May 4) for sorting out relationship issues. Opt for cooperation and reconciliation so that you can get the support that you need for fulfilling your objectives. Misunderstandings need to be clarified instantly.

Sagittarius: Expect some disruptions of your normal routine during this Mercury retrograde period (April 9 – May 3). Some re-sorting is needed which might lead to new approaches later on.  Know what the next step is going to be, even though you might have to delay your actions. Relationships are not easy at the moment because you might feel burdened by responsibilities at the cost of your freedom. Over the next few month you will re-visit any assumptions and beliefs that are not aligned with your truth

Capricorn: At the moment you might find it helpful to review parts of your life and take stock. What is your grand plan and how does it align with your purpose in life? Family and home are especially at the focus of your attention now and there could be sudden surprises or changes in this area. Rethink your course of action to make sure you are really on the path you are meant to be. This is a time for facing and resolving inner conflicts. Be open for new insights.

Aquarius: Mercury retrograde (April 9 – May 4) is a period of delays, detours, and slowdowns. You might need to re-focus, especially in regards to your domestic affairs. Priorities need to be re-examined and it is a good time for some introspection. Work on improving your communication network with like minded souls. Sharing your ideas is important and creates opportunities for future projects.

Pisces: Your focus might be on your life’s path and where it is taking you, or whether to take on more responsibilities or not. Review your goals and ambitions, especially if you feel frustrated with your current situation. Some planning might be needed to re-align your life direction with your values. Over the next few month you will be tested if you are walking your talk, and if your assumptions and beliefs resonate with your goals.

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