Monthly Astro-forecasts

Monthly Astro-forecasts

Astro-forecast for June 2019

“Photon Shower”
artworks by Gery Mews

Life seems to speed up during the month of airy, mutable Gemini (May 21 – June 21). Gemini is agile, curious and multi-tasking, seeks diversity and variety and can see any situation from multiple perspectives. Mercury, the messenger planet and ruler of Gemini journeys through the sign of the Twins until June 4, when it enters the watery realms of Cancer,  just hours  after the New Moon. Mercury is a great networker and supportive of Gemini’s quest to reconcile differences by merging intellect with emotion and spiritual ideas with material needs. In Cancer, Mercury strengthens our emotional intelligence and we are encouraged to listen to our intuition. On an interpersonal level, communicating means listening to the other and making sure that the message has been received the right way. However, this might be at times not as easy as it sounds!

This New Moon in Gemini on June 3 marks the beginning of the next lunar cycle. We are encouraged to put thoughts into action. The New Moon is in a stressful square with Neptune in Pisces and opposite Jupiter in Sagittarius. The task is to follow our dreams without stretching ourselves too far, being confident but not over-optimistic. Jupiter and Neptune have been forming a waning square all through 2019, with its first exact pass back in January. The second exact alignment will be on June 16 and the last one in September. Jupiter in formation with Neptune correlates with times of great hopes, big ideas and forming visionary goals but on the downside this square aspect signifies deception and disappointment when expectations aren’t met.  Nevertheless, 2019 is the year where we have to dismantle old beliefs & value systems so that big ideas that are born now can manifest in the years to come.

Another major player during this month is Mars, planet of war and aggression. Mars is in emotional Cancer until July 2 and intensifies the current Saturn/Pluto/Node conjunction – symbolic for our conventional structures and systems of power and control. Pluto is the higher octave planet of Mars and Mars often plays the catalyst for this slow moving outer planetary heavy weight. Mars in Cancer is highly self-protective and acts in a passive-aggressive way if he feels threatened or insecure. So, the days from June 12  – June 21 can be highly volatile as Mars in Cancer moves in opposition to Saturn/Pluto. On the negative, this planetary alignment signifies a driving need to confront others and fight until the end. The difficulty is that unresolved issues can easily flare up especially for those (people or countries)  who have important planetary placements at 15– 25 degree in the cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn). When used wisely, the powerful energies active during these days can be transformative and healing. On a personal and collective level, it can give the strength to face any challenges and persevere with whatever needs to be done. Pluto is the ultimate force of psychic purging through which old karma can be cleared, cleansed  and eliminated.

The Full Moon on June 17 in Sagittarius opposite the Gemini Sun highlights the need of finding new meaning and purpose during this time of polarisation and global restructuring.  Mercury, the messenger planet and ruler of versatile Gemini, conjoins with Mars and the North Node while opposing Saturn/Pluto. It could open the channel  for brainstorming and the gathering of new ideas while moving beyond set boundaries and polarised positions. We have to keep a calm and open mind to avoid  discussions turning into arguments. Luckily, Mercury and Mars form a harmonious trine with Neptune in Pisces; it puts an emphasis on compassion and a willingness to understand the other’s point of view.

The winter solstice follows on June 22, when the Sun enters the feeling sign Cancer. The focus shifts toward caring for others and the planet, family and home. It correlates with the longest night and shortest day in the southern hemisphere. Cancer is a cardinal sign, like  Aries, Libra and Capricorn; each of them introduce a turn of season by marking the solstices (Cancer-Capricorn) and the equinoxes (Aries-Libra).  They are therefore regarded as carrying a dynamic, initiating and goal oriented influence. The solstice chart reveals the archetypal themes for the new season. Neptune starts its 5  month retrograde cycle which could increase current levels of confusion and uncertainty. However, it is perfect timing for moving within, reflecting  and concentrating on activities that nurture our soul and spirit.

Aries:  Your domestic life is now at the centre of your attention. This is a good moment in time for renovation work and projects around the home such as landscaping, planting a garden or doing the changes you always wanted to do.  The days between June 12 – 21 could be deeply transformative especially if you are born during April 7 – 16. Channel the powerful energies into a worthwhile project.

Taurus: This is a  perfect period for creating some comfort and beauty for yourself and your loved ones, even though you might have to deal with a lot of change. Appreciate your own achievements and feel gratitude for all the gifts and blessings that you can enjoy. Venus in Taurus trine Pluto can bring many goodies right at the beginning of June.

Gemini: This is the time of the year where you have or just had your solar return, the birth of a new year ahead. What is your vision for the next 12 months? Make it a year where you can move beyond self-imposed dogmas and restrictions! The Full Moon period (June 16 -17) could be very inspirational for you. Follow your dreams but do not stretch yourself too far out; be confident but not gullible.

 Cancer: Take time out for resting, reflection and relaxation because it is an important period for getting in contact with your inner self. Know that you have the resources available to make things happen or transform stuck energies into a worthwhile cause. Nevertheless, you might have to deal with set-backs and challenges during June 12 – 21. Keep your calm and be aware that discussions could turn into arguments.

Leo: This is a very social time for you lions and lionesses, maybe even a great period for a meaningful gathering with new and old friends. There is a lot of artistic potential that needs to be shared. The Full Moon period (June 16 – 17) might be inspirational for working on your vision. Nevertheless, be careful with investing your money or energy into a particular project before having done your proper research.

Virgo: Staying grounded in the here-and-now is a must! You could fly away with your imagination, especially during the Full Moon period (June 16-17). Find a balance between your far-reaching ideals and that what is logistically possible to achieve. You win when you incorporate other people’s points of view into your planning. The current weeks are important for re-orientation towards what is most important to you.

Libra: This is the month for making a move in the right direction, if you feel hungry for fresh impulses and mind expanding experiences Nevertheless, there might be some hurdles to take before  you really can move forward. Feelings of responsibility to home and family might hold you back, counteracting your need to be out in the world. Take it as a lesson in assertiveness training. Embrace the will to initiate change versus staying with what feels familiar.

Scorpio:  This month can bring important endings and new beginnings, possibly new business ideas that will be tested for their viability. Invest in projects that can provide you and others with fresh purpose and meaning. Your greatest challenge is to keep strong feelings under control. Instead of arguing your point, convince others through sharing your vision.

Sagittarius:  This may or may not be a fruitful period for having a honest discussion with your partner, depending on the approach you take.  Sharpen your eyes and ears and do not jump to conclusions prematurely; there are some deeper energies at work at the moment. Be optimistic and pro-active, but know when you over-reach yourself.  Available resources have to match the desired projects.

Capricorn: Current confrontations with others seem to be of a karmic  nature and have to be dealt with carefully. There are things that can be left behind and others that you must attend to. Focus on projects that nurture the whole than just following your personal ambition. This is also the time of the year when you need to pay attention to your health.

Aquarius: This is an expressive period for you, where you can be playful, creative and deepen your own sense of identity. The task is to bring head and heart together and enjoy life. You might especially appreciate sharing quality time with a few good old friends. Health and daily routine are also in focus at the moment and you might want to use this period for improving your overall condition.

Pisces: During this period, you might use your imagination for going on your personal vision quest to find guidance within. You may be having second thoughts about a goal you once felt sure about and need more time for reflection. Learning to live with insecurities is the key. Rise above your doubts and have more faith in yourself.

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