Monthly Astro-forecasts

Monthly Astro-forecasts

Astro-forecast June 2017

“Winter Solstice”
artwork by Gery Mews

Life seems to speed up during the month of Gemini (May 21 – June 21), followed by the Winter Solstice on the Southern Hemisphere. This is particularly true when Mars is co-present in Gemini as well. Mars, the planetary energiser, has been in the sign of the Twins since April 22 and will enter the next sign Cancer on June 5. However, before the planet of action is moving on, he makes an opposition to Saturn retrograde in Sagittarius, exact on May 29, and a square to Chiron in Pisces, exact on June 2, stimulating mental activities, and dynamic thought processes, that could break through fixed ruts and trigger new connections. Our current reality is coloured by this pull in different directions: Saturn demands the preservation of old values and forms, while Mars in Gemini needs adventure, stimulation and freedom of expression. The task is moving beyond old dogmas while simultaneously taking responsibility and living in integrity with inner principles and values. Mars/Saturn constellations are perfect for working hard (Saturn) on projects that are challenging (Mars); energies are best applied by manifesting creative ideas that inspire us into reality. The Chiron/Saturn square, activated by Mars, correlates with our current global crisis in consciousness. We need to accept that there are elements in our current reality (Saturn), which we cannot change, regulate or manipulate (Chiron).

Gemini is agile, curious and multi-tasking, seeks diversity and variety. It can order reality logically by connecting one piece of information to another with the intention to form an understandable image of the world, and then communicates it to others in a variety of ways. Mercury, the messenger planet enters Gemini June 7 (until June 21) furthering our ability to communicate and share information. Mercury is a great networker and supportive of Gemini’s quest to reconcile differences by merging intellect with emotion, spiritual ideas with material needs. There seem to be always two roads that cannot be travelled simultaneously. That is why the twins are very changeable, restless and often scattered. They like to be light-hearted but can be moody if they are disconnected from their true needs and feel burdened by too many duties.

The Full Moon in Sagittarius on June 9 is opposite the Gemini Sun; Sun and Moon form a stressful pattern with spiritual planet Neptune.  In astrology, the gaseous giant is regarded as the archetype of creative inspiration, ruling the world of dreams, symbolic of our ability to imagine, paint pictures and play music. Neptune relates to the right side of the brain and our soul-consciousness, including the development of our intuition, ability to perceive patterns and think holistically. Neptune’s influence can make us dreamy, unfocused and evasive, while Mercury (Gemini) rules logic and the rational mind. The Sagittarius Full Moon in a tension aspect with Neptune highlights the current atmosphere of confusion about the right path to follow. The Black Moon Lilith and Saturn are on the midpoint of the Full Moon, giving us a deeper understanding of the unconscious energies and motivation affecting the lunar field. Saturn represents our current consensus with its existing limiting beliefs and structures, while the Black Moon stands for what is hidden and denied. The Black Moon in Sagittarius (until November 9) relates to the wisdom of the Earth and the preservation of the wild and natural. We reached the point in our collective evolution, where we must put the Earth first!

The Winter Solstice (June 21 at 2.24 pm) marks the shortest day and longest night on the Southern Hemisphere. This signifies a great moment in time for insight, reflection and contacting our deepest truth. Neptune is square the Black Moon Lilith. In our meditation we dig up repressed emotion, face the shadow and deal with the sentiments that may follow. Our intuitive self (Neptune) knows that the three days prior and three days after the winter solstice are especially potent for releasing physical, mental and emotional blockages. The Cancer New Moon follows on June 24. Mars and Mercury are also present in Cancer, supporting an atmosphere of caring and sharing for and with those who are close to our hearts. Mars in Cancer squares Jupiter in Libra (exact June 25), trines Neptune in Pisces (exact 26) and is applying to an opposition with Pluto in Capricorn (exact July 2). Emotions can run high during this period and energies are best channelled into creative activities. Jupiter is the eternal optimist and Neptune likes to dream big, whereas unrealistic expectations will be tested by Pluto. The challenge is allowing ourselves to be inspired, while remaining focused in the here-and-now.

Aries:  Freedom versus commitment are the keywords for you during this period. You are pulled between expressing your energy and holding it back. Find a suitable project to put your energy in. During June 5 – July 21 Mars, your ruler, is in the water sign Cancer, taking domestic affairs into the centre of your attention. It is a time when you can manifest your ideas if you are willing to work hard towards it.

Taurus: Venus, goddess of love and beauty, is in your sun sign during June 7 – July 5, a perfect period for creating comfort, safety and beauty for yourself and your loved ones. Nevertheless, this is a period where you need to be recognised as an individual in your personal relationships. Freedom and independence are important now.

Gemini: This is the time of the year where you have your solar return, the birth of a new year ahead. What is your vision for the next 12 months? If you feel that you are stopped from doing what you want, move beyond old dogmas while simultaneously taking responsibility and living in integrity with your inner principles and values.

 Cancer: This is the time of the year where you prepare for your next solar return. Take time out and take pleasure in doing nothing! However, Mars in your sun sign during June 5 – July22 provides you with a cosmic energy boost. Take care during the last week of the month as things are heating up. Know that you have the resources available to make things happen.

Leo: This is a very social time for you lions and lionesses, maybe even a great period for a meaningful gathering with new and old friends. You might also enjoy harmonious professional relationships, and are inspired to create beauty in your career. There is a lot of artistic potential that needs to be shared with the world around you and the larger world out there.

Virgo: If you have lost touch with the divine feminine, valued the head over the heart, then this is a great period of rebalancing the yin/yang energies within the context of your daily life. In your work you have reached a climax point and are harvesting the fruits of the last 9 months. These current weeks are important for re-orientation towards what is most important to you.

Libra: Jupiter is moving direct again on June 9 supporting you in following up on ideas and projects that have been initiated since the end of last year. You are hungry for fresh impulses, so that you can keep growing creatively. The last days of the month might become a bit more intense, especially if you have taken on too much and lost your focus. As always, try to keep things in balance!

Scorpio:  During this period you need to perceive yourself as being on a journey of exploration. What is your quest and in which direction are you heading? There are endings and new beginnings, possibly new business ideas that could be tested for their viability. This is also a time where you need to work out your contracts with others. Open communication and sharing of ideas is the key.

Sagittarius:  The phase where you work alone on your own projects is slowly coming to an end and you might be looking for new arrangements. Whatever you do, try to keep your independence and avoid confrontations or disputes with others. Ego conflicts will make it hard to find creative long-term solutions. On a different level, an old order is fading away while a new one is emerging.

Capricorn: The tension you might experience during this period is best used for your creative activities. Be aware that you might experience conflicts with others about differences in values and opinions. Sort through your list of duties and responsibilities. There are things that can be left behind and others that you must attend to. Try to be efficient and discover the best way of doing things.

Aquarius: This is an expressive period for you, where you can be playful, creative and discover your own sense of identity through your connections with others. The task is to bring head and heart together and enjoy the loving relationships that you have with family and friends. Health wise, you need to look after your body, especially if you have neglected yourself. Bottled up energy could lead to accidents.

Pisces: During this period, your focus is on your home, family and children. You have the vision to create a peaceful and stable atmosphere around you and regard your home as an expression of your creativity. Yes, you do enjoy when others acknowledge you and your work! However, be aware that you might lack discipline during the next 7 weeks for fulfilling your daily necessities.

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