Monthly Astro-forecasts

Monthly Astro-forecasts

Astro-forecast for December 2018


“Breaking the Shell”
artworks by Gery Mews

In the yearly cycle around the zodiac we have reached the optimistic and  freedom-loving sign of Sagittarius. Centaurs need room to move and find it difficult spending extended periods of time indoors or in confined places. Sagittarians are the archetypal seekers of truth and it is essential for their spiritual well-being to have a goal they feel enthusiastic about. At times they can be their own worst enemies by having placed too high expectations – combined with too little staying power – upon themselves and others with the result of getting miserable when things do not work out as imagined. Jupiter, the ruling planet of Sagittarius, just started a new 12-year cycle, preparing the ground for new adventures and far-reaching goals. On the downside, this combination of energies can lead to over-extension and grandiosity.  Therefore, a bit of Saturn seriousness and realism added to the mix will help with grounding some of the goals while expanding the boundaries of what is possible to achieve.

The New Moon on December 7 takes place one day after Mercury turns direct  marking the end of a long phase of planetary retrogrades. In many ways we could sum up the cosmic influences of the last 6 months as a time of blocked dynamics. Fortunately, Jupiter entered its own sign Sagittarius last month (November 9), providing us with an influx of fresh dynamics and new optimism. The New Moon in Sagittarius squares a Mars/Neptune conjunction in imaginative Pisces and is widely conjunct Jupiter. This is a moment in time when new intentions based on a broader perspective can be formed and send out into the universe. Which dreams are we here to follow? What gives us meaning and purpose? On a collective level, a more inclusive, wise and compassionate vision is needed to take us onto the next step of our global experience. Astrologically speaking, we are entering the closing square and turning point of the Jupiter/Neptune cycle (exact Jan 14, June 17, Sept 22). Old belief systems have to be dissolved and dismantled in order to ultimately open up new avenues of vision more resonant with evolving needs.  Interestingly, several planetary cycles will conclude in 2020, which correlates with a process of releasing the old, reseeding ideas and exploring new directions and possibilities. Make 2019 the year of your personal vision quest!

Chiron, archetype of the wounded healer, moves direct again on December 10, after a 5-month retrograde period. Chiron forms a trine aspect with Mercury in Scorpio during Dec 4- 10, enhancing our sensitivity and ability to listen to the problems of others.  2018 ends with a Mars/Chiron conjunction in the late degrees of Pisces, indicating that our lesson is to focus more on the needs of the world,  empathise with and fight for those who need our strength, support and understanding.

The Full Moon on December 23 takes place just one day after the Summer solstice on the Southern Hemisphere (Dec 22).  Sun and Moon are  on zero degree Capricorn/Cancer marking the longest day and shortest night in their yearly cycle. Of course this is exactly the opposite in the Northern Hemisphere! Christmas is ultimately a pagan celebration meant for the Northern Hemisphere where 3 days after the shortest day and longest night (December 25) , the light is reborn and a new cycle begins after a time of darkness and retreat of the cosmic forces. Well, here on the Southern Hemisphere, we have entered our party season and life is spent a lot in the outdoors. The Full Moon in Cancer puts a strong emphasise on family & community, caring & sharing, good food and celebrating with those close to our hearts. This is a cosmic invitation for having a rest from all the normal duties and routines and instead create space and time for nurturing ourselves and others, play and ‘be merry’!

Aries: This is a great period for going on a vision quest, may it be internal or external! Envisage what you would like to achieve over the next 12 months? Where can you see yourself and what would be worthwhile to engage yourself full-heartedly? Think big and also think of something that benefits the whole of humanity.

Taurus: You truly possess the ability to see the beauty and creative potential in others who are close to your heart. As the saying goes: ‘beauty is in the eye of the beholder’. You have magical powers which can bring healing and harmony to the world. Focusing on what is beneficial and constructive will make good things grow.

Gemini: This a great period for expanding yourself and developing your philosophies through the help of others. Hearing other people’s point of view and empathising with what is going on in their world will enrich your understanding and can bring a lot of benefits. Think with your heart and feel with your mind.

Cancer: This is a wonderful period for healing and self-care. Have a rest, go on a vacation. Give yourself permission to withdraw into your own imaginative world. This is the time for embracing and nurturing ‘the inner child’. The task is to align your daily work and health routines with your intuition and truth.

Leo: This is your time to be creative, dance and have fun. You may be inspired by playing with children, or vice versa. There are many opportunities to express what needs expressing. For example, creating a beautiful home environment will benefit not only you but the entire tribe. Use your organisational skills to create beauty and art as a way of life.

Virgo: You truly appreciate a harmonious, productive and well-functioning  home. This is where you are looking for meaning and direction at the moment. Reflect on your philosophy of living: what is most important to you, what gives you purpose and provides you with vital energy? Being more empathic and less critical towards those close to you will greatly help in this process.

Libra: During the current period you can easily  increase your communication networks and share your philosophy of living. Explore your ideas by giving them form. What is your grand vision for the next year? Work your magic by making your intentions clear and strong. This is potentially a very fertile moment in time.

Scorpio: This is a great time for grounding any new growth and manifesting opportunities. You could experience an increased sense of well-being because things run smoothly on the material realm. Don’t forget to also invest in your spiritual and creative self as the deep reservoir of vitality and strength.  Be sensitive towards the needs of others.

Sagittarius: This is an excellent time for opening new doors and setting a new trend. Your personal influence has been increasing and others may approach you for guidance. Avoid overstretching yourself when projecting into the future. Find a  balance between thriving to satisfy your personal wishes & desires and accommodating the greater needs of the world.

Capricorn: You have arrived at a moment in time where it is important to seek meaning and purpose from deep within.  Re-charge your batteries, it is your special phase of reflection, healing and rest. Focus on completing any unfinished projects rather than starting something new. This is a preparation time for a new phase in your life.

Aquarius: You instinctively know that good connections and contacts can turn potentials into real opportunities. Therefore, you like to widen and diversify your circle of friends. At the moment you are in a period that supports a flourishing social life and mutually beneficial friendships. You feel more fulfilled if you focus on groups with a humanitarian objective.

Pisces: Career and public life are highlighted during this time.  What direction in life do you like to follow? What is your special place in the world? Solidify  you goals and build on your reputation. Others are noticing your potential. In any case, have your boundaries in place and practice self-discipline. Do not over-reach yourself but keep your feet firmly on the ground.

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