Monthly Astro-forecasts

Monthly Astro-forecasts

Astro-forecast for November 2019

“Hidden Treasures”
artworks by Gery Mews

November starts with Mercury becoming retrograde in Scorpio (until November 21) initiating a phase of deep review and reflection. About every 4 months the messenger planet commences a 3-week retrograde cycle. Mercury symbolically embarks on a journey through the underworld giving rise to issues which have been dormant or unresolved.  As seen from the Earth,  Mercury travels backwards through Scorpio and triggers our feeling function. Whatever has been hiding in the dark needs attention and brought to the light. It is perfect timing for processing, evaluating and correcting. On the other hand, this is not a good time for working on totally new ideas or making new contracts (until November 21). On November 5 – 6, Mars, the planet of drive, energy and confrontation reaches its  exact square with Pluto, the collective force of power, control and domination. These are days of high tension and conflict. Survival issues can easily be triggered when these two planets meet. Exercising emotional control, remaining calm but focused and searching for the middle way is the key.  

A Mercury transit, a rare celestial event, is taking place on November 11/12. This special transit occurs when Mercury passes directly in front of the Sun. At such times, Mercury can been seen through telescopes with solar filters as a small black dot crossing the Sun’s face from most places except Australia. Unfortunately, this 5 ½ hour event takes place during our nighttime. Mercury transits happen about every 3 ½ to 13 years. They occur when Mercury is retrograde and in the signs of Taurus and Scorpio, because this is where Mercury crosses the ecliptic while orbiting around the Sun. The next Mercury transit will be in 2032. The Full Moon follows late on November 12. The Moon  in Taurus is opposite the Mercury retrograde/Sun conjunction in Scorpio. Deeply evaluating what is worth holding onto and what to let go of is the message of this Full Moon. It makes a supportive trine to Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn and a helpful sextile to Neptune and Lilith in Pisces. Current values, roles, behaviours and expectations have to be questioned and tested whether they are still valid for resolving the many present-day problems and conditions. The danger is to get stuck in the past by holding on too long on outdated concepts!

On November 24/25 a Venus/Jupiter conjunction in the freedom loving sign Sagittarius inspires a broader perspective and search for new meaning. The conjunction occurs near the Galactic Centre (GC), providing energetic support for major shifts in consciousness. Ancient cultures  like the Mayans considered the centre of the Milky Way galaxy as the Cosmic Womb, the birthplace of our galaxy. Significant findings often happen when an outer planet transits the GC. Simultaneously, Mars, who entered its own sign Scorpio on November 19, has reached its exact opposition to Uranus in Taurus, planet of change, innovation and scientific breakthroughs. Taurus is the sign most associated with land management, farming and finances. A shift in awareness is possible from prioritising projects that focus on the exploitation of natural resources to new insights how we can better  protect, guard and interact with our Earth’s natural  abundance without being destructive.

The New Moon on November 27 occurs in Sagittarius and intensifies the search for a new direction. On December 3, Jupiter, ruler of Sagittarius, enters the organised and ambitious sign Capricorn initiating a turning point in many areas of our political, economical and cultural landscape. The key question is who will be in charge? Most likely, with Saturn, Pluto and Jupiter being in Capricorn for much of 2020, we can expect more abuse of power on a grand scale but also a final break-down of long-standing faulty structures. On the other hand, determination, courage and the will power to make necessary changes that might involve some difficult choices will be on the increase at the same time.  

Aries: Take a second look at your projects and reflect if  you have been pushing it too far. The main focus is on restoring balance in your relationships, even though communication is not straight forward at the moment. Try to read between the lines and  search for ‘the middle way’!

Taurus: During this month your focus is on others, especially your partnerships, personal or business. Some re-negotiation of contracts might be needed. The Full Moon on November 12 highlights where you might hold on too tightly. Letting go of what is not working anymore makes space for new opportunities of growth.

Gemini: This is the time of the year where it is important to look after your health and review your life-style. Shift to a healthy diet, boost your immune system, get some rest. Duties and obligations might need to be re-negotiated to allow things to run more smoothly. Weigh the pros and cons & take into account others’ needs as well as your own.

Cancer: This is a great time to nurture yourself with fun and play. Re-connect with your ‘inner child’ and feel its needs and wants. This is potentially a very creative time for you, where you like to get things moving, especially also in and around your home. Nevertheless, there can be delays and set-backs, so take it easy!

Leo: At the moment you might feel like spending more time at home or with your family. Expect some intense times in your emotional life, including some intense and honest communications. However, beware of misunderstandings! The Full Moon on Nov 12 highlights areas of change and whether you need to re-focus your energy.

Virgo: During this period you might find a heightened interest into research, education and communication in general. Some solitude is needed for doing all the mental work that has been piling up. Nevertheless, this is a good time for delving deeper into the past, discussing family matters and reviewing unresolved issues.

Libra: You are blessed with an extra boost of energy to do the things you always wanted to do. On the other hand, financial issues have to be reviewed and sorted at the moment. Try to balance your accounts and avoid unnecessary spending. Review your needs and values; focus on the essentials.

Scorpio: This is a good moment in time to review your style and way of dealing with the world around you. It could be a period of increased communication break-downs and misunderstandings. So, be careful with how and what you say. Expect delays and setbacks. Reflect on your deeper motives to avoid unwanted surprises.

Sagittarius: This is a time of review, letting go, and recharging batteries. Reflecting on your experiences over the last 12 months is immensely helpful now and will lead to new insights about your future direction. You are going through a process of assimilation and integration. Know what is possible to achieve and where you hit a definite boundary.

Capricorn:   Building the big picture together with others gives the advantage of drawing from everybody’s ideas and skills. The emphasis is on developing a vision of the future and creating a new value system that feels authentic and true. Be patient, as misunderstandings are possible. It is a time which requires honesty as well as determination.

Aquarius: This is the time of the year where you can get good outcomes from the projects that you have been focusing on. Review and re-evaluate what you have achieved so far before developing any new plans and goals. Progress in your career is possible, especially if your work has been consistent.

Pisces: You might feel like moving in a different direction and are working on a new perspective. It is a great time for review. Rewrite your story, change your beliefs, research your value judgments. Think of initiating projects or activities that expand your mind and feed your imagination.

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