Monthly Astro-forecasts

Monthly Astro-forecasts

Astro-forecast for August 2019

“Love and Gratiude”
artworks by Gery Mews

Like always, when the Sun journeys through the sign of the Lion (July 23 – August 23), we are encouraged by the cosmos to live our authentic self and thus contribute positively to the world that we are co-creating. Mercury is in direct motion again after a three-week retrograde phase, while the New Moon in Leo on August 1st  sets a fresh tone for the month. It forms a wide conjunction with fiery Mars and a close conjunction with Venus,  planet of beauty, joy and passion (Venus in Leo) activating our creative energies. Investing our personal resources in a worthwhile cause is the central theme of this period. Mars remains in Leo until  August 19 and  Venus until August 22; the two relationship planets will form a conjunction on August 24 – 25 in the more controlled and analytical sign of Virgo. Until then, we will have to make good use of these at best creative, at worst impulsive powers.  The New Moon forms a tense square with rebel planet Uranus, indicating that unexpected turns of events are possible. Leo energy is emotionally involved, and needs to make its personal mark on anything it touches. Especially during August 12 – 19, when Mars, Sun, Venus and Mercury journeying together through this willful, confident, courageous and autocratic sign, we can expect an increase of explosive events. Positively, it encourages us to focus on our purpose and apply our energy to produce something of significance for the good of all. Leo is  also the hottest sign, thus fire prevention will be an issue.

The Sun is dignified in Leo, being the centre of our solar system and archetype of all live giving energy. Likewise, Leo correlates with the heart, our centre of deep wisdom, emotion and memory through which all energy flows. Venus joins the Sun on August 14-15, just hours before the Full moon. It is a fantastic opportunity for re-connecting with our own essential being, our heart’s desire and exploring what is truly important to us. The Full Moon (August 15) is in social and egalitarian  Aquarius, the zodiac sign that lies opposite Leo. Themes  will be in focus that have to do with the relationship of heart vs mind, self vs the collective. The Aquarian spirit represents all our scientific achievements and the human desire for progress and a better future. Leo reminds us of our innate creativity, the importance of play and fruitful self-expression, being an inspiration to others. We are reminded to ‘think with our heart and feel with our mind’. Aquarius is mentally resourceful –  and in alignment with Leo – it can create something out of nothing. Likewise, Mercury in Leo approaches an exact alignment (square)  with inventive Uranus in Taurus, the modern ruler of Aquarius (August 17).  This is an important moment in time to think out of the square and find innovative solutions to old problems. However, keeping a cool head (Aquarius) will be most important when navigating through this action-filled period (Leo), because hot-headed Mars forms a stressful opposition to the Moon. After all, mastering one’s emotions and taking back projections is the Lion’s challenge. It can open many doors as soon as this task is accomplished.

Jupiter turns direct again on August 12  after completing its yearly 4- month retrograde period. Jupiter is journeying through Sagittarius since early November 2018,  the sign that it rules, and has brought up various issues to do with our cultural and personal freedom. Jupiter in Sagittarius signals a need for a broader perspective, the widening of our horizons by seeking knowledge, understanding and truth – and to have faith in the universe. On the downside, Jupiter in Sagittarius can activate self-righteous as well as dogmatic and reckless behaviour resulting in misjudging important situations. The Jupiter’s retrograde cycle which is now ending correlated with discussions around free speech versus hate speech. It revealed flaws in our legal system as well as challenges to the freedom of political journalism and the protection for those who speak the truth and blow the whistle.  Now, with Jupiter being in direct motion again, one can only hope for some positive and meaningful reform in these areas! More important revelations might be brought to the surface, along with previously suppressed truths.

August ends with a 2nd New Moon in Virgo (August 30) conjunct Mercury, Mars and Venus, trine Uranus in Taurus and widely conjunct Saturn, Pluto and the South Node in Capricorn initiating a phase of  more grounded and pragmatic energy.

Aries: Be creative and have fun!  Enjoy special time with your children or grandchildren. Think with your heart and feel with your head. Your ‘divine inner child’ is making contact. Find creative outlets for your excess energies. It is a perfect time for focusing on creative entrepreneurial projects that benefit the greater good.

Taurus: This is the time of the year where you are focusing on building solid foundations.  What are the things that nurture you and what is the source of your creative energy? Lots is happening at the home front now but you are also needing space for your own projects. Find positive outlets for any excess energy.

 Gemini: Be mindful of your thoughts; remind yourself of the power of words and gestures. There is so much to say, so much to communicate if you can speak from the heart. Choose your words wisely to avoid a battle of words. Challenging relationship problems from the past can be resolved now, once Jupiter turns direct again on August 12.

Cancer:  This is a period where you like to enjoy some solidity in your life. Clarify your values  and strengthen your sense of worthiness. Also pamper your soul with kindness and surround yourself with beauty. This is a good moment in time for putting your instincts toward finding creative solutions to financial concerns.

Leo: This is a fantastic period to confidently shine in your own light. Use your leadership abilities for initiating creative solutions to help resolving our great world problems.  Focus on your purpose, take on responsibility and put your heightened force, assertiveness and temper toward a worthwhile cause.

Virgo: You can shine without having to step onto the centre stage by being the power behind the throne. By helping and  supporting others you increase your personal power. On the other hand, find some time for recuperation and  recollection. It is essential that you recharge your batteries now and prepare for a new cycle of productivity which will start soon.

Libra: This is a period where you love to find like-minded souls with whom you can share your ideas and ideals. This is a great moment in time for expanding your network of friends or enter a new group.  Focus  especially  on endeavours that further your own creativity. You might even feel inclined to take on a leading role or start your own inspirational network.

Scorpio: This is potentially a very ambitious, power and influence seeking period for you. Be careful not to be overtaken by a drive for significance that then gets you into conflict with others or starts a battle with authority figures. It is essential that you put your excess energy to a worthwhile cause and fight for the collective good.

Sagittarius: Jupiter turns direct again on August 12,  kindling your optimism and inspiring you to go  on a quest to explore new horizons. You might feel like travelling overseas or meeting people from different cultural backgrounds. Nevertheless, keep in mind that your truth is not the only one and resist the urge to  convince others. Not everyone might share your enthusiasm!

Capricorn: This is a period where the right proportion and a balanced attitude will lead to good outcomes.  Pay extra attention to your own internal motivations and what your heart is telling you. It is a good time to focus on issues of intimacy, deep sharing as well as developing self-mastery skills. You also could get creative in your financial planning.

Aquarius:  Partnerships are emphasised during this month. Independence and having control of your own life must be well aligned with closeness and feelings of belonging. Renegotiate contracts and roles that are outgrown. Be the partner that you are looking for! This could be a great period for resolving relationship issues.

Pisces: This is a time where it is important for you to shine through your work and feel enthusiastic about what you do. Excess energy has to be put into physical exercise to avoid emotional stagnation. Look after your physical health and emotional well-being by being pro-active in expressing your creative energies.

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