Monthly Astro-forecasts

Monthly Astro-forecasts

Astro-forecast October 2017


artwork by Gery Mews

Over the next three months, Jupiter and Saturn, the two largest planets in our Solar System, are changing signs. Jupiter enters Scorpio on October 11 and will remain in this deep probing sign until November 2018; Saturn enters Capricorn in December and will stay in the sign of its rulership until the end of 2020. In astrology we regard these two bodies as our ‘cultural’ or ‘social planets’: Jupiter is associated with the benevolent face of society, our beliefs, principle and ethics, whereas Saturn is associated with its stern face, its laws and regulations that are put into place for the purpose of security and containment. Together they are the principles of expansion and contraction, faith and fear, optimism and inhibition.

Until October 11, Jupiter is still travelling through the last degrees of Libra, the sign concerned with establishing balance, harmony and peace. During Jupiter’s 13-month journey through Libra, the emphasise was on co-operation, the bridging of polarities, dialogue and willingness to compromise between conflicting parties. Jupiter just finalised its third and last opposition to Uranus (September 28). Jupiter/Uranus alignments correlate with waves of innovation and the opening of new horizons.  Finding revolutionary solutions for longstanding problems in many different areas of our collective and personal lives has been the challenge, especially since December 2016.  On the other hand, we have lately seen some incredible advances in alternative technologies and space exploration (tesla batteries, futuristic vision of rocket mission to Mars).

With Jupiter’s entry into Scorpio we collectively enter another energy field. The largest planet of our solar system tends to exaggerate whatever it contacts.  Scorpio is known for its intensity, secretiveness, tendency to dominate but also immense power of healing and regeneration by tapping into unknown resources. Libra is a very social sign and has a natural talent for mediating between opposing views until a fair assessment is established. However, restoring peaceful equilibrium, may it be between people, groups of people, or between self and others, is a tricky task. The downside is indecisiveness and procrastination because of Libra’s inability to face conflicts in a straight forward way. However, this evasiveness can lead to more stress and tension which is against Libra’s developmental aim of attaining peace. So, that is why the Scorpio phase is about testing boundaries and pushing to overcome them for evolutionary growth and transformation. On the positive, Jupiter in Scorpio provides courage and determination to deal with issues that were previously put into the “too hard” basket. Nevertheless, on the negative, Jupiter’s idealism can turn very fixed and fanatical in Scorpio’s realm. We might experience a period of a growing divide regarding our differences in cultural, political and ethical values and perspectives. When Jupiter moves from Libra to Scorpio, the tolerance for listening to other people’s opinions is diminished.

On a personal level, we can use this period for intensive energy work, and healing the past. Jupiter in Scorpio can guide us towards a change of perspective, digging deeper to understand the greater meaning of who we are, and the elimination and purging of unhelpful attitudes. Acknowledging and handling our own innate power and wisdom in a confident, persevering and nurturing way will bring upon us Jupiter’s blessings.

The Full Moon on October 6 is in fiery Aries opposite the Libra Sun and squaring Pluto in Capricorn. This emphasis on cardinal signs highlights a very active but unstable period of the month, where opposing parties might decide to finally separate. On the positive, a new perspective in relationships might be found, or a decision made for a fresh start. Venus and Mars, the relationship planets, start their 2-year cycle just a few hours before the Full Moon. This new phase conjunction can correlate with a time frame in which we initiate a new relationship with someone or something. The Venus-Mars cycle also relates to our creative potential and the way we can express ourselves. In Virgo, it symbolizes the need for applying more self-control in our dealings with others to fix, perfect and heal any potential dysfunction.

The Libra New Moon on October 20 is opposite Uranus and conjunct Jupiter. It picks up the theme of the Jupiter/Uranus opposition which had its last exact pass on September 28. Beliefs and perspectives that have become too engrained are once more challenged and tested. These are two planets associated with the emergence of new spiritual ideas and ideals, their cycle linked with new visions, discoveries and social trends.  Jupiter in Scorpio’s strength is courage and determination (see above) to deal with difficult tasks. Let’s tune into its vibes, set our intentions and start building new alternatives instead of wasting our energies by fighting the old.


Aries: The fiery vibes of the Full Moon might trigger unresolved conflicts. Aim for gaining a new perspective by seeing the other side. New opportunities will come through joint partnerships once Jupiter enters Scorpio on Oct 11. Written and unwritten contracts with others will either be deepened or abolished.

Taurus: At the moment, it is a great time for establishing new rhythms and routines that will have a positive effect on your body-mind and soul equilibrium. Over the next 13 months, fresh opportunities will be coming from your partnerships and connections with others. You could also end those contracts which do not work anymore.

Gemini: This is the time for creativity, self-expression and play, at least until October 18 when your ruling planet Mercury travels into the underworld (Scorpio) investigating deeper issues. Communication might not be as easy going then, but insights are more profound. Your attention might also shift to health, daily duties and the little things in life.

Cancer:  Home, family and emotional security are important now. This might be a great moment in time for redecorating your home, especially from mid-month onwards. Once Jupiter enters Scorpio on October 11, you will experience a 13 month-period where you can trust your good luck, take risks you usually don’t take and have an optimistic attitude towards life in general.

Leo: This is a busy time for you with lots of short trips, interactions with neighbours, relatives and friends, possibly taking on the role of the ‘peace maker’ and help others to settle their differences. Once Jupiter enters Scorpio (Oct 11) you might feel called to tackle unresolved family issues over the next 13 months.

Virgo: Venus and Mars conjoin in your Sun sign on October 6, the day of the Full Moon. This could be a potential moment in time where a seed is planted for initiating a new relationship with someone or something. Jupiter’s journey through Scorpio (Oct 11, 2017 – Nov 2018) marks a good time for research, in-depth studies and expanding your horizons.

Libra: This is your most important time of the year, where you plant the seeds for your personal new 12 months cycle. Mars is in your Sun sign during October 23 – December 10 providing you with a cosmic energy boost, while Jupiter moves into Scorpio from October 11. Use this period to lay the foundation for future projects.

Scorpio: Jupiter enters your Sun sign on October 11 and will remain there until November 2018. This is the start of a new 12-year cycle of growth and self-exploration. It is your time of changing perspectives and setting new trends, ideal to take the initiative and begin something that feels rewarding to you. Prioritising is essential.

Sagittarius: This month’s focus is on building and strengthening new and old networks. It is worth remembering that the sum of the whole is greater than its parts… Focus on encouraging understanding and open-mindedness so that innovative ideas can flow freely. Dream up a new vision.

Capricorn: This is a time where you can work hard and achieve great results. You might even be called upon to take on a leadership role. Therefore, it is good to be aware of your strengths, abilities and weaknesses. Jupiter’s entry into Scorpio on October 11 brings blessings through your networks with like-minded souls over the next 13 months.

Aquarius: This is a good moment in time for expanding and refining your artistic and aesthetic sense.  Once Jupiter enters Scorpio on October 11 you are entering a 13-month period where you can get ahead in your life and your work may attract public recognition. Belief in your own capabilities and work on your career goals.

Pisces: Cooperation and participation in the flow of events is important now. This is not a time to withdraw but for getting whole-heartedly involved. Jupiter’s journey through Scorpio (Oct 2017 – Nov 2018) will enhance your urge for adventure, travel as well as the search for meaning and truth.



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