Monthly Astro-forecasts

Monthly Astro-forecasts

Astro-forecast for February 2018

artwork by Gery Mews

We have entered the 1st eclipse season of the year, the time when life speeds up and important changes are made. In general, eclipses take place twice a year when there is an alignment between Sun, Moon and Earth. Solar eclipses can only occur on New Moons, while lunar eclipses can only occur on Full Moons. Currently, eclipses take place in the signs of Leo and Aquarius meaning that change is necessary in the area within our natal charts that are associated with these signs. Aquarius energy is revolutionary, egalitarian, and intuitive  but can also be aloof and emotionally disconnected. The latter is important because Aquarius, being an air sign, tries to gain an objective view of a situation to then form their own opinion about something or someone.  In general, Aquarians are progressive thinkers who can make brave, optimistic choices in a spirit of community motivated by a vision of a better and fairer world. On the downside they might live too much in the head and are too detached from ‘normal’ reality. This is why Aquarius needs the heart-felt passion and warmth from the opposite sign Leo. Leo is the sign of leadership and helps to ground Aquarian ideas by generating sufficient emotional energy for earthing a worthwhile cause.

The Lunar Total Eclipse in Leo  on January 31/February 1 (0.26 am AEST) is visible over all Australia. It is followed by a Solar Partial Eclipse two weeks later on February 15/16 in the late degrees of Aquarius. The ultimate message of these eclipses on the Leo/Aquarius axis is to unite head and heart. We could be flooded with new ideas, but need to tune into our heart space to find the guidance for manifesting  spontaneous insights.  Leo carries a message about shining our own light, following our own calling,  while the message of Aquarius as an archetype is about being a team player and part of a greater whole. Those who have their birthday around the 1st or 16th of February or have important horoscope factors at or near the 12th  or 27th   degree Leo/Aquarius are more influenced by the vibes of these eclipses and might find themselves in a process of transformation.

The mid-Feb Solar Eclipse is the exact opposite of the powerful Solar Total Eclipse in Leo  which took place last August. Eclipses are game changers and whatever was started around that time might be  finalised now or has another dimension added to it. It is essential to keep in mind that while eclipses are active important information  might be missing or blocked out, leaving  us ‘in the dark’ and unable to make good decisions. We have to wait a few days until things become clearer again. The current Solar eclipse forms a square with Jupiter in Scorpio.  Jupiter adds extra emotional intensity and depth that is needed  for changing entrenched patterns, healing old wounds  and walking in a new direction. On a different level, what has been in the dark might surface more strongly during this period. Uranus, the planetary force of awakening and modern ruler of Aquarius is positively enhancing the liberating frequency of this eclipse encouraging us to go with the new insights and holding an intent of manifesting positive outcomes. All planets are in direct motion until March 8, suggesting a period where progress can be made. After all, Saturn is in the earthy and serious sign Capricorn until 2020, which marks a 2 ½ year period of focusing on our own inner laws and building a new reality from the inside out.

Mars, the cosmic energiser, is in Sagittarius during the entire month, adding zest for adventure, expansion of our mental and physical horizons as well as  the exploration of unknown territory. Mars is approaching a square with Neptune (exact Feb 17), while Venus in Pisces is approaching a conjunction with the planet of dreams (exact Feb 22), adding creative potency and a desire for fusion and inclusiveness in our social encounters and relationships. Compassionate sensitivity and  imagination  (Pisces) have to be balanced with a search for truth and a broader understanding of different models and frameworks of perception (Sagittarius).

Aries: Mars in Sagittarius encourages your love for adventure and the exploration of different cultures, philosophies and ways of living. This is a good moment in time for starting a new project especially from February 19 onwards. Share your ideas with like-minded souls and be prepared to let go of old beliefs that hinder you from moving forward.

Taurus:  A shift in perception will clear the way for healing old wounds and entrenched beliefs about what is right or wrong. Make use of the liberating energies of the moment and sense where your soul’s path is leading you next. Contemplate on what is blocking your progress.

Gemini: This is a time where learning something new will help with shifting your perception to a different, more inclusive level. Encounters with others could motivate you to explore your habitual thinking pattern and how the mind influences the affairs of your daily life. For magic to happen you have to believe in it first!

Cancer: There are things that need to be brought to an end and now the time has arrived when you can do this more easily. There is support by the cosmos to suddenly see old attachments that do not belong to you anymore. Take charge of your life and dare to move beyond your usual comfort zone.  If necessary change the role play in your relationship(s).

Leo: Relationships with others are more challenging during this period. Entrenched behaviour patterns stemming from the past are triggered so that you can become conscious of them. Where do you need to break free and release fixed opinions or old feelings of resentment? How much you love and value yourself will be reflected in the words and actions of the partner(s) or friend(s) that you attract.

Virgo: Issues of work, service and health are emphasised during this period. A job might end or a new one may begin. Whatever the case, there is a need for re-organising your daily life and routines. Listen to the messages coming from your deeper self as they might help with improving the energetic flow between  body, soul and mind

Libra: The area in your life concerned with creativity, hobbies and children is going through a transformation. This is why it is important to feel inside yourself and reflect on your true values. It is a time where you have to draw more from your own resources. Invest in your creative path by establishing a balance between personal freedom and commitment to others.

Scorpio: Your home-life is going through an important process of transformation. There might be something important that you need to let go of, something that you have been too emotionally attached to or mentally fixated on.  Whatever it might be, let go and make space for new developments.  .

Sagittarius: Mars in your sun sign until March 18 provides you with extra energy and enthusiasm. This is a great time for starting a new project, especially from February 19 onwards. Nevertheless, reflect on your beliefs and mental concepts and ascertain that they are still aligned with your current reality. It is never too late to learn something new!

Capricorn:  This is a good time for examining your personal values, talents and resources, as the current process of transformation can bring spontaneous  insights of what really matters to you. Prioritise and focus on what is most important and allow new ideas to fall on fertile ground. Listening to others and incorporating their values will help with achieving  successful outcomes.

Aquarius: The February eclipses may bring important changes to your life, as you receive a cosmic push towards expressing your individual needs and identity more clearly. Take charge of your life and your dreams but also allow the process of transformation to change your relationship with the world around you. You will be seen in a new light once this process has ended.

Pisces: This is the end and beginning of your yearly solar cycle. So, use the energy to complete unfinished projects and take stock of the last 12 months. On the other hand, your ambition and desire to be recognised for your accomplishments is activated and it might be the right time for a move into a new direction.



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