Monthly Astro-forecasts

Monthly Astro-forecasts

Astro-forecast for September 2018


“Swimming Upstream”
artworks by Gery Mews

September is a time of transition and marks another turning point of the year, when the Sun journeys through the earthy and pragmatic realm of Virgo before entering the cardinal sign Libra during the Equinox September 23. The many occurrences of the last few weeks can be processed and assimilated now under the calmer and more grounded vibes of  Virgo, the sign that rules discernment, processing & digestion. Virgo is a mutable earth sign, concerned with getting all the details right. Virgo individuals are able to swing from a phase of working hard while neglecting their bodies to the other extreme of pursuing a strict health regime with lots of exercise. They achieve a state of balance when they have developed their analytical mind alongside with their intuitive powers (Pisces polarity), and then can judge the amount of duties they want to take on without becoming overwhelmed or stressed. Seeing the whole picture assists with letting go of perfectionism and an over-critical attitude, and lessens the need for escape when things get too much.


The influence of the ‘fiery’ August eclipses is still in the atmosphere potentially steering towards a new perspective on authority, leadership and hierarchical structures. While the powerful Leo energies have put a strong emotional signal towards living in accordance with our own beliefs, abilities and true purpose, the more grounding Virgo phase is helpful with separating the non-essential from the essential. The task is to adjust and amend where we might have gone too far and therefore out of synch with the larger picture and developmental necessities. It is a time of reflection and self- examination to implement the changes that are necessary for bringing life back into balance. Seeing the whole picture is necessary, but in order to get there, we need to take a step-by-step approach.


Saturn turns direct on September 6, ending its yearly retrograde phase. We now can re-connect with projects and plans that might have been birthed already in early January and re-worked since mid-April, when Saturn moved retrograde. Are they still valid and which weaknesses have we been able to rectify? Saturn in Capricorn forms a beneficial earth trine with Uranus in Taurus until September 22. Its stabilising influence supports  innovation and the creative realisation of plans. It helps to remain pragmatic, well-structured and take a down-to-earth approach . With Mars in forward movement again since late August, it is a good time for taking new initiative and cutting free from inhibitions or restrictions from the past.


The Virgo New Moon on September 10 signals discernment, that it is essential ‘to separate the wheat from the chaff’. She makes aspects to the two most distant planets of our solar system which also correlate with the Jungian ‘Collective Unconscious’, or the deepest layers of our psyche. The New Moon forms an easy trine with Pluto, Lord of the Underworld and opposes Neptune, the planet which rules our highest aspirations but also most dangerous deceptions. Knowing what is fact and what is fiction will be helpful with navigating successfully through this New Moon period and beyond. Venus is opposite Uranus (September 10-14). We have to find a balance in our relationships between co-operation and independence to avoid open confrontation. Being able to prioritise and clarify values will greatly help this process.

The Full Moon in Aries on September 25 aligns with Chiron and forms a stressful square with Saturn. A Mars, South Node, Lilith conjunction further intensifies this already intense Full Moon. We are still processing all the changes brought by Mars during its 10 week retrograde period that ended August 27 but will still reverberate until early October. Our emotions could run high, while  gender issues as well as themes around fairness and equality are highlighted. Speaking our truth openly and directly (Aries) though remaining sensitive towards the feelings of the other (Libra) is essential. This is a potent moment in time to heal old residues of victim consciousness. On the other hand, it is also a good time to watch for triggers to conflict and avoid fights that are not necessary and drain energy levels.

            Aries: The current Virgo energies are best used for putting your life back into order and establishing good routines. Your health or diet might need some attention as well. Mars is finally in forward motion setting the course for future plans and projects, especially after September 11!

Taurus: Putting attention to details will greatly increase your creative productivity. Getting things right is one thing, but making your goals attainable is another. Find out what really matters to you and set your priorities. You can achieve a lot now. Believe in your dreams and hold the vision!

Gemini: This is the time of the year where you want to get your house in order, clean out the old and make enough space so that new developments in your life can be anchored and made solid. Take a pragmatic approach in structuring and manifesting new ideas and plans.

Cancer: You might find that your tendency to ‘over-think’ has a negative effect on your digestive system. Therefore, find ways to relax and keep an open mind.  Eating the right foods that nourish your entire system is essential now. Don’t hesitate to communicate your thoughts and ideas to others so that you can get their feedback and support to manifest them in reality.

Leo: This might be the time to deal with your ‘overdue accounts’ in case you have ‘over-spent’ during the fiery Leo phase. All levels have to be addressed, including the emotional and spiritual. Where did the energy go and how can you recharge your batteries? Maybe there are areas in your life where you need to ‘call the spirits back’.

Virgo: Make use of the current energies by initiating a good health regime or building up your skill level. This is the time of your yearly Solar return and the beginning of a new cycle! Set your intentions for the next 12 months at the Virgo New Moon on September 10. Believe in your vision, you can manifest your ideas if you fuel them with the right amount of emotional intensity.

Libra: September could bring a change in direction. It is a good time of the year for you to reflect on the last 12 months and filter out the essence; let go of what is not needed anymore and dream a new vision that can be planted at the approaching Equinox (Sept 23). Commit to ideas and projects that are worthwhile.

Scorpio: The energies of the moment are aimed at team building and community work. Balancing your own will power with the wishes of the group requires diplomacy and emotional detachment. You may need to give space to the ideas and plans of others while working towards mutual goals. It also is a great time for making new friends or deepening the bonds within existing friendships.

Sagittarius: You seem to have a lot going on in your day-to-day life at the moment.  Planning and putting down good structures helps with manifesting your goals. You are also nearing the end of a 12-year Jupiter cycle. Therefore take some time to reflect in which direction you  like to grow over the next years or which projects and ideas  you like to support and energise.

Capricorn: This is a great time for expanding your horizons and working on a new, larger perspective on life. Trying to understand those better who hold different beliefs will support this process. Maintain an open mind as things start   moving forward again; incorporating new information will enrich your growth process.

Aquarius: This may or may not be a good time for joint projects, depending on your ability to be co-operative and understanding of the viewpoints of others.  Plan your steps carefully and wisely. Details are essential now. From September 11 onwards you have more energy at your disposal to move your plans forward. Try to be diplomatic in your dealings with others.

Pisces: The pragmatic mode of the current Virgo influence might help with solving day-to-day tasks and keeping your feet on the ground. Use the energies to nurture yourself and engage in what is emotionally fulfilling to you. Your one-to-one relationships might be under review right now. Try not to find in the other the perfection that you feel is lacking in you!

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