Monthly Astro-forecasts

Monthly Astro-forecasts

Astro-forecast for April 2018

“The Shaman ”
artwork by Gery Mews

The Sun entered the sign Aries at the last Equinox (March 21) marking a change in season with shorter days and nights that are slowly getting longer until the midwinter solstice in June (Southern Hemisphere). Aries energy stands for emergence and new beginnings. It symbolises the energy of initiation, of breaking new ground and birthing new forms. The Aries quest is to develop courage and start the journey into the unkown. It drives the will to separate from the past in search for a new identity, new adventures or a new form of self-expression.

      The Full Moon on March 31 falls in Libra and opposes the Sun in Aries. We are invited by the cosmos to balance our need for relationship (Libra) with our need for individuality (Aries), and connectedness (Libra) with independence (Aries). From our earliest beginnings, we are confronted with the theme of  polarities as well as the urge for reconciling opposites. However, during Full Moon periods, this ongoing dance of the individuation process  becomes much more obvious. And it is not an easy task when the fiery Aries Sun is conjunct Mercury retrograde, while the Full Moon forms a tense alignment with Mars and Saturn in the most structured sign of the zodiac, which is Capricorn.
Mercury is still retrograde until April 16, a reminder to be extra mindful as we can expect various disruptions and challenges. It is essential to know what is possible to  change, and when to step back, accept and let go.  When Mercury is retrograde we experience a period of review, allowing  what doesn’t work to break away and  manage what is worth keeping. Nevertheless, issues that pressure for some kind of resolution need to be addressed with focus and honesty . Mars in alignment with Saturn in the sign of the Mountain goat can give us a lot of determination for following through with our goals. On a different level, feelings of frustration resulting from inner or outer blockages may come to the surface. The task is to balance action with caution, stay grounded in the here-and-now and take a ‘matter-of-fact’ approach.

The New Moon in Aries on April 16 is conjunct electrifying Uranus while Mercury is direct again initiating a time of new growth and possibilities. We can open up to fresh information, reach new levels of meaning and can make  new connection, especially if we have done our soul-searching and reviewing  work during the Mercury retrograde phase. We will have assessed the strengths and  weaknesses in our initiatives by now and are better equipped to deal with setbacks.  Mars forms a conjunction with the rebellious Black Moon Lilith ,exact April 19, and then with Pluto, Lord of the Underworld, during April 24 – 29. We can feel empowered to tackle authority issues, or take  on a project that requires a lot of dynamism and vigour. In any case, we need to deal with these energies carefully by channeling them into a worthwhile cause.

On April 17, Chiron, the mystic  wounded healer and teacher, enters the sign Aries. Chiron’s 8-year transit through this sign will mark changes in the healing paradigm. Radical new therapies and cures will enter our consciousness such as different forms of energy healing or healing through thought transmission. Themes concerning the right way of dealing with anger as a core energy and the expression of our life force have to be addressed during the coming years. On the negative, feelings of rage are easily activated, which more often than not are anchored in feelings of inferiority, old hurts and  experiences of humiliation and shame. Chiron’s message is to rise above these old  pains by searching for new meaning and understanding. The Scorpio Full Moon on April 30 opposes the Sun in Taurus while squaring the Lunar Nodes and  marks an important turning point of our collective evolutionary journey.  The North Node in Leo is conjunct Ceres, the goddess of grain and fertility reminding us of the undisputable necessity to take good care of the Earth, the soil we grow our food in, and all natural resources. What is out of balance needs to be brought back into alignment, which requires our deepest commitment, passion and determination.

Aries: Chiron’s entry into your Sun sign and subsequent journey through Aries until 2026 might correlate with significant revelations regarding your own vulnerabilities. Acknowledging and accepting your “darker” side might bring healing followed by a new phase in your life.

Taurus: Changes are on the horizon; create space for new insights and start preparing the ground for innovative developments; tune in! Venus in your Sun sign until April 24 can be helpful in forming new (business)  partnerships. Finding a working balance between commitment and freedom is the key.

Gemini: This is a period, during which you need to be aware of your own values. Are they in alignment or in conflict with others? There are no planets in air signs until April 25th, when Venus enters Gemini making it difficult to communicate with ease or spread your ideas. Besides Mercury is retrograde until April 16. Be aware that you feel easily misunderstood.

Cancer: This is a period of possible tensions and conflicts that also offers opportunities for working through unresolved relationship or career issues in a creative way. Finding  a working balance between commitment and freedom in all relationships, personal or business, is essential.  Stay grounded in your own power and prioritise.

Leo: This is a period where you like to approach life with lots of drive and enthusiasm. However, be mindful of your energy level and investigate your motivations. Find a way to align your intentions with your intuition and remain focused on what is best for everybody including yourself.

Virgo: The current period of review is helpful in distinguishing between what is important and what is not. You are filled with creative ideas but how to find the time to follow through with the one or the other is an issue. Therefore make extra space for your needs of self-expression and self-fulfilment to re-charge your batteries and clearing “stuff” out of the system.

Libra: This is a time of great activity around the home, when you feel driven  to get things done. Conflicts may arise when you feel overwhelmed by the demands of others. Anchor your energy through building something constructive and have the determination to work towards a positive outcome.

Scorpio: Be mindful of your opinions and beliefs while taking a constructive approach in your communication with others. Avoid bickering over minor details, instead focus on the grand vision. Use your ambition and drive for accomplishing things in cooperation with others.

Sagittarius: This is a period where you need to be practical and considerate with the use of your personal resources. Keep your vision simple and achievable. Establish a working balance between things you do for a living and for sustaining yourself and time spent on more creative and recreational activities.

Capricorn:  You can achieve a lot with willpower and determination during this period. Nevertheless, be considerate in your actions and determine where best to invest your energy. Find a balance between your need for independence and the needs of those close to you, even though you  might feel the urge to break free from restrictions.

Aquarius: This is not an easy time because your sense of personal power is somehow weakened and boundaries are not clear. Do some soul-searching and reflect on what is really important for you. There are many levels of reality. Know what is fact and what is fiction in your dealings with the world around you.

Pisces: This is a good time for making new friends or joining a new group because you have changed and grown beyond your old form. Nevertheless, your idealistic vision could be out of touch with what is needed in the moment. Try to be as  practical as possible about realising your hopes and wishes and finding a new direction in life.

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