Monthly Astro-forecasts

Monthly Astro-forecasts

Astro-forecast August 2017


“Birth of the Sun”
artwork by Gery Mews

The most interesting and influential phase of this year started with the New Moon in Leo (July 23)   leading up to a Lunar Eclipse on August 8,  followed by a second New Moon in Leo that also happens to be a Solar Total Eclipse on August 22. Personal and collective events that take place around eclipses are of increased importance and highly transformative. There is a special intensity in the atmosphere, when eclipse energy is combined with Leo energy. Leo  is a fire sign and signifies passion, the expression of our personal truth, generosity and creativity. As an archetype it represents our desire to shine as  brightly as the Sun and follow our own destiny. This ‘double’ Leo/eclipse period offers a fantastic opportunity for re-connecting with our own essential being, our heart’s desire and exploring what is truly important to us. On the other hand, this can be a very emotionally charged and heated period during which it is essential to find creative outlets for this extra portion of fiery energy.

Rebel planet Uranus, the great liberator & destroyer of old forms,  enters its retrograde phase on August 3 (until January 2, 2018). During this 5-month period we are asked to challenge the status quo and break with patterns that hinder us from living authentically. August 5 sees the last of three Jupiter/Pluto squares, that is meant to challenge &  transform rigid beliefs about what is fair and just; it coincides with a tendency towards increased governmental control that ultimately reduces our personal liberties. Uranus is the agent of rebellion and opposes this plutocratic agenda. Laws that are introduced now will be reflected upon and revisited, once Uranus reaches the same position again by the end of April 2018. Various underlying social, political, and economic problems that are currently exposed will require more justified and sustainable policies.

Back to the already mentioned August eclipses. As seen from the Earth, during a solar eclipse (New Moon) the Moon passes in front of the Sun, while during a lunar eclipse (Full Moon) the shadow of the Earth darkens the Moon. Eclipses happen twice a year when there is an exact alignment between Sun, Moon and the Earth. During the Lunar eclipse, exact at 4.10 am AEST on August 8, Mars is conjunct the Sun & North Node in Leo and opposite the Moon in Aquarius. This planetary combination signifies a time of heightened emotional unpredictability and offers a  fertile ground for all sorts of drama, if we allow subconscious forces to take the upper hand. Aquarius is the sign of the mind, while Leo is the sign of the heart;  the ultimate message of this eclipse is to unite head and heart and consciously assist the furthering of our collective evolution. How can I shine my light and contribute to my community, society or humanity as a whole? On the other hand, we cannot compromise our truth for the sake of being accepted by the group. Those who have their birthday around this time (or around February 5), or have important horoscope factors at or near 15 degree Leo/Aquarius are more influenced by the vibes of the eclipse. Expect some changes to home and relationships. Utilise the eclipse to powerfully refocus and turn shadows into light. Be aware that you might experience some blind spots or lack important information for making significant decisions.

The Solar Eclipse on August 22 is visible in the USA, but not in Australia. The path of an eclipse is where its effects are most intense. This is especially important for political leaders and their position of power, which can abruptly change where a Solar eclipse is active. This a very ‘hot’ eclipse with  a Grand Trine in Fire signs involving the Sun/Mars conjunction in Leo in trine with Uranus in Aries and Saturn  in Sagittarius. It is an invitation to clear out stagnant areas in our personal lives  and making space for new initiatives. Those who are born around August 21/22 (plus/minus 5 days) or have important placements in their chart at 28 degree Leo are getting a special cosmic boost.  New doors could open with major life changing opportunities. On a collective level, we have reached the point where we are asked to give our gifts to the world. Humanity needs our passion, love and energy (Leo). What we think, feel and do does matter!

This eclipse season coincides with a Mercury retrograde phase in Virgo (August 13 – September 5). The cosmic messenger brings out its shadow side; we can expect that anything concerning communication, transport and travel will not work out as planned.  When retrograde, Mercury functions more like a guide to the inner worlds and can turn our lives upside down. Listening to our intuition becomes more important. Nevertheless, Mercury retrograde in Virgo can guide us through this interesting and highly inspirational period,  assisting us with recognising what needs to be let go off, cleaned out, released and healed so that a new space can open where renewal is possible.

Aries: Be creative and have fun!  Enjoy special time with your children or grandchildren. Think with your heart and feel with your head! Your ‘divine inner child’ is making contact…. Use the Mercury retrograde period for re-scheduling work commitments and finetune the balance between body, soul and spirit.

Taurus: Become aware of what your inner self is yearning for. What are the things that nurture you and which habits are better faced out and replaced with more helpful ones? It is okay to spend quality time at home and less time away from it. Use the Mercury retrograde period for re-discovering your ‘playful inner child’.

 Gemini: Be mindful of your thoughts; remind yourself of the power of words and gestures. There is so much to say, so much to communicate if you can speak from the heart. Don’t forget to breathe in… and out again. Use the Mercury retrograde period for cleaning out stagnant energy & re-ordering your home.

Cancer:  Trust the universe that it always will provide you with everything you really need. Clarify your values and beliefs; pamper your soul with kindness and surround yourself with beauty. Use the Mercury retrograde period to give away those things that you do not need anymore and make space for the fresh energy to manifest.

Leo: This is a fantastic period to confidently shine in your own light. Are you doing what you are meant to do? Get in contact with your ‘inner warrior’  and take charge of your life. You are on a threshold where old doors are closing and new ones are opening. Use the Mercury retrograde period to clear your thoughts and say what you must say.

Virgo: How to shine without having to step onto the centre stage? This is more a time for exploring the universe within.  As your consciousness expands, you increasingly recognise the divine in everything, including yourself. Use the Mercury retrograde period for emptying out stagnant energy.

Libra: This is a period where you love to find like-minded souls with whom you can share your ideas and ideals. Expand your network of friends by moving beyond old limitations. Use the Mercury retrograde period by finding time for introspection and solitude. Align with your heart energy, which is all-inclusive.

Scorpio: Thinking about the future and your place in the world might bring up doubts concerning the true path to follow.  You must take your projects to the next level or change directions. Reflect on your beliefs and how you might want to change and /or expand your perception of what feels right or wrong.

Sagittarius: Are you ready for a journey into the unknown? It is time to go on a quest again and find your own essence, your spiritual purpose, within the nitty-gritty of everyday living. What applied before might not be true now. Use the Mercury retrograde period to re-write your philosophy of life or add a new chapter.

Capricorn: Pay extra attention to the truth and what your heart is telling you, not the mind!  Face your own fears and call back your projections. Pause for a moment, be willing to share and co-operate.  Use the Mercury retrograde period to clear old beliefs and assumptions.

Aquarius:  Partnerships are emphasised during this period. Independence and having control of your own life must to be aligned with closeness and feelings of belonging. Renegotiate contracts and roles that are outgrown. Be the partner that you are looking for! Use the Mercury retrograde period to sort out joint resources.

Pisces: Your heart needs to be in your work, otherwise why bother? Nevertheless, try to find a balance between work and play. All work and no play weighs heavy on your nervous system. This is an important period to look after your physical health and emotional well-being. Use the Mercury retrograde period for establishing clear boundaries with others.

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